61) Beyond Words

As the Kultaki scout craft moved rapidly toward Tacu, Biltar and Edyn talked of the past and future.”I know how you miss Sinya,” said Edyn, “when we settle at Shanveh we’ll have lots of friends. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you met a fine woman and remarried.”

“Not a chance,” said Biltar, “I’ve already met the finest woman in the universe – and she reminds me of Sinya. I will never be able to stop loving either one of them. It wouldn’t be fair to someone else.”

“No,” said Edyn, wishing he’d said “yes” for the sake of discussion, “Pheledra is from a plane of existence as yet unknown to us; otherwise, I could see you two together.”

“I know she loves me too and that’s what makes it difficult.”

“Biltar, fifth dimensional lightworkers are love itself personified, even though occasionally, like Wave, they go temporarily blind, apparently for the sake of tasting variety. Perhaps when they take that sojourn down through a black hole, they spring out on the other side with more positive energy than ever.”

“After seeing what happened to Wave, I think you’re right. But that dear soul paid the price with his physical vessel. Now, he’ll have to start over from scratch in fifth density.”

Edyn thought for a moment. I think that, subconsciously, Pheledra was attempting to do the same thing as Wave. I’ll bet she allowed herself to fantasize about you even though she knows its impossible.”

“Really? You may be right. You know, Edyn … I certainly fantasized about her. I am lonely just like she is but in reality it cannot be.”

“Perhaps in a million annoms?” Edyn and Biltar both laughed.

“Perhaps,” replied Biltar, feeling a little embarassed.

In the front of the scout craft, Cobi flew the ship while Ana watched all the instruments and monitors.

“Tacu, here we come!” said Cobi, “it’s becoming cold after the pole shift.”

“Not good for us at all.” Ana faked a shiver as she spoke.

Edyn came up behind them and sat down. “So, what is this place we’re going to next?”

“Tacu the cold,” announced Ana.

“What does Tacu have that Shanveh doesn’t?” asked Edyn.

“Blue people,” Cobi answered.

“That’s what they call their race,” added Ana.

“Tell me about them,” said Edyn, looking very curious.

“Well,” said Ana, “they are from an ancient tribe that developed astronomy and mathematics. For millenia they were nomadic but for the last two hundred annoms they’ve been confined to industrial settlements run by the big corporations of Shaluma. They have lived in utter poverty yet produced all variety of goods for Shaluma and the rich nations. They were paid slaves wages and treated as sub-humans in every way but their industrial base was almost untouched by the cataclysm. PSG devices will be quickly developed there.”

“Praise the One!” said Biltar as he took a seat next to Edyn.

“Praise the One!” everyone else shouted spontaneously, then laughed at themselves.

Tacu was cold indeed but they didn’t stay long. A reception committee was waiting and quickly took the PSGs into a prepared facility and began immediately to take one apart to see how it could be reproduced. Meanwhile, Biltar and Edyn talked to the scientists who were a little upset for not being presented with text, diagrams and plans.

“I’ll have to rewrite them,” Biltar said, “as soon as that’s done I’ll get them into your hands.”

“That’ll be a great help,” one of the scientist said, “in the meantime we’ll go ahead and do the best we can.”

Cobi and Ana remained aboard the scout craft trying to stay warm and exercise patience. When Biltar and Edyn returned, they immediately took off for the last place on their list – Bectalyne. It was near the new equator and its people, the Bhenuze, were very artistic and metaphysical.

The four stayed many days and enjoyed themselves. Cobi and Ana were the constant focus of everyone. Most Bhenuze lived simple lives but all seemed to have a burning desire to know the true history of Miraba and themselves. This was in spite of their state of mourning for those who had been killed when an asteroid blasted a hole in the middle of a highly populated area. The people who survived were still somewhat in shock but recovering.

The scout craft left Bectalyne and headed back to Shanveh. Now there was no question in their minds that Shanveh was the ideal place to establish headquarters. They would stop at Penyat to check on Fryd and pick him up, if he was well enough. Then they would go over to Shanveh and settle down to begin their work.

“Those Bhenuze can be pretty wierd,” said Edyn, “I saw one who thought he was carrying on a conversation with a PSG. He got down on his knees and talked to the thing. He seemed satisfied with the other end of the conversation. I couldn’t hear it – guess I’m not quite crazy enough.”

“To their point of view, they’re not crazy,” said Ana, “many of them believe consciousness can energetically interact directly with everything in existence, even so-called inanimate things.”

“Yeah,” said Cobi, “they believe the parts of a machine have perception of each other and can communicate.”

“Well,” said Biltar, “they’re onto something. They have developed a technology using sound to effect atomic structure. They use extra low frequencies produced by their own voice as well as special horns and instruments. They have been reputed to move huge stones around.”

“I heard that too,” said Edyn.

“They do it all the time,” said Cobi remembering her downloaded information.

“That’s right,” added Ana, “but it’s secret and they aren’t telling yet.”

“They will,” said Biltar, “once we show a real desire to learn from them instead of telling them what to do and enslaving them like the former control paradigm.”

Edyn nodded. “I’ll tell you the real reason why they haven’t shared their sound technology. They say our Miraban science is completely reversed. The Frahza say the same thing.”

“Reversed? How?: Cobi asked.

“Well,” said Edyn, “our science has attempted to take the unverse apart in order to see how things work and get to finer and finer levels of energy. The Bhenuze and others insist that this is a counterproductive approach -splitting the atom, cutting things open, removing organs and so forth. They say we should explore the source first and then move outward with knowledge experienced into wisdom. Then we know the whole inside story – and there is no need to take the universe apart. They consider our orthodox science ignorant vandalism against Nature.”

“We’d better learn from them,” said Biltar, “because they’re right.”

Edyn was emphatic. “The big question is how to experience that source.”

Biltar nodded. “I think they can help us there too.”

When the four reached Penyat, Fryd was well enough to travel with them.

They happily arrived back in Shanveh and their friends greeted them.

The mission completed, Ana immediately telepathed with Pheledra and easily found her yearning consciousness. They had perfect communion. They basked in each other’s souls and shared everything, including things normally hidden deep inside their hearts.

“I’m bringing Nahvar and Nel,” said Pheledra. The Firefly was already on its way down to Shanveh.

In the meantime, Ana and Cobi contacted Col. Tordine and told him they were ready to return the scout craft.

“Keep it!” he said, “We’re getting out of here fast and the scout craft is a gift from me to you – that you may never forget where you’ve come from. Tell me if you ever want to come home. I could still use a couple of helpers.”

“Thank you,” said Ana.

“Yes, thank you.” Cobi was truly grateful and very surprised.

On the way to Shanveh, Ana explored her increasing gift of natural telepathy.

Her consciousness fell upon the Frahza and they immediately spoke to her and she had a strong vision. They instantly gave her a block of thought forms and she conveyed them to Cobi, Biltar and Edyn.

“Cobi and I have a possibility of sanctuary and reintegration into a society of reptilian people who are like us,” said Ana. “Positive Polarity. The Frahza already took me in my astral body. I met them and felt relaxed and very compatible. The Frahza say they will be glad to take us there for a trial period and give us all the time we need to decide if we want to stay. They also told me they would be glad to transport our scout craft also. There’s only one problem …”

“What? What?” Cobi’s rapidly changing hues telegraphed her excitement.

“They will have to swap out our propulsion system. Quantum fission is not allowed within their galaxy. Tachyon power used by travelers is permitted but suspect. They use a lazer/sound drive for their own starships and all smaller craft.”

“Since they allow tachyon energy, Pheledra can visit us!” said Cobi.


“Wow!” Biltar interjected, “will they let you leave their galaxy with that lazer/sound drive?”

“No,” replied Ana, “but the Frahza promise to take care of that, if the need should arise.”

“You can trust the Frahza,” said Edyn, “they have never lied to me. Even though they seem strange and don’t fit into our social structures, they can be the most charming of hosts. You can really practice your natural telepathy!”

“Let’s do it, Ana!” exclaimed Cobi.

“All things with caution, discernment, and contemplation,” said Ana.

They all agreed.

Pheledra arrived at Shanveh. She hovered but did not land and immediately invited everyone to the observation dome of the Firefly for their final goodbye. Everyone was beamed up, including Fryd and Edyn. They were all together again.

Then, a strange and wonderful thing happened. No one could speak. They no longer needed to. Each soul embraced the other, freely exchanging thought forms, experiences and emotions in an energetic interchange beyond words. No tears flowed in spite of the overwhelming joy. Pheledra presented Biltar with his papers and they embraced with a kiss. All the Mirabans embraced her with kisses like a shower of petals. Ana and Cobi radiated like living jewels.

Suddenly, Pheledra was there with Helaah and Sevret in her last moments. She heard Helaah’s voice … Oh Sevret … what can I do for you? What can I do for you?

Sevret answered, If, by some miracle, you live through this, tell Pheledra how much her wonderful friendship strengthened me and got me through my doubts. Tell her … I died happy … and so in love with all of you.

Pheledra felt as if she would explode but did not cry. She watched as Helaah’s lightship pulmeted toward the blazing fire and heard his last words. Pheledra … Pheledra … love of my soul … forgive me …

Her soul broke open like an oyster and she found herself there with Helaah. Oh Helaah … Helaah … how I love you … I forgive you … and I forgive myself.

The sweet tears poured down her face as she came back. When her sight returned, she saw Fabby holding up Red’s processor and memory bank. Everyone completely understood that Red, at the last moment before he was completely crushed, had scanned the safe and retrieved all the information within it. Red’s processor and memory bank were intact and Fabby would begin right away to replace all the damaged parts including the crushed Red shell.

They all bid farewell from heart to heart without clinging to one another and beamed down to go their individual ways.

Pheledra was moved beyond emotions. She washed her eyes and face. Aramanda’s clear voice echoed in her mind. It is none but I! See to it!

Inky and Ginger looked around to see where Boots had gone. He strolled up to Pheledra and sat on her lap as she stroked him. A deep and satisfying silence prevailed.

Boots twitched an ear, meowed and groomed himself for whatever adventures lay ahead.

Fabby smiled and bagan to whistle the most beautiful song Pheledra ever heard.

The Firefly shot into space while they plotted a course for home. They would travel back down through the wormhole and into their normal time configuration, around the rim of Mother’s Milk, to a fifth density world out on the far edge of the Galaxy – to an emerald blue world named Tara.


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