60) Mother Miraba’s Rebirth

In the workshop, Fabby was preparing a burial capsule for Wave’s body. It consisted of two halves hinged together and was made of durable synthetic. The parts were spun up in the replicator. He assembled them and carved an engraving on the outside by sending out a small lazer from his forehead.Nahvar and Nelyani were on the control deck playing chimpto with Blue and Orange.”You win again, Nel,” Nahvar exclaimed.

“I just enjoy playing.” Her face was radiant.

The two droids flickered rainbows in admiration.

Up in the observation dome, Inky, Ginger and Boots were curled up together taking a nap under the stars. Pheledra watched the mission unfold through the psychotronic adjuvant, but she was preoccupied. Thoughts of Wave flooded her and made any other focus difficult. It would take a long time for the mourning and sadness to fade. Self examination only provoked an inner struggle between guilt and allowance. Just as with Helaah, her quick tongue and negative attitude had once again contributed to the death of a loved one. Would she ever learn? Would she ever be able to forgive herself?

As she struggled on with this dilemma, three Frahza ships appeared alongside the Firefly. She heard their voices in her mind. With her permission, they soon came through the walls of the observation dome and floated around her as they delivered a telepathic message.

As you prepare a funeral for Nestingwave, perhaps you would also do the same for Ambassador Felance. We discovered his broken body floating in space.

Pheledra was surprised. I didn’t even know he was dead. What happened to him?

Death was due to a heart attack aboard Dhati’s ship. Dhati raped him while he was dying – then dumped him out into space.

How horrible. How sad!

We do not disintegrate the incarnation vessels of other races, only our own, and the Kultaki care nothing for any body once the spirit leaves. Would you take the Ambassador’s body and dispose of it according to the respects of your custom?

Of course, we’ll care for him.

Thank you. We also have a possible solution for Anadia and Cobishandra. There is a fourth density reptilian race similar to their own but of positive polarity with which we often interact. We will show that race to the two Kultaki women and if they agree, we will take them there. If they find lack of compatibility, we agree to relocate them – take them anywhere they’d like to go. We have permission from the Anadine Galactic Council and full support from all the lightworkers and beings of light who so greatly appreciate what they have done.

Then I am in accordance also, if Cobi and Ana agree.

Thank you again. We will contact them at the proper time so as not to interfere with the last part of their mission.

Pheledra was pleased. They will be happy to know they have such opportunity and support.

The Frahza returned to their ships. Fabby asked Nahvar and Nel to go up to the observation deck with Pheledra while the Ambassador’s body was beamed onto the control deck. The Frahza ships flashed a farewell and departed.

Fabby prepared the Ambassador’s body and replicated parts for another burial capsule. Then, as he’d done before, he used a small lazer beam from his forehead to carefully engrave words on the capsule’s side.

When the time arrived to commit the bodies to the deep, everyone, including the droids, gathered under the observation dome. The droids floated in silence while Pheledra, Fabby, Nahvar and Nel sat together for 20 zerons of meditation, then stood with silent tears as they remembered the souls of the two departed.

As they watched through the transparency, the two capsules slowly left the Firefly side by side and began the long journey home through the endless ocean of space and time. Two empty soul vessels in the rapid process of dissolution. One had been of negative spiritual polarity and the other a searching soul who in the end remained true to his highest being. Pheledra held Nelyani close as they quietly wept. Nahvar prayed and contemplated the great principles of love, sacrifice and service to others.

Fabby whistled a lovely melody to the accompaniment of the Ehnala drum voiced by Violet. The three cats gave their full attention to the solemn moment. The song ended and Fabby spoke.

“Nameless One of countless names. Beyond – yet within all that is. Universal Father/Mother. Open our consciousness to perceive who and what we are. Immerse us in love with joy unspeakable. Radiate from within us as we become instruments of your peace. We commit these soul containers to the deep – remembering that no life is without profound significance. On the left hand path of the endless journey lies the body of Kultaki Ambassador Treprestas Blastahdus Shaleedas Felance. Upon his burial capsule the epitaph is engraved: ‘Sometimes Mother Nature herself has the final laugh.’ On the right hand path of the endless journey lies the body of Nestingwave – fifth density lightworker – our dearest friend and colleague. Upon his burial capsule, the epitaph: ‘Only love prevails.'”

They stood in silence, celebrating the lives of the two who had passed.

“We’re all relatives in the end,” Wave would have said with his infectious grin.

The two capsules faded out of sight and Pheledra turned the observation dome to face the planet.

Miraba shone and spun. Her emerging new countenance reflected the unfinished carving Biltar had seen on Nahvar’s workbench. It would not remain incomplete forever. This elegant sculpture would come to be revered in following generations. They would call it “Mother Miraba’s Rebirth”.

CONTINUE: 61) Beyond Words


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