6) Brain Storm

Wave and Fabby sat at their consoles on the control deck, carefully monitoring the environmental systems for the gently pulsing tachyon tubes below them. After awhile, Pheledra came down from the observation deck and joined them. The three sat quietly for some time, carefully checking and rechecking the monitors.Finally, Pheledra broke the silence. “There’s no sign of anything unusual going on down there.””Those nasty little devils are keeping well out of sight,”Fabby said.

Nestingwave, whose patience was waning, got up from his seat and went over to the weapons cabinet to ponder its contents. “There must be somethin’ or some combination here that’ll do the job.”

Fabby whistled and smiled. “Forget the weapons, Wave, I’ll whistle up a tune for ‘em. I’ve cracked their nurological algorithms and can now produce some paralysis in those bugs, if I can get a clear energy vector.” Wave nodded vigorusly as if the battle had already been won.

“Okay,”said Pheledra, turning away from the monitors to face them, “Green just checked in to say there hasn’t been a peep. At this point we must totally trust the droids to be on top of the situation … and I do.”

Fabby turned to look at Pheledra and nodded in agreement. Wave took one more eye excursion through the various weaponry before he turned and nodded also.

Pheledra looked at Fabby, then at Wave, smiled slightly and spoke in a matter-of-fact voice. “Dear friends, we have much to do. We must take it as it comes and be very careful to maintain focus to stay alert in each present moment. But we also must not become overwhelmed with the intensity of all this. So, let’s calm down as much as possible, clear our heads and go upstairs under the stars to talk.”

Pheledra and Fabby ascended the ladder. Wave started to close up the weapons cabinet but suddenly froze, having spied something that momentarily caught his eye. He slipped it into his pocket and went on up. Each of them filled a large glass with cold geyser water and sat close together in silence around the small round table.

Inky and Ginger were napping nearby on their pillows.

Pheledra breathed deeply and looked up into the silent ocean of space. The profound beauty. Her eyes welled up with her thoughts. Helaah … so long ago we watched the stars … tiny ice crystals upon velvet waves of color. Oceans, rivers … streams of irridescence … yellow moons like sparks from fire. And now, in the not-so-distance … Avengarone and Tarsenay, two moons orbiting a blue ball of shimmering light … Miraba … the planet called forgetfulness … longing to remember and journey on.

They enjoyed the water and Pheledra spoke. “Now I must tell you some recent news that I have gathered from the Akashic Record of Miraba and confirmed through the scientific observations of our brothers, the Frahza. Planet Miraba is about to undergo a massive extinction event … look…”

Pheledra pointed up to a segment of the dome which became a large view screen. She zoomed in on a faint blue dot which rapidly became recognizable as Miraba and its two moons, Avengarone and Tarsenay. “Now … see Mother Nature’s final word.”

Wave and Fabby were astounded as a large red sphere came into view. It was only a few million statons from Miraba and was trailed by various debris and space trash. Smaller asteroids swirled like a magnetic mist.

“Oh my,” said Fabby, “this must be the anomaly I detected when we first came into this solar system.”

“What?” Pheledra exclaimed. “You already knew about this?”

“Not really … uh … all I knew was that there was some sort of magnetic disturbance. It could have been a solar discharge or …”

“That’s not good enough, Fabby.” Pheledra was peeved. “I’m very disappointed in you. An intelligence failure of this magnitude could easily destroy the entire mission.”

“I’m sorry, Pheledra, but there has been so much happening and I …”

“He was keeping an eye on it, Pheledra,” Wave interrupted. “We’ve been damn busy with that roach, the Ambassador and all …”

“No excuses! Both you and Fabby need to tighten up!.”

“Okay, I don’t want to argue,” Wave said.

Fabby nodded. “I’m so sorry Pheledra, it’s inexcusable and … I promise to be more diligent.”

“Both of you had better see to that!”

Wave and Fabby glanced at each other.

“Now, let’s focus …” she started.

“Wait,” Wave interrupted. “Let’s take ten to meditate.”

“Good idea,” Fabby agreed.

“Always,” nodded Pheledra.

After ten zerons they returned to normal consciousness somewhat refreshed. Pheledra zoomed in a little closer on the overhead view screen. “Here’s what I’ve learned. The main body of this incredibly dense planetoid will not hit Miraba, but a lot of those small asteroids and debris will. The near miss of the main body will push and pull Miraba like a huge magnet and trigger a devastating pole shift. The moons, Avengarone and Tarsenay, as well as other planets, will be affected to an unknown degree. The randomly falling space junk, like a rain of fire, will pound the surface of Miraba and turn areas of it into a living hell…”

“Oh no,” commented Wave. “A bad day in black tights.”

“To say the least,” added Fabby.

Pheledra nodded. “Of course, this is not the end of Miraba, only a continuance of its transformation which is already well underway. It is horrifying because of the massive destruction and death, but hope always exists as a possibility for all.”

“On the positive side,” Wave pondered, “the Kultaki control will probably end forever.”

“Yes,” said Pheledra. “Miraba is scheduled to become a home, an inheritance if you will, for those prepared to make the great ascension into fifth density.”

Wave, who suddenly realized he’d been holding his breath, exhaled loudly and said, “Well, I guess old ‘Yer Pestilency’ and company will have to look for their pickin’s elsewhere.”

Wave’s little bit of humor broke the tension and the three smiled momentarily as the zoomed in sector returned to normal. They sat around the table just looking at one another.

“Well,” Fabby began, “Yer Pestilency did speak some profound truth even if he wasn’t humbled by it: ‘Mother Nature herself sometimes has the final laugh.'”

“So true,” said Wave.

Pheledra, who was gazing at Inky and Ginger asleep on their pillows, nodded and looked back at Wave and Fabby. “A great percentage of those souls now living on Miraba will be required to reincarnate elsewhere in order to continue their third density journey because they are not yet ready for ascension. The introduction of Frahza/Miraban hybrids will bring the overall population balance to about 950 million, comfortably sustainable for the new world which can be rapidly repaired through the introduction of advanced technologies already waiting in the wings.”

“That’s quite a population reduction,” said Fabby as he got up to pour everyone another drink of geyser water.

“Yes,” Pheledra replied. “The Frahza also disclosed that a unique coincidence of natural cycles is merging upon Miraba for the very first time. This entire solar system is already entering a new and highly energetic sector of space never before encountered. It is called a ‘photon belt’. It is a massive torus shaped field of energy that physically raises the frequency of everything, expanding consciousness ready or not.”

“Yeah, ready or not here it comes,” Wave commented as Fabby returned to the table with the drinks.

“Ready or not.” Pheledra said. “Although these cyclic events have happened many times in the past, there hasn’t been one of this magnitude in the last 26 million annoms. Because of censorship, few people on Miraba even know about it. Biltar ap Dyn subconsiously knows. He has sensed a big change coming for quite a while.”

Wave sighed. “A very heavy burden. Aside from a small number of awakening souls on Miraba, everyone else seems to be sleeping.”

“Yeah,” said Fabby, “willfully sleeping due to denial.”

“Denial and failure to take personal responsibility for their misguided beliefs and actions,” added Pheledra.

“Such apathy and blindness is suicidal,” said Wave. “By far the best example is when they foolishly split open the atom and unwittingly sent out a message to every negative entity in the universe saying, ‘come on in’. Then, in keeping with their mentality, used their new toys to incinerate each other by the tens of millions and assure a future full of hopelessness and fear for their children, while piously praising themselves.”

“As I understand it,” said Fabby, “it was around that same time when the nation of Shaluma elevated money to the full status of a god.”

Wave nodded. “The result of these inverted values is a downward spiral into death.”

“In fact,” Pheledra added, “total annihilation by their own hand would have already taken place had it not been for the strong spiritual intervention of the awakening souls on Miraba, being encouraged by our many coworkers who long to midwife mother Miraba into fifth density. Therein lies the hope for a real turnaround.”

“Okay,” Wave said, changing the subject, “let’s get down to the business at hand. What are we gonna do about them roaches? What are we gonna do about Boots?”

“Let’s hear suggestions starting with the bugs,” Pheledra said, switching to commander mode. “Fabby?”

“Bait them onto one of the tachyon tubes by leaving it apparently unprotected. Then, I’ll whistle them motionless while you and the droids disentegrate them. If we lose one tachyon tube, so be it.”

Wave grunted and shook his head. “What if they scatter too fast and we lose more than one tachyon tube? What if we lost two or one explodes? Fabby, I love the whistlin’ but the disentegratin’ is too open ended. I really don’t care ta have me ass fried in a starbucket, thank you … but … I do have another idea that compliments the whistlin’ part.”

He got up from the table and dug into one of his pockets.

“When eyeballin’ the contents of the weapons cabinet I spied this.”

Nestingwave held up a quarter-moon shaped containment field generator and slapped it down on the table, sliding it forward to Pheledra and Fabby. Then, leaning in, Wave spoke rapidly, his eyes wide and his face very close to theirs. “Two of these to the droids. One tachyon tube apparently left unprotected. Roaches pop up to feed. Fabby whistles. Roaches immobilized. Two droids activate and hold containment field. Three more droids pick the filthy buggers up by the scruff of the neck and the whole package, containment field droids, carrying droids and frozen roaches, moves into the lower evacuation hatch. Outside filtermesh off. Inside hatch sealed. Outside hatch opened. Roaches forcibly evicted with enough gusto to send ‘em quickly past the psychotronic filter shields. Outside filtermesh on. Outside hatch sealed. Inside hatch opened. Droids, Pheledra, Fabby, Wave, Inky and Ginger … high five. Then, let’s go find Boots.”

With no further words, Pheledra, Fabby and Wave sprung into action.

CONTINUE: 7) Feline Processing


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