58) The Consequences

Find me quickly Treprestas … find me quickly. The deep voice seemed to emerge from all directions. Inside a misty bubble of permutating geometry floating in space, Lance shook from head to foot. “No! No!” he screamed, as he stumbled over the strange assortment of objects scattered across the floor.Yes, yes Treprestas … find me quickly … find me quickly.

“No! No Dhati … please … please …”

I’m going to make love to you like you’ve never been made love to before … find me quickly Treprestas!

“No Dhati! Please … oh please …”

I know you’re anxious Treprestas … let’s dispense with the foreplay.

Suddenly the wizened Kultaki in his white robe popped out of a broken mirror laying on the floor and loomed over the Ambassador.

Lance’s eyes grew wide and suddenly his countenance was a rictus of agony. He grabbed his chest and struggled to breathe but it was too late. His heart had already stopped beating.

“A little heart problem, Treprestas?”

As Lance expired with his mouth wide open, Dhati flung aside his robe and ripped off the Ambassador’s tunic. The last bit of life drained out as the distorted figure vented his twisted rage, sexually violating the dying Ambassador.

When it was finally over, and Dhati had peeled away what remained, he pushed the body into a hatch and ejected it out into space.

“Too bad you had such a weak heart, Treprestas – you could have had such a good time. I did.”

A passing Frahza ship found the mangled body trailing its entrails. They discussed what to do. They would not try to return it to the command carrier because the Kultaki simply wouldn’t take it. So they put it in stasis until it could be properly dealt with.

CONTINUE: 59) Super Prize for Cruelty


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