57) Shoot The Messenger

On the Kultaki command carrier, Lance had gone beserk with rage and was smashing everything in sight. Ranilla and Dr. Vagila had barely escaped his wrath and were hiding in the retiring room down below.Throughout planet Miraba, a cheer, unlike anything before, resounded into the entire collective consciousness of astral space.

On the scout craft hovering above Quepar, Cobi, Ana, Biltar and Edyn were astounded. Their hearts danced with joy beyond words and they quickly turned off the broadcast and went back to work on the mission with new energy. They didn’t find out until later about the horror now poised to descend.

When Wave returned to the apartment, Petuva was still asleep. He pulled the puncture blaster out of his belt and set it down on the table. Then he wrote Petuva a note.

Dearest Petuva, I made a terrible mistake. I chose lust over reason. Our relationship can no longer continue. I must go. Please forgive me. Love, Wave.

He then walked out of the apartment into the crowd of well wishers and made his way up to the roof. The crowd followed. He intuitively knew that Pheledra and Fabby were on their way. All of them wanted to get near him and show their appreciation. He stopped occasionally to answer questions and talk with them. Finally, he came up the stairs to the roof and waited on the aerocar pad still shaking hands and often hugging those who came to touch him. White smoke poured from the altar of fire.

Suddenly, Petuva shot up through the stairwell in a blind rage. Her red eyes were caldrons of boiling fire. Wave gasped as he saw the puncture blaster in her hand. She fired wildly. “Die! Die! Die you fucking piece of shit!”

The crowd scrambled out of the way as the loud blasts tore chunks out of the pad, blew off the head of a statue and shattered glass skylights. Petuva screamed, “I hate you! I hate you!” put the weapon to her own forehead, rolled her eyes up and slammed backwards as a final explosion tore the top of her head off. Blood and brains spewed as her lifeless body tumbled all the way back down the stairs.

The dazed crowd began to get to their feet. Some were shaking and crying. Others stared at the aerocar pad.

“Nestingwave is dead!” shouted someone, “Nestingwave is dead!”

He lay in a large pool of blood. His glazing eyes were open and a slight smile adorned his lips. There was a gaping hole through his heart. A tiny little girl broke free from her mother’s hand and placed a single rose upon him. She had just stepped back when the body dematerialized in a bright light – and was gone.


“He’s dead, Pheledra,” said Fabby, “there’s no bringing him back.”

Pheledra held Nelyani close to her, protecting her eyes from the awful sight. They stood around his body, sobbing inconsolably. Everything else stopped as the remembrance of this precious soul filled their minds. No one could speak. Through the tears and anguish they comforted one another. Nahvar wept and held onto Fabby whose human half was fully stimulated. He too cried. Pheledra moved Nelyani away from the body over to a comfortable chair and helped her sit down. The poor little girl was devastated and her chest heaved with great sobs. Pheledra could hardly stand it, but she knew she had to be strong. The rush of memories was so powerful, she had to sit down next to Nel to avoid fainting. She gripped Nel’s hand. They cried and cried together.

News of the tragedy travelled rapidly and soon all Miraba mourned. The collective sigh that went up into the astral zones also contained an incredibly strong determination to enact every word Wave had spoken. The planet of forgetfulness would always remember.

This moment was the turning point in the transformation of Miraba.

CONTINUE: 58) The Consequences


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