55) Boom Boom

Down in Mavira, Nestingwave/Petuva were escorted to their apartment by religious devotees in white robes. They all bowed deeply and left. Wave pulled a small device out of the inside pocket of his white tunic and turned it off. The field around him, which made him appear vague and mysterious, disappeared.Petuva got out her device also and played with it, turning it on and off while she gazed at herself in the mirror admiring her white gown. “I do look like an angel!”

Dr. Draken was waiting to give a genetic treatment.

“How did you get here so fast?” asked Wave.

“Beamed down while no one was looking,” replied the Doctor.

Wave and Petuva quickly took a tour of the apartment. Naked statues, flowing fountains, gold fixtures and advanced Kultaki technology adorned every nook and cranny. Wave’s mind-machine was already set up in an elaborate office next to countless instruments and monitors. The tan cap was neatly hung on its little stand. Wave put it on.

“Here is your new home for awhile,” said Dr. Draken, “like it?”

“Oh, it’s darling!” exclaimed Petuva as she rushed into the bedroom to look in the closet for her new wardrobe.

“It will do, for now.” said Wave, seating himself in a plush executive chair.

Dr. Draken rolled in his equipment from the next room and began the genetic treatment. As the Doctor moved around him, Wave heard Lance’s voice in his mind.

Hello Wave. Like your new apartment?

It’s okay … for temporary quarters.

We’ve installed a huge spa, a wet bar in every room, a ball room for parties and heavily padded doors for … privacy.

You’ve thought of everything.

Oh yes … and … I had another bit of inspiration.

What’s that?

I’m sending you a puncture blaster.

What for? Oh … I think I know.

Oh yes you do. Oh yes you do. Remember Dhati’s suggestion? I want you to do the deed, Wave … not just leave it in the hands of some military underlings.

You want me to execute the war criminals, right?

After you’ve pronouced judgement, of course. Just stand them up against the backdrop we will provide for you. Oh … and no blindfolds. We want to get the facial expressions. Aim the puncture blaster at the temple – at a slight angle so we’ll get good color on the backdrop – and pull the trigger – boom! If by some miracle they’re still alive, you can boom boom again. You have ten shots in that peace-maker in case you screw up. Do them one at a time and … take your time. We want maximum tension and anticipation. Those films will be shown for generations and you’ll be immortalized.

Well … why didn’t I think of that?

A few more of those genetic treatments and you’ll be sharp, like me. Tomorrow’s it. See you.

“Yeah,” said Wave under his breath, “tomorrow’s it.”

CONTINUED: 56) The Epiphany


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