53) At Mivira

Pheledra watched the proceedings unfold in the city of Mavira. She used the psychotronic adjuvant and was careful to restrain herself from telepathic contact with the Kultaki women or Biltar, due to the restictions placed upon her by the judgement of the Council. By now, Pheledra had been able to discern Lance’s intentions with Wave and knew all about Wave’s new mind-machine and Lance’s plans to use him as a means to regain control of Miraba for the Kultaki. She tried again and again to telepath with Wave but there remained a strong blockage which shut her out completely. Her heart yearned for their former fellowship but she would not give up hope.During this time, she was rather preoccupied and didn’t talk much with Nelyani and Nahvar. They were getting to know each other as they played with the cats and spent time discussing the future. Fabby taught Nahvar and Nel how to play chess and Nahvar taught them the Miraban game of chimpto. It wasn’t long before Nel was able to beat them at both games. She was just a little girl but at times she was uncommonly wise and mature. No doubt Aramanda had used Nel’s advanced gift of telepathy to speak words of wisdom. Pheledra was thankful and determined to never again allow her own personal doubts and feelings to create such blindness and restriction. It had been damaging to her and to others. The mission was proceeding smoothly and for that, her heart was grateful to the two marvelous Kultaki women who were now a part of her forever.


Just as Edyn had stated, the city of Mavira was indeed a jewel in the former nation of Shaluma. Everything had been well prepared for Biltar’s arrival.

In a dressing room inside the palatial complex, the two Kultaki women were taking a break from Biltar’s reception party. The energy devices had already been distributed and this was a special celebration. Cobi and Ana were in their familiar element, effortlessly pouring out all the charm and grace carefully learned and practiced since they were children.

Ana looked at herself in the mirror. “What a reception!”

“These people are certainly hospitable,” said Cobi, “can you believe these beautiful gowns they presented to us?”

“Amazing,” replied Ana, “I think our appearance shocked people at first. I noticed them staring but Biltar really did a good job of preparing everyone for our arrival. They’re treating us like royalty!”

“The new communication system really paved the way. How’s your arm, love?”

“A lot better. The stump still hurts at times and I still have those phantom pains in my lower arm and hand. I really look forward to the time when I can get an artificial limb or, better yet, find someone with the technology to grow a new one.”

“I’ve learned to have hope, Ana. I believe it will happen but we’ve got to finish the mission first. These people in Mavira are really happy to have us here … but all those questions …”

“I know. Just because we have color shifting scales, red eyes and normally live in fourth density, which is very hard to explain to Mirabans, they think we should know everything about the universe.”

“Well, don’t be too hard on them, Ana, they’re just curious, like you and me. But we have learned so much from being around Pheledra and so much has opened up before us about what the Universe is and our place in it.”

“I guess we represent a completely new perspective to them and they’re excited.”

“A lot like us, huh?”

Ana nodded her head in wonderment. “Just turn on the charm, girl. That’s what we’re really good at.”

“Ha … that … and shaking things up!” Cobi smiled.

“Situation suspensfully sizzling,” Ana said, then laughed.

“I feel like so many eyes are watching our every move,” said Cobi. “I’ll admit that I’m feeling a bit shy.”

“Yeah … shy … like when you burned Col. Tordine’s ass!”

They both laughed and Cobi playfully pretended to bite Ana on the neck.

There was a tap at the door and they heard Edyn’s voice. “Hey, are you two ready to rejoin the party? Biltar is about to give his little speech.”

“We’ll be right out,” said Cobi as she finished putting the final touches on her makeup.

As they returned to their seats in the crowded hall full of excited scientists and engineers, many eyes followed them and they heard the physicist, Syntal ap Dakleen, finishing up his introduction of Biltar.

“… and here at the beginning of an entirely new paradigm, we have more than we ever hoped for. We have the blessing of having survived the worst catastrophe in Miraba’s history, we have face to face contact with celestial neighbors who know more about us than we do, we have a new anti-gravity technology which will shortly be revealed to the whole planet and we have an incredible new energy source which will transform the way we do everything. Now, I’d like to introduce the discoverer and inventor who has blessed us so much, not only with working prototypes of revolutionary energy devices, but also with charming friends from a hitherto unknown race … my friend and colleague … Biltar ap Dyn.”

There was a round of applause as he shook Biltar’s hand. Biltar stepped up to the podium as Syntal took a seat. “Thank you so much, Syntal and thanks to all of you for your kindness. We will be leaving tomorrow to distribute more of the energy devices throughout Miraba but I hope to see you all again soon. With all due respect to Syntal, I want to make it clear that the PSG does not represent a new energy source. There is only one energy source. There has always been only one energy source. Fire, chemical reaction, electricity, nuclear reaction … life itself… comes from only one energy source. The PSG is simply a way – one rather primitive way – of directly tapping that source. That source is the Universal Energy Matrix. This is just one name for it. It has been described by many names. It underlies everything and is the source of intelligence and consciousness as well as raw power. Therefore, it must be approached with humility and profound respect. It could turn Miraba into a cinder … or … it could open the gates of eternal heaven in our midst. Our choice. It is now becoming available for our practical use because a significant number of Mirabans have already made the proper choice. The choice for evolution, transformation and ascension. The meaning of these things will still be unfolding a thousand millenia from now. With this revelation, war is no longer an option. We will learn beyond any doubt that to kill our fellow men and ruin our planet is exactly the same as killing ourselves. Our age of insanity is now over … washed away along with with the toxins of our former existence. Peace be to you. May the One who gives us life and purpose, bless us all.”

As a tremendous round of applause filled the hall and Biltar bowed slightly and stepped down from the podium, Lance and Wave moved their minds through the crowd. Their movements were independent of each other because each had his own mind-machine.

Lance listened to private whispers and thoughts and tried to look up women’s gowns, while Wave was more interested in hearing Biltar’s speech and observing Cobi and Ana to see if he could pick up any deceit.

It’s exactly like being here in my body, Wave thought, as he saw Cobi and Ana mingling with the crowd of excited scientists and trying to answer their questions.

“Have you two heard about the predictions and prophesies that are circulating among our people?” asked a physicist with thick glasses.

“No,” replied Ana.

“Well,” he said, “some are saying that Biltar might be the expected celestial prophet and …”

“Nonsense,” interrupted Cobi, “Biltar is just a Miraban scientist like you.”

“That’s right,” said Ana, “your people should be careful about such religious speculations. For too long Mirabans have been looking for some outside source to save them from the bad situations they brought on themselves through laziness and abdication of personal responsibility. When real celestial intervention takes place for the sake of positive evolution, transformation and ascension, it is always to empower the people and encourage them to open and trust the source of infinite life within themselves. The very source that Biltar just spoke about. Just as in the raising of children – to do everything for them makes them weak, spoiled, irresponsible and dependent.”

“Of course,” added Cobi, “indeed that was the purpose of those who perpetrated your Miraban religious, scientific and political organizations. We know, because our people – the Kultaki – the family we left for the sake of truth – used this technique secretly as their primary control over the minds and souls of Mirabans for thousands of annoms. While it is true that the visions of truly spiritual men and their writings inspired those religions, they were soon hijacked by others who never had your best interest at heart, only their own political gain.”

“Well,” said another scientist who was overhearing the conversation, “I disagree. I think it is sometimes necessary for those who are more informed, and spiritually pious, to adjust and guide others into the proper understanding of higher wisdom and spirituality.”

“No,” said Ana, “like all your spiritual teachers have stated, the spirit is within you, the very source of your being, and you have no need of outward control by others with their own personal agendas.”

Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken brought Wave and Lance back to the Kultaki command carrier.

Lance was all smiles as he spoke to Wave. “Wow! Did you see that fantastic girl in the red gown? What incredible breasts! What an ass! I’d like to slip off her pink panties and taste a little of that. How ‘bout you? Did you see her?”

“No,” replied Wave, “I was listenin’ to a conversation.”

“Ah, forget that silly jibberish! Tomorrow is the day of freedom for you! Tomorrow you and Petuva head for Mavira! Like that?”


CONTINUE: 54) Pious Fraud


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