51) Fly On The Wall

On the Kultaki Command Carrier, Ranilla and Petuva had gone to the ladies retiring room. Wave sat across from Lance in the small lounge while the two doctors moved around with their machines giving him a genetic treatment. His thoughts were competing and he wasn’t feeling very well. Nevertheless, he told himself he was doing the right thing.”When will Petuva and I be going down?”

“When the new communication satellites are up and operating properly,” replied Lance, “and immediately after the energy devices arrive in Mavira. Right now, Cobi and Ana are starting at the top of their list – Shanveh island in the southern hemisphere. They’ll probably stay there until the satellites are launched and operating. They will also look the place over and establish some working relationships. Next on their list is Mavira. Already, the wheels for your arrival are turning in Mavira. A faction of leaders has already risen up. They are gaining favor by reorganizing the remaining infrastructure and keeping law and order. Those leaders have established some limited contact with the rest of Miraba through short-wave transmissions and have initiated a world-wide campaign to assure people that they are not under an alien invasion. Their priority is the welfare and safety of all citizens. Necessities are being fairly distributed, everyone’s talents and abilities are being put to good use. The trauma of the cataclysm has caused survivors to band together in unheard of cooperation. The sky above them is filled with celestial ships and they are eagerly awaiting some direct contact. The stage is being set for you, Celestial Savior. Rumors are being spread about heavenly intervention and guidance. At this point they are yearning for someone to show them the way. The more religious among them are convinced that a prophet is coming.”

“What should I tell them?”

“Just tell them the truth. Tell them how and why their situation has come about and give them the solution from a Universal perspective.” Lance grinned.

“Like a … mentor?” Wave was a little puzzled.

“Oh yes!” said Lance, “a big brother from the stars! A wise angel of hope! A super-being of condescension! A savior!”

“What kind of acts of salvation are you talking about?”

“Your first act will be to deal strongly with the former powers-that-be who perpetuated and facilitated our management of Miraba. The vast majority of the survivors have now become aware of how they were duped, lied to, exploited and enslaved. They are becoming cognizant of the fact that there was an outside influence. Hello?” Lance laughed. “The sleepers are awakening – and they are angry. Livid with rage would be a better description – very stressed. They need to be gently put back to sleep so they can rest from their anxieties. Back to the good old days of a pay check, a ball game and intoxicants.”

“I see,” said Wave, “you’re trying to guide them into some order and stability.”

“Exactly. Stability means serenity and progress. Four Miraban world leaders have been captured.”

“Only four?”

“More to come soon. These are being flown to Mavira by VTL areocar from around the globe because the city of Mavira still has a reasonably functioning structure. They are being brought … for judgement. They’ve already confessed. You will satisfy the peoples thirst for revenge – then publicly unveil the anti-gravity technology along with the PSGs, which will have just arrived. The scientists that secretly developed those anti-gravity machines are reluctant to reveal them until things stabilize a bit more. Some of those same scientists will be in charge of Biltar’s PSGs. Those scientists are in the habit of keeping their technology secret and they are still hesitant to let the knowledge out. However, a few of my key Miraban … colleagues … stand ready to blow the lid off with a public demonstration. All you’ll have to do is announce it and my colleagues will bring the technology forward for all to see. Wave, they’ll think you gave it to them!” Lance threw back his head and laughed. “When you appear before the good citizens of Mavira, we’ll shift you a little out of focus and make your voice echo. They’ll think an angel has come into their midst.” Lance laughed again.

Wave smiled, “I’ll convince them.”

“I know you will. Tell them what they need to hear. They’re going to be all right and the new world order will offer them protection and opportunities beyond their wildest imagination. Point out to them the importance and critical value of the anti-gravity machines. For the short term, Mavira will provide the only means of mass transport available on the planet. Nothing big moves without our approval – and we can only approve of an attitude that recognizes the need for authority, leadership, stability and order.”

“You’ve got some good principles there,” said Wave.

“And you know and understand them, don’t you.”

“Starting to. I’m just a beginner.”

“But you’re learning fast,” smiled Petuva as she and Ranilla returned from the ladies retiring room.

“I’ll bet,” said Lance.

The two girls had obviously been fighting. Petuva’s gown was torn and Ranilla daubed her nose with a tissue to wipe away a small trickle of blood.

Lance looked at them and laughed. “Been at it again?”

Lance turned to Wave. “You need to take Petuva away from here soon. If this goes on very much longer, I’ll have to tie one of them up.”

“Aren’t you making my job too easy?” asked Wave.

“Just leave the details up to me,” replied Lance, “all you need to do is be there and show your great wisdom and justice.”

For the next few days Lance and Wave spent a lot of time together. Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken presented Wave with his own thought machine and taught him how to use it. He practiced with Lance by his side.

“I like this light weight tan cap,” said Wave.

“You look great in it – like me!” Lance adjusted his own tan cap. “Dr. Draken will accompany you down to Mavira to help out with your mind-machine. This technology allows you to be selective and independent … and remain annonymous. Those who are still gullible need a wise father-figure to guide them. Oh … and they should never find out how you accomplish your miracles. Let them apply a mystical explanation for now.

“Fairy tales are necessary for the proper development of children into useful adults. We knew that long ago when we introduced the worship of an exterior Supreme Being upon Miraba – in several varieties, to match various cultures and tastes – along with go-between priests, rituals, dogmas and doctrines for proper spiritual communion.

“Now their ‘God’ will take form before them. You – who can pass righteous judgement – salvation or damnation. It is the most useful tool ever invented to keep Mirabans in line. It kept us in power for millenia. We set the standards so high, no one can meet them. Then they all feel like sinners on their way to eternal torment and relinquish their freewill to a non-existent pie-in-the-sky ‘God’. When they really believe that their eternal soul is in danger, they quickly learn the benefits of obedience, and the severe penalties for disobedience. In fact, every bad thing that happens to them in life seems like a penalty for disobedience. This will make them very useful. Our many millenias of experience has already proven that to be the case.”

“I suppose its the old principle of the abdication of personal responsibility to an imaginary disconnected higher source,” said Wave.

“Exactly,” said Lance as he smiled, “and that imaginary disconnected higher source has lots of professionals to spread and enforce the officially sanctioned stories and doctrines. They are still respected for the most part, until they publicly give way to their lust and greed. Which they often do. But the people forgive them and still do as they’re told. Management considers this to be the necessary disempowerment of naive and rash adolescents using their own ignorant delusions of separateness. This is for their own protection as well as to teach them proper conformity to the Universal Pyramid Heirarchy – and its representatives, of course. Everyman is a source unto himself and yearns to be on top of the heap. It prepares them to make their third density spiritual orientation selection for self-service.”

“A bit of evangelism on your part?” asked Wave.

“Not really, just channeling them into reality.”

“I see.”

“Let’s take a little trip.”

Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken performed their ritualistic adjustments to the thought machines and soon, Lance and Wave observed Ana, Cobi, Edyn and Biltar as they began distributing the energy devices on Shanveh island. The PSGs were delivered to a complex that was already prepared to receive them. Other lightworkers had already been at work.

Biltar was reminded that this operation was only a small portion of the overall assistance to Miraba. He and Edyn conferred with the excited scientists and made many new aquaintances while Ana and Cobi hovered the scout craft providing additional security until Biltar and Edyn could complete their survey and disclose all the necessary information.

Five black lifterwhirls suddenly flew into Shanveh and special forces tried to break into the complex to see what was there. Cobi and Ana materialized into 3D and fired stun rays. It laid the soldiers out on the ground. When they came to, they saw the looming scout craft and ran away in a panic to board the lifterwhirls and fly away. The holdouts from the old control paradigm were fast losing heart.

The two doctors brought Lance and Wave back to the Kultaki command carrier.

“Look at those girls!” declared Lance, “I have to admire them. First, they literally scared the shit out of Colonel Tordine and sent him packing. Now, they have spooked a whole contingent of soldiers who are running around the country with the erroneous idea that they are under an alien invasion. hahahahah Those two are true Kultaki and will never be anything else. They abducted Nahvar, vaporized the roof off that exchange center to get at the energy devices and are willing to shoot first and ask questions later. It’s in their blood! We Kultaki are wired to be assertive.”

“Yes,” said Wave, “but I can see a definite influence of positive polarity upon them.”

“How’s that?”

“Well … they could have killed Colonel Tordine, put his head on a pole and sent it back to you but instead they chose to spare his life. They could have vaporized those soldiers but only stunned them. I think they’re getting soft.”

“There you go,” said Lance, “believing the lies you’ve been told about us. Let me give you a little reality check. We are not out to kill people … at least not in this case. We are only interested in establishing order and progress. Cobi and Ana have been well taught. They’ve managed to deceive Pheledra into believing they’re on her side. I’m going to get them back before this is all over. You’ll see.”

“Well,” said Wave, “if Pheledra is deceived, it won’t be the first time. But, she does know how to read a person’s soul and discern its intentions.”

“Let’s take a look at her,” said Lance and he nodded to the doctors.

As they observed Pheledra secretly, Wave wondered what might be going through her mind. He dared not touch that mind because if he did, he’d be in communication with her and he didn’t want that. His ability to use natural telepathy was waning due to lack of use and he was inclined to rely more and more upon the incredible mind-control technology of the Kultaki.

Those genetic treatments are doing something to me, he thought, I wonder how much this is changing my overall outlook. How can I be objective?

Wave moved his mind through the Firefly and found Nelyani. She was on the control deck playing with Boots. He was pouncing on a catnip mouse she had tied to a string. Wave followed her as she ran up the ladder to the observation deck trailing the catnip mouse behind her. Boots scampered after her. Pheledra was busily engaged with the psychotronic adjuvant and Nahvar sat in one of the observation chairs. Nel picked up Boots and sat down next to him.

“What are you thinking about Nahvar?” she asked.

“Well, I’m feeling a little insecure, you might say.”


“When I first saw Pheledra she was like the Goddess to me. I viewed her initially as being beyond the human frailties and problems I experience. Now I see that things go wrong even on her high plane of existence. Nestingwave was part of her crew from the beginning. He is a fifth density lightworker like her and yet he’s been deceived and drawn away by negative forces. I find it discouraging to think that even at their high level of evolution, backsliding can occur. My belief and hope was that such vacillations of perspective would become a thing of the past once a person was grounded in loving service. I just can’t understand how Nestingwave could take such a downward spiral.”

“I know how it looks,” said Nel as she petted Boots, “but I still believe in Wave. Inside, he may be experimenting, whether or not he realizes it yet.”

“Experimenting?” Nahvar questioned.

“Yes,” said Nel, “experimenting with his free choice.”

“I hope you’re right,” said Nahvar, “the whole thing really has me perplexed … and very unhappy. Of all the good folks I’ve met on this adventure, Wave is the one I’d most like to get to know. Like me, he’s an older man and I suspect we could share a lot of common life experiences, even though he comes from another galaxy and a different plane of existence. I can understand, for example, how he could be attracted to one of them Kultaki girls. They have an energy that makes them … oh, excuse me, I shouldn’t be talking about that with you.”

“It’s okay, Nahvar,” said Nel, “what encourages me about it is the things that make us human do not evolve out of us and even when we move into fifth density, we still make choices.”

Nahvar hesitated a little. “Yes … we still make choices … and experience the consequences of our actions – negative or positive.

Wave quickly moved his mind away from them. It made him uncomfortable to overhear a conversation about himself. He wasn’t used to invading people’s privacy. I don’t think I can ever feel comfortable with that.

Lance hadn’t heard the conversation because his mind had been down on the power deck watching Fabby put a new arm on Orange. Soon, the doctors pulled them both back.

“How does it feel to be a fly on the wall?” Lance was exhuberant.

“Very interesting,” replied Wave.

CONTINUE: 52) Uncommon Valor


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