50) Consensus

On the Firefly, the official meeting was over. Orange, Green, Blue and Violet had insisted on being present to express their views and they did so eloquently. At the end, there was a consensus. All four droids would go to dig out Red’s remains. Pheledra was concerned about sending all four, expecially Orange, who was missing an arm, but was overruled by everyone else, including Fabby.”We four together will dig out our brother Red’s remains,” Violet had said.

Then Blue spoke boldly as the other droids nodded in approval. “Yes, we four will dig out Red’s remains. Then we will dig out the safe he was after and bring that too.” All the droids nodded firmly.

“Wait,” said Fabby, “we can’t do that. The Anadine Galactic Council is only allowing us to get our crew. We cannot have anything more to do with the mission.” Blue went right up to Fabby. “The greatest honor and respect we can give to our fallen comrade is to finish his mission. We are determined.”

Nothing more could be said and even Pheledra was in agreement. “What the Council doesn’t know won’t hurt them.”

She turned to Nel and Nahvar. “When I take you to Biltar and we all say goodby for the last time, I’d like to put those papers into his hands. A surprise … and a way of letting him know …”

“Sure,” said Nahvar, “I understand. It’s going to be hard for all of us to say that last goodby.”

As the droids prepared for their mission, Nelyani spoke to Pheledra. “I’ve been trying to pay attention to the gift you said I had. Pheledra, I’m getting some really strong impressions.”

“Tell me, Nel. Every word that comes out of your mouth is important to me.”

“Thanks, Pheledra. If we are patient and wise, we will delay the droids’ mission and fly back up into orbit. The soldiers’ interest in the lake area is going to be distracted by activities of the Frahza in a few days. They plan to bring in a large number of ships and materialize into third density in order to fully neutralize the radiation produced by the power plant meltdown. The activity will be quite a distance away and the soldiers will be called there. When that happens, it will be a fairly safe time for the droids to do their task.”

“Did the Frahza contact you?”

“No … I sort of … found them … and they were glad to tell me.”

Pheledra immediately called everyone back together. “Listen to what Nel has to say.”

Nel told her story and eveyone knew instinctively that it was true.

“How long before the Frahza do their operation?” asked Pheledra.

“A few days,” replied Nel.

“All right. How do you four droids feel about this?”

Blue came forward to speak as a spokesman for all. “Let’s get a good fix on this place and go up into orbit and wait. When things clear out down here, we’ll just zip back down and do it.”

All the droids nodded in approval.

“Somehow,” said Edyn, “we all know it’s the very best thing to do.”

“That’s right,” said Nahvar.

Fabby nodded. “I agree completely.”

“That settles it then,” said Pheledra, “we’re on our way back up into orbit. I’m going to spend this extra time attempting to telepath with Wave, if he hasn’t already blocked out my frequencies.”

The Firefly had to remain in orbit twelve Miraban days before the lake area was safe enough for them to continue the operation to recover Red.

Pheledra was unable to get through to Wave.

CONTINUE: 51) Fly On The Wall


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