47) Fruits and Nuts

In a small private lounge aboard the Kultaki Command Carrier, Wave and the Ambassador sat next to each other in plush easy chairs.”Come on, Wave, have another snort.”

“No thanks, Lance, I’m fine.”

“You know, Wave, this has been a really deep conversation. One of the most profound I’ve had in a long time. We really got down to it, didn’t we?”

“Well ….”

“I mean … we really opened up – talked about what was on our hearts and minds – didn’t we? I really enjoyed that. Honesty – that’s what it is Wave – honesty. An ephiphany. One of those … AHAs. Yes, Wave. hmmmmmm. Goddammit you know I just saw something! An insight. You and I are destined for greatness, my friend. We have not even imagined what power is available! Oh my, what a synchronicity, what a divine coincidence! It’s pretty bizarre – but – here it is anyway.”

“Yeah … here it is, I guess.”

“Say, Wave … you know, I have a commanding officer, a dedicated man. I learned everything I know from him but I … never got to know him, uh, personally, until recently. Over these thousands of annoms, he’s always been there for me though. He’s praised me … and he’s corrected me. And … I have to say … he’s done a fairly good job. He’s a good old boy. We sit down, just like you and I, and share a little happy powder together, have a few snorts, and talk things over. Deep, you know. Like father and son. You know? I’d like for you to meet him – so you’ll know the chain of command and you’ll better understand … uh … our dedication and our … management structure. He’s quite impressed by the Celestial Savior. He wants to come on over here and meet you personally. Would that be all right?”

“Hey, I’m ready for another snort of that happy powder now. Sure … sure Lance, I’d love to meet him.”

Before long, word came that a guest was arriving. Wave and Lance got up and walked over to the transfer station. An energy orb appeared and out came a puff of smoke revealing a military man with a crutch under his right arm. His right foot was wrapped in a bandange.

Ambassador Lance introduced him. “Wave, I’d like for you to meet Commander Dhati of the Kultaki Starfleet.”

“Just call me, Dhati,” he said, batting his long eyelashes.

“Dhati, this is Nestingwave.”

“I know who he is,” said Dhati “let’s get down to business.”

Ambassador Lance led them into the lounge. Dhati hobbled on the crutch and hung his cap on a hook as he went by. They went to a small square table with wooden chairs.

Lance tried to sit next to Dhati.

“You sit across from me so I can see your eyes, darling.” said Dhati. “Here, Wave, you sit next to me.”

“It sure is good to see you Dhati,” said Lance, “what happened to your foot?”

“I stepped on a broken mirror, sonny.”

“Oh … sorry.” Lance swallowed hard.

Wave smiled but didn’t say anything. He was sizing Dhati up. Pictures of various fruits and nuts kept popping into his mind.

Dhatis red eyes gazed toward the Ambassador and he blinked his long eyelashes a couple of times. “Treprestas, give me your report.”

“Yes Dhati, … here it is. Mavira. Mavira is the place, Dhati. A center for our guidance, agriculture, education, medicine, law, manufacturing, commerce, sales, advertising, science, research and development – and the hometown of anti-gravity machines coupled with zero point energy devices, and best of all it’s the religious headquarters and Divine Temple for the Celestial Savior … His holiness … Nestingwave.” Lance gave a gesture of presentation toward Wave.

“Celestial Savior,” nodded Wave, going along with it.

Dhati suddenly looked at Wave. “Oh Celestial Savior, are you capable of righteous judgement?”

“Oh, yes. Oh yes indeedy,” Wave answered. “What did you have in mind?”

Dhati’s eyes softened and he took a pathetic tone as if he was about to cry. “Now that the cataclysm is over, some of the finest public servants of Miraba – the revered shakers and movers of the planet – are being severely persecuted by the Miraban survivors. The executive officers, Bank Presidents, CEOs, national security police, govenors, universal surveillance agencies and ministers from the departments of defense are being labelled ‘war criminals’. They are being accused of genocide, pedophilia, rape, deception, fraud, mass murder, conspiracy, robbery and extortion. They are being called traitors, guilty of High Treason.”

“Did they do all these things?” asked Wave.

“Of course,” said Dhati, “that’s politics, but it was all for the good of Miraba and the defense of its most valued fruit.”

“Regardless of that,” said Wave, “if they defrauded the people, deceived, raped and murdered them, they should be punished.”

“I’m glad you see it that way, Celestial Savior,” said Dhati changing to a very buisnesslike tone. “I would like to see the sacrifice they are about to make count for something. The Mirabans have been through so much. They are so angry and frustrated and now their whole lives are interrupted permanently. Their hopes and dreams are drowned in fear and despair. Everyone feels obligated to blame someone else. They want revenge … and I’d like to provide them a healthy outlet. Once and for all, those who did them wrong should be brought to justice. I see … public executions – quick – just a shot through the head and a fast cleanup. Of course we should toss the bodies to the crowd so they can get personally involved. It would relieve far more stress than a punching bag. When justice is satisfied, the Mirabans can go on to build the wooorld tomorrow. All you have to do, Wave, is just say one word of truth – that’s all. A single word of Divine Truth – ‘guilty’. Not a hard job for the Celestial Savior, eh? Hey, how many ‘celestials’ did you save today?” Dhati roared with laughter. Lance laughed too – he didn’t quite know why – Wave only smiled and nodded.

CONTINUE: 48) A Cold Chill


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