45) Celestial Savior

The Ambassador roared with laughter. Ranilla and Petuva were enjoying the joke too. Nestingwave’s heart was ravaged and torn, like Mother Miraba herself.Lance had known exactly what Ana and Cobi were up to. He only put up his shields to go along with the game and appear to be fooled. He wanted the energy devices distributed – it was part of his new plan. Wave was part of his new plan. He would install Wave as a political leader and promote him as a wise celestial entity – a savior come to help Miraba through its trials. The political machine was already set up in Mavira – bought and paid for long ago as a contingency plan and very recently upgraded at great expense.

Ranilla tried to calm Lance. “Slow down a little dear – remember your weak heart. Take care of your health.”

“They actually thought they could fool me with that ruse! They think I can’t tell a hologram from a real scout craft! I’ll bet they were worried. Thought I’d surely blast’em. Maybe I should chase after them a little to make the whole act a little more realistic. Maybe fire a few shots, eh?”

Petuva laughed and cuddled up next to Wave. “That would sure put a scare into ‘em. I’d like to see their faces!”

“Well, I tell you what. I’m going to have Colonel Tordine take a scout craft and give them a little excitement. Just for fun.”

Wave laughed a little. “What shall we do now Lance? I’m all ears.”

“We’ve got it made now,” Lance said, “they’re working for us and don’t even know it! The energy devices will be distributed. A quick engineering upgrade on the PSGs – with a little help from my Miraban friends – will make them compatible with the anti-gravity machines and … Nestingwave will be installed as the Celestial Savior! We will have total control … uh, I mean … we will be in a rare position to guide the new Miraba because nobody goes anywhere, nobody takes anything anywhere, without those anti-gravity machines and my hands will be totally clean because I’m right up here only looking on from afar.”

“And when does this guidance begin?” asked Wave.

“For you, immediately. For me, as soon as they have become completely dependent upon the anti-gravity machines. That shouldn’t take long because all important roads are now rubble and there are very few conveyances of any type at all remaining after the cataclsym.”

“What part shall I play?”

“Benevolent helper! – a celestial lightworker only concerned with the welfare and benefit of the evolving planet and its dear people – a role easy for you to play. You already have quite a bit of experience.”

“Do you mean … I’m on my own to use my own judgement?”

“Of course, Wave. I trust you. The genetic treatments that you are receiving from Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken are gradually impoving your entire outlook. You are becoming stronger, wiser and more intelligent than ever. You are becoming able to pass righteous judgement … able to rule with precision. These slow and subtle genetic treatments are so much better than the Frahza and their genetic manipulations. In fact, eventually, I’m going to introduce a fatal venereal disease to wipe out those hybids. We can’t have the Mirabans smarter than we are!”

“How long will it take for everything to be ready for my arrival?” asked Wave.

“The political machine and legal institutions are already in place … all they need is you. You will have countless helpers to do all the work. This cost me a lot to set up, you know. I’m depending upon you, and Petuva who will be faithfully by your side. She will provide entertainment and diversion for you and she will be the most graceful and elegant of hostesses – to provide irresistable charm for all. Your career is assured.”

“And when they realize their dependence upon the anti-gravity machines, what will you do then?”

“Ahh … a very good question. You will make an annoucement. You will tell them that a few changes need to be made, for better management … I’ll tell you what to say. You will remind them that the anti-gravity machines have an exclusive ownership and patent.”

“Lance, when do I get that new wardrobe you’ve been promising?” asked Petuva.

Ranilla exhaled loudly. “That’s all you ever think about, Petuva – your clothes!” she snapped.

“Shut your mouth!” Lance then turned to Petuva. “It’s all there now – already down in the city of Mavira – in the palace waiting for you – a gigantic new wardrobe with everything imaginable – and you know what to do with it. don’t you.”

“Ooh yes,” said Petuva, “this is going to be exciting and just incredible … don’t you think so, Wave?”

“I can hardly wait to get started,” said Wave, kissing Petuva’s ear. She giggled a little and kissed him passionately on the lips.

“One of the scout craft will take you down when everything is ready,” said Lance. He tapped on his tan cap with his clawed forefinger. “And remember … I’ll be seeing you … oh … not in your private moments, of course.”

CONTINUE: 46) Fine Teamwork


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