44) Surprises

Biltar, Ana and Cobi prepared to leave. Cobi made up the program for the hologram while Ana and Biltar talked. Fabby went aboard the scout craft to make his adjustments. Nahvar moved around the control deck trying to understand the various monitors and instruments. Pheledra, Nelyani and the cats remained on the observation deck. Nel was talkative and followed Pheledra around while she went through her check list. The Firefly’s capability of beaming up entities in third density while remaining in fourth should make it easy to extract Boots and Orange – but Pheledra took every precaution and rechecked every piece of equipment. Not only was she checking the external situation to be sure everything was ready and in order – she was also examining herself. She didn’t want a repeat of her former mistakes.In the workshop, Wave made a final connection and Violet lit up. “Hello, Violet,” he said.

The droid geared up a little and turned to speak. “The last thing I remember is carrying Boots along the corridor of a Kultaki starship and an unexpected electomagnetic pulse shutting me down. Has anything happened since then?”

“Just had to make a few repairs. Go back to your regular station and stand until Pheledra needs you. Blue and Green will fill you in with an update.”

“Aye, aye sir.” Violet flew out of the workshop.

Wave considered what he was about to do. There would be no turning back from this moment on. He was shaking violently. His thoughts burned within him. I need to break out of this cage I’ve gotten into … begin to consider my potential and try to develop it as far as it will go. Good old Wave. Reliable, jolly old Nestingwave. Liked by all, taken seriously by none. It’s high time I got the respect due these white hairs on my head.

He hesitated for a moment, then closed his eyes, visualized a black flag with a solid red circle in the center – and vanished. No one knew when he left.

On the observation deck, Pheledra and Nel sat quietly waiting for the communication from Fabby that Biltar, Ana and Cobi were ready to go on their way. Pheledra wanted to say one last farewell. She found herself longing for what she knew in her heart could never be. She was attracted to Biltar and knew she could not deny her love for him. If things were different she would have been honored to be his wife and partner. But she discarded these thoughts because things were not different. She was a fifth dimensional lightworker and Biltar was bound to a planet just awakening. He had a destiny to fulfill – a gift to give – and she was being selfish to think of her own need and loneliness.

Nevertheless, she could not deny the heaviness within her heart. Oh Helaah .. forgive me … I miss your warmth and strength. I’m so sorry we parted the way we did. My foolish words destroyed us …

“Why do you look so sad?” Nelyani’s voice brought her back.

“Oh, Nel, it’s nothing … just remembering my old life.”

Nel looked very serious. “Sometimes, when you go fishing, you might catch an old shoe. Don’t become discouraged. Just throw it back and try again.”

“What?” Pheledra said in surprise.

Suddenly a voice came into their minds – it was not Fabby’s – but a strange voice. It was strong. Each word carried a tightly packaged bundle of thought forms with associations and meanings. The words were an abbreviated outline. The message came across as a detailed package of thought which gave far more information intuitively than the words themselves.

Hail and greetings. We come to talk. We know you. You know us.

“The Frahza!” Pheledra exclaimed. She and Nelyani heard the message at the same time in their minds. Down below, everyone else heard it to.

Yes, we know you Frahza. Wecome. Pheledra was still surprised and now somewhat taken aback as she answered the hail. It seemed to be another synchronicity. They already knew her need for their help and everyone on board the Firefly already knew why the Frahza were contacting them. They were delivering a Miraban passenger! Biltar raced up to the observation deck.

“Edyn! Edyn!” Biltar was out of breath from exhiliration and exertion as he shot up through the hatch. His excitement seemed boundless.

“Take a deep breath, Nel,” said Pheledra, “don’t be afraid. These entities are the Frahza. I told you about them. They will seem a little unusual to you at first.”

“No kidding,” said Nel. Her eyes were wide with excitement.

Inky and Ginger were fully alert, carefully viewing the whole affair to see what might happen next. Ginger meowed and bristled. Inky quit licking his paw and looked up. Three huge ships appeared above the Firefly. Biltar, Nel and Pheledra stared through the observation dome. Each ship looked like two metallic pancakes stacked together. It was a shock to Biltar and Nelyani when five of the Frahza floated right through the walls into the observation dome and came over to them. They all looked alike – short, skinny, blue-gray in color with huge heads and large black round lidless eyes. The five floated around them in a seemingly haphazard manner. They carried their own gravitational fields and were immune to the gravity produced on the observation deck. They didn’t seem to care which direction their heads pointed as long as their eyes were fixed on Pheledra. Their faces were featureless except for those large black penetrating eyes, two small nostril holes and a slit for a mouth. There were two appendages on the side of their heads which appeared to be vestigial ears. They wore a tight fitting fabric the same color as their skin. The hands had four long fingers which were apparently double jointed.

Then a light burst forth on the transfer pad and a young Miraban appeared.

The Frazha said nothing more but just waited for everyone to assimilate the message already given. They were delivering Edyn ap Tau, Biltar’s friend who had disappeared so long ago. The same Edyn ap Tau with whom Biltar experienced the strange events on Falu island many annoms before. Edyn had not aged at all since Biltar last saw him. He still looked like he was in his twenties.

Biltar understood now. The telepathic thought package of the Frazha continued to unfold in his conscious awareness. It had been the Frazha. They had been taking Edyn since he was a child. He was part of the genetic upgrade program. Biltar was not involved in it but just happened to be with Edyn during one of his contacts that time years ago.

Biltar now remembered another entity, that night on Falu island, who had greeted him alone while Edyn was in another section of the craft undergoing examination. It was a universal being of light who promised to bring counsel through dreams. The being of light gave no name and was there solely for the purpose of comforting and reassuring Biltar.

Those beings of light often requested to go along with the Frahza to offer comfort to abductees. They did not agree with the Frahza’s methods but, rather than polarize with the genetic engineering program approved by the Council, they sought to reduce the stress of the abduction experience on Mirabans. The Frahza were well intentioned but a bit coarse in their understanding of Miraban tolerances. They could not understand why Mirabans objected to being abducted for their own good. The beings of light gave allowance for the social shortcomings of the Frahza genetic engineers and acted like a softening buffer between them and the Mirabans. The Frahza themselves did not see any need for it, but did not object because it had been recommended by higher wisdom. They finally acknowledged it as a good recommendation because it helped the genetic engineering project progress more smoothly and rapidly.

Edyn’s genetic material had been used to bring forth a small group of hybrids and his request had been granted to be with them all those annoms to prepare them for life on Miraba. Now the time had come for him to bring them into that new life. The Frahza wanted Edyn and his progeny to take up residence in one of the five hubs where the energy devices were to be delivered. They were reuniting Biltar and Edyn at this time because the hybrids were well suited to work on the energy devices and would make excellent students for Biltar. They could assimilate all of his Miraban perspective about hyperdimensional physics quickly – and add their own – from the Frahza point of view. The hybrid children of Edyn would be delivered by the Frahza once things were running smoothly, if Biltar agreed.

Edyn laughed heartily. “Hello, Biltar,” He and Biltar embraced as Fabby, Ana, and Cobi joined the scene. Ana and Cobi were astounded. They’d never seen the Frahza before. They’d always been told that the Frahza were their enemies. The Kultaki considered them to be competitors.

Nel gazed at the five floating beings, often turning her head to match it up with theirs.

“Cute little guys,” she said.

“My prayers are answered, Edyn,” Biltar said, “now I know. The question is answered – but the mystery and wonder of it will always remain.”

“The lines in your face speak of many tales,my friend,” said Edyn with a look of admiration. “Although I still look young because of where I’ve been – I have a few tales also.”

“I’m sure you do,” Biltar said, as they hugged once again. “We’ll go together now to distribute the energy devices and see what life brings.”

“The Frahza told me all about those energy devices,” said Edyn, “I’d be honored to work with you.”

The five Frahza looked on as Edyn was introduced to everyone and they talked excitedly.

“Edyn, how did the Frahza maintain your youth?” asked Fabby.

“They are often granted special permission to manipulate time to facilitate their expertise in genetic engineering. For example, they are sometimes allowed to return to the past to retrieve a gene that has since died out. In my case, it was to provide plenty of time for me to be their teacher. These hybrids are my children and I love every one of them dearly. They will live much longer than Mirabans so, in order for me to be with them, I have been granted a bit of life extension. They’ll still outlive me, but I’ll have the opportunity to see them grow into their new life and perhaps impart a bit of knowledge they will need to live successfully upon their new planet.”

“How many children do you have?” Fabby was curious.

“Twelve girls and twelve boys,” said Edyn proudly.

“Will they intermarry with Mirabans?”

“Oh yes. The offspring from the hybrids now being dispersed throughout Miraba will one day be the main population of Miraba. The new genetic traits they introduce will result in a calm, peaceable Miraba but it will be strong, forward thinking. progressive and well able to defend itself. It is a balanced genetics. Something Miraba has not known for millenia. It corrects the imbalance brought to the planet long ago which resulted in the brutal violence, aggression and wars that have been so much a part of Miraba’s history.”

Fabby nodded, “That combined with the consciousness expansion of the transformation should bring a happier future and a leap into galactic citizenship for Miraba.”

“Exactly,” said Edyn.

The Frahza didn’t enter into any conversation because their hive mentality limited their social graces among more differentiated beings. But they floated in various relaxed configurations around the room putting forth emotional energies of approval and friendliness for all. Pheledra thanked them for offering to do the necessary weather modification and detoxification. Soon, they went on their way and their three ships shot out of sight to carry out their promise.

Cobi and Ana were delighted to meet Edyn and quickly made him feel comfortable but they were anxious to get underway. Nahvar excused himself. He wanted to see the changes displayed on the monitors and instruments on the control deck as they departed.

Fabby bowed slightly then followed Nahvar. Edyn, Cobi and Ana bid Pheledra goodbye and headed back down to board the scout craft. Biltar lingered behind. He wanted to thank Pheledra and speak with her before departing.

“Pheledra, these have been the happiest moments I have known in a long time. Finding Edyn after all this time is incredible. After nearly losing my life in the crash and receiving Protoron treatment, I know that I have many annoms left to live in this body. I want you to know that, even though Ana and Cobi must now complete the mission, it is your spirit that drives it and your spirit that has uplifted me beyond anything I ever imagined. Miraba will succeed in this transformation and you have been a great part of making it happen.”

“Thank you for your kind words,” said Pheledra, trying not to show her emotion. “Wherever you go, I will seek out your soul and touch it. I will remember you often.” Biltar nodded. He started to say something but stopped himself. He looked into her eyes for a moment … then respectfully but tenderly gave her a long hug and decended through the hatch to join the others.

Pheledra closed her eyes and could not move as she fought back the tears. After a few microns she felt Nelyani softly touch her arm and press her cheek against it. She looked down into her eyes and smiled, then took the little girl’s hand and the two went back to the observation chairs and sat down. Pheledra took a moment to recenter, then refocused on the monitors. Will the hologram be sufficient to throw Lance off?

“Where’s Wave?” asked Nel. She seemed startled. “He wasn’t up here…”

Pheledra felt a rush of concern. She hoped against hope that he was off somewhere sulking but when she closed her eyes and sought his frequency, she knew. “Wave is gone, Nel.”

“Gone where?”

“He’s on board the Ambassador’s command carrier. He’s been drawn away, Nel. All this has been too much for him … the mistakes I made, my stubbornness …”

“Oh, Pheledra,” said Nel, “it’s what he has chosen, not anything you have done. Yes, you made mistakes but don’t go too far in blaming yourself.”

The picture on the monitor shifted to the bottom of the Firefly. Fabby had slightly tilted the ship so that the bottom was out of the Ambassador’s direct line of sight. A scout craft emerged. It was the hologram but looked exactly like Ana and Cobi’s craft which hid behind it and the Firefly’s slight tilt. The hologram craft moved toward the Ambassador’s ring of ships.

They overheard Ana talking to Ambassador Lance. Pheledra brought them up on the monitor.

“Lance, darling,” said Ana, “Cobi and I have decided to take you up on your offer. After all, we belong with you and we miss the way things were. We’ll come in under your command carrier and you can beam us up.”

Lance looked very happy. “I knew you’d come to your senses. I’m so glad. I miss you so much. Come on and we’ll throw a big party!”

“Be there right away dear,” said Cobi.

The hologram proceeded toward the Kultaki circle of ships. At the critical time, Ana started the program to make it appear as if the scout craft was about to fire upon the command carrier. Immediately, the Ambassador’s full shield capability was deployed.

Instantly, Cobi hit the throttle and the real scout craft zipped off in the opposite direction.

“They made it!” Nelyani exclaimed.

“Now we too can get out of here and go get Boots and Orange.” Pheledra had already headed the Firefly down to Miraba.

Pheledra looked at Nelyani. Somehow, she no longer looked like a little girl. Her countenance had changed. Her eyes were intense and her voice was strong and deep. “Only you and I are here together, Pheledra, and yet … it is none but I … state your truth.”

Pheledra’s hair stood on end and her eyes filled with tears. “Oh … oh … I’m so full of sorrow … brought on by my own arrogance and pride … my attitude caused useless dissention with Helaah .. over nothing … over cutting a hedge…”

“Yes?” Nelyani’s eyes were lazers burning into Pheledra’s soul. She reeled back as Nelyani metamorphosed into a seething cauldron of light and color. Her voice warbled incoherently in a high pitched shriek coming to rest as clear words issuing from Aramanda.

“Speak on!”

Pheledra was sobbing now as she struggled to spit out all the poisonous toxins of her heart. “He went on the mission without me and died … fell into a sun when the tachyon system failed … vaporized … and still I continue with the same thing and alienate my crew, alienate Wave and Fabby, the dearest and most loyal friends anyone ever had … and I ruined that precious treasure … because … because … I wanted my way. I felt above them, better than them and yet I fooled myself into thinking my focus was the mission. It was not the mission, it was my guilt – my guilt that I feared to admit to myself and projected outwards onto Wave – my self-righteous pride thinking I was so spiritual! I thought if I gave my all, even to the point of dying, becoming a martyr somehow – being killed like Helaah – that it would make it all right, that it would make me all right, and now Wave has slipped into an abyss and I did it, I pushed him off the side into it!”

“Oh sweet Pheledra,” said Nelyani, looking like a little girl again, “even weakness shall transform into the most valuable spiritual help for Miraba. When you teach someone how to fish – be sure and tell them to simply throw back the old shoes. And be sure to take that advice yourself?”

CONTINUE: 45) Celestial Savior


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