43) Connectedness

On his command carrier, Ambassador Lance looked upward at a tiny light hovering in the distance. Surrounding him in a circle, the small crafts energetically linked together gave him the feeling of still being in charge of something big. From here, Pheledra’s lightship seemed like an insignificant spark in the vast surroundings of space – a far cry from where he’d been just a few moments before. He had just mentally come back from the observation dome of the Firefly to take a little breather. He adjusted the small tan cap upon his head for comfort. Across from him, Dr.Vagila and Dr. Draken moved as if performing a ritual. They held their hands above a misty globe carefully adjusting the electromagnetic frequencies. Occasionally, Dr. Draken would spin around to an interactive screen and tap it here and there with a clawed finger.”Your Excellency, we are slowly bringing you back on line,” he said.

“Whenever you’re ready, Dr. Draken,” Lance nodded.

“First, we must give your mind a little time to stabilize so you are not harmed,” whispered Dr. Vagila, “just relax.”

The new psychotronic technology was far superior to the old cumbersome mind-machine he had used for so long. This new advancement empowered him in so many new ways. In addition to time dilation, which was important for getting a lot done in a fraction of a fraction of a micron, he could now remote view exactly as if he was sitting in the room. He had dreamed of this for years. It meant that he could never again be deceived nor lied to by enemies. They could no longer keep any secrets. It was like being invisible and following them around. The tan cap on his head was tight fitting and barely noticable. No cumbersome wires – no indication that it was anything other than a simple cap. He liked it that way. As long as Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken were adjusting and stabilizing the frequencies, he could know everything. It was a hidden revolution to spawn his new plan. The influences were so subtle, they could not be detected until they had brought forth their purpose.

“All right, Your Excellency,” said Dr. Draken, “I’m ready to send you out once again.”

Lance found himself back on the observation dome of the Firefly just as everyone was sitting down at the big conference table. He moved his mind to the very center of the table. That way he wouldn’t miss out on anything. But, he didn’t really care what anyone said. His target was precise, and he’d already made great inroads – Nestingwave.

Everyone sat at the table except for Pheledra who remained standing. “I’m glad everyone is here.” Wave didn’t look very happy as she continued. “Biltar, Nelyani and Nahvar, my dear Miraban friends, I am so thankful for your complete recovery. In case you were inclined to think otherwise, you can certainly see from all that’s happened that we celestial people are far from perfect. Wave, Fabby, I have much to discuss with you. I have apologies to make because I was wrong, and it’s led us into these difficulties. However, a synchronicity is occuring. Anadia and Cobishandra, whom some of you barely know, are undergoing a unique life change. They want to complete the mission in return for sanctuary. I have agreed. Biltar … I’m asking you to work with them and trust them.”

“I adore these two,” said Biltar, “I’ve never met more charming ladies.”

“I know their inner intentions,” continued Pheledra, “and I have confidence in them as I do in you. As for me … I must go get Boots and Orange and return Nelyani and Nahvar to Miraba. Now, I’m going to ask Ana and Cobi to speak to us of their intentions.”

Pheledra sat down and Ana rose. As she spoke, Nestingwave became aware of a presence within his thoughts.

Hello Wave … may I come in?

Lance! How can you be inside my mind without my invitation!?

Oh Wave, it’s that incredible machine again. Damndest thing I’ve ever seen. I won’t come into your mind if you don’t desire to talk to me, but I’m already bored with what Ana and Cobi will have to say.

You might as well go ahead since you’re already here. Wave was a bit uncomfortable.

Listen to what that girl’s saying, the voice of the Ambassador echoed in his brain, she is betraying her own people. You and I both know that she could not be changing polarities. There is no such thing as positive and negative spiritual polarities. It always takes two poles for anything at all to exist. What do you suppose she and Cobi have up their sleeve? They probably want what we all want, Wave – more power. A chance to do their own thing.

Are they deceiving Pheledra? Wave inquired.

Oh yes, Wave. No doubt about it. But do you recall what we were talking about the last time you popped over to see your little Pet and my two doctors?

I’ve been thinking about it, Lance … but what is it that you want exactly?

To give guidance, Wave, guidance to the new Miraba. Through you I could give wisdom and direction. You can be a great leader, Wave. All I need to do is get you down to the city of Mavira. There are scientists in that city who have crude but working anti-gravity vehicles. And, as you know, Biltar’s PSGs will be going there. Ten of them! With the proper guidance Mavira could become the center of everything.

Why Mavira?

Because after this cataclysm nothing big moves without those anti-gravity machines. Wave, we can have a monopoly on a commodity that is more than a necessity. What an opportunity!

I don’t belong there. They don’t know me.

Ah, but they know one thing, Wave, and that one thing is all they need to know.

What’s that?

Money … money …. money, Wave. Money is communicative! And I have pure gold! Tons and tons of it right down there on Miraba … and it survived the cataclysm. We can share. Oh, and by the way, Petuva is looking forward to being there with you. Since you like her so much, I’m giving her to you. She and Ranilla don’t get along, you know. They fight over everything. Petuva doesn’t like sharing her man. Of course when you go down there what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. You’ll be free, Wave, really free because you’ll be unique … at the very top of the heap. Dr. Vagila and Dr. Draken have a machine like this one for you to play around with. And one of them will be glad to come down regularly to continue your genetic treatments. Call your own shots. All I want is audience with you – and a small slice of the pie of course.

“What’s wrong, Wave?” Pheledra’s voice brought him fully back to the conference. “You don’t look good – do you have something you want to say?”

“You’re damn right I do!” said Wave as he stood up, “this whole plan is insane! Can’t you see that you’re bein’ used, Pheledra? You’re gonna get us all in terrible trouble again – more trouble than you’ve already gotten us into! This is a total violation of the Council’s edict! Pheledra, you know what Ana and Cobi intend to do! Therefore you are in on it! That blatantly violates the judgement of the Council! And besides, those snakes are deceiving you! You’ve blown it, Pheledra, and I’m having nothing more to do with it!”

Without another word, Wave stormed across the room and slid down through the hatch.

Pheledra shook her head. “You can see, dear friends, that even in fourth density we are still capable of resentment. I’m sorry. I believe Ana and Cobi – and we will continue.”

“He’s just upset,” said Fabby, “things have come to a head with him. I think he’s disappointed and maybe a little jealous. I’ll talk with him gently. Let’s all try not to be too upset. It’ll work out. I’m sure it will.”

“Wave sounds like some people I use to know back home,” said Nelyani.

“Nel,” said Cobi, “I too am finding out that people thoughout the universe are pretty much the same when it comes to strong emotions.”

“It can hurt other people so bad,” said Nahvar, “but one thing I appreciate – Pheledra, Cobi, Ana, Fabby, even Wave – none of you are afraid to sit down and speak your heart to one another. If we can learn to do that too, and teach others, the new Miraba will be a reality.”

“Yes,” said Biltar, “you are doing the best you know how to do, Pheledra, and I see that you certainly are not perfect. And I’m glad you’re just like me.”

Biltar’s eyes began to fill with tears and he caught his breath to control his emotions. “I love all of you. I feel so close to you …like a family. I don’t ever want to say goodbye. Pheledra …you remind me so much of my Sinya. I’m beginning to understand that when you really love someone, it’s not just their personality you love, it’s…it’s what’s deep inside them, and that thing is there in all of us … when we look for it.”

Nelyani quietly started to cry. Nahvar reached over and hugged her. He was fighting back tears himself. Cobi and Ana just looked down. They weren’t used to strong displays of emotion but they felt it too. Their minds soared as the waves of feeling passed through them and subtle colors rippled across their soft scales.

Pheledra was trying hard to control herself. She didn’t want to say goodbye. The loneliness she had felt since Helaah’s death was being healed by the very presence of these dear friends. She felt so strongly for everyone there, and Wave too. She wanted to merge herself with their souls. She wanted to say how sorry she was but more than that she wanted to tell them that which was beyond words – her deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Fabby knew in that moment – and was very glad he was human. His only regret was that Wave was not there.

Inky and Ginger did what cats often do in such circumstances. Ginger went to comfort Nelyani and Inky curled up in Pheledra’s lap.

Ana spoke from the depths of her being. “My dear friends … I never called anyone ‘friend’ before, except for Cobi. What you see in me I cannot describe. All I can say is yes to this precious treasure. I found out that there is a great power within. And when you use it, it multiplies, and when you do not use it, it recedes from you. From this moment on I am yours and you are mine. Wherever we are, we are one, for I have touched your soul and found it beautiful.”

They all rose and embraced. The tears still flowed but they were different now. The time had come for Biltar, Ana and Cobi to be on their way. They all dried their tears and sat back down, talking softly as lovers among themselves.

Pheledra spoke with Biltar. “Where do you think you should go on Miraba?”

“I don’t know at this point. I think it will probably be somewhere that we deliver the devices. We’ll just have to see what conditions are like when we get there … and I’ll choose a place where I think I can do the most good. Possibly Shanveh. It has the capability of developing and manufacturing the devices. It will all depend upon the people I meet. If Fryd and Rysen are still alive, we can go together. They have been my most trusted co-workers all these many annoms.”

“You know, Biltar, I’ve thought a lot about Nelyani. Where should she go now? And Nahvar? You three have experienced something profound together. Nel is just a child and needs much love. If the three of you could be together, it would probably be best. My heart breaks because I cannot take Nel with me.”

“Why not?”

“Because even if it was possible, she is a great soul who has incarnated upon Miraba to be of specific help during this time. I would be robbing her of her chosen destiny. And that would be wrong. I believe all three of you have selected some sort of common destiny and need to be together.”

Nahvar overheard the conversation and added his affirmation. “Pheledra … I know you’re right about that.”

Biltar nodded. “Let’s get Nelyani over here and discuss it with her.”

Nel had already become good friends with the two Kultaki women and was eagerly talking with them. Pheledra motioned for her to come over and she politely excused herself from Ana and Cobi.

“Where shall I go on Miraba?” she asked Pheledra.

“You, Nahvar and Biltar have been through so much … and you’ve bonded together. Somehow, your futures are mingled. What about you three being together?”

“Oh, that would be great!” said Nel, “I have no family left, no relatives nor friends that I know of. I had some but I don’t know if they’re still alive.”

“If you three are in agreement, here’s what we’ll do. When Biltar leaves with Ana and Cobi, we’ll go down to Miraba and get Boots and Orange and go back into orbit to wait. When Biltar finds out where he needs to be, I’ll take you wherever he is.”

“That is the perfect idea,” said Nahvar.

“Yes,” said Biltar, “I love you two very much. You are my family. Nahvar, you and I can teach each other everything we know – and work together. Same with you, Nel. The three of us can be a team. We’ve been through things that Mirabans need to know about. We just need to coordinate and work together. It will be very powerful.”

“Oh, I’m so happy,” said Nel, “I was starting to feel empty and lonely not knowing what was going to happen next.”

“Then it’s settled,” said Pheledra. “No matter where you are. I’m going to be in contact with all of you. You’ll see me in your dreams … you’ll sometimes hear me in your meditation. Other times later, when you become a little more proficient in telepathy, I’ll communicate with your minds when you are in normal waking consciousness. I suggest that you two learn some things from Nel. She is a natural telepath and she will teach you. You three are to be each other’s teachers and students of one another. There will be others that will join you, but you three are a core – a key element for Miraban education. I will be far away in another galaxy, but in fifth density, distance is no object. All I have to do is remember you … remember your souls … and that’s something I can never forget.”

Cobi, Ana and Fabby were paying attention to the conversation now.

Fabby asked Pheledra, “Are there any preparations you need to make for the sake of Ana and Cobi before they leave?”

“Yes,” said Pheledra. “As you all know from the briefing on the mission, five places have been selected for the distribution of the PSGs – Shanveh, Mavira, Quepar, Tacu and Bectalyne. I’m going to telepathically contact the Frazha to do weather modification and detoxification in those areas so the black rain won’t be a problem and if there is any toxicity already there, it can be nullified.”

“What about the outskirts of Urbantia 7 where you are going to get Boots and Orange?” asked Nahvar.

“It’s stretching our cosmic allowance toward the mission but I’ve already done that. I’m going to ask the Frahza to clean up that place too. In fact, I’m going to ask them to do it first. Boots and Orange have been there far too long. A cleaner environment for Boots might save his life.”

“Cobi and Ana,” said Fabby, “before you leave, I want to make some adjustments in the equipment on board the scout craft, to insure our ability to monitor your progress.”

“Sure,” said Cobi, “how long will it take?”

“Not too long,” said Fabby, “it’s simply a matter of adjustment and calibration.” “Okay,” said Ana, “I think we should all start making our preparations.”

CONTINUE: 44) Surprises


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