42) Clear Directions

In dilated time aboard the Kultaki command carrier, Wave and Petuva had finished making love and were relaxing in the spa.”Can you believe this?” Petuva was exhuberant. “Such an explosion of passion all within a fraction of a fraction of a micron. It seemed like forever to me.”

“Me too,” said Wave.

“You’re so tender, darling. I’m not used to that. I like it!” She cuddled him and kissed him gently on the cheek and neck. “You’re different than any man I’ve ever known. I’m … really falling in love with you.”

“Our time together is really something different for me too, Pet. You’ve brought out new life in me. I … love you too … but …”

“What? What is it?”

“I don’t know … so many conflicting thoughts going on inside my head, I … I think I need to go now, I …”

“No, don’t go,” she pleaded. “Come on Wave, stay awhile longer. Let’s get back into bed and …”

“No, Pet … you belong to Lance … this is a violation of …”

“Oh, come on Wave. Stay … please.”

Wave gave her a long kiss, then began to drag himself out of the spa. Petuva sighed and sank down into the water. “Please come back soon.”

As he was just about to leave, she stopped him. “Wave?”

“What is it?”

“I don’t like being with Lance. He doesn’t … make love to me. I’m just … a piece to him … nothing special. You make me feel special.”

“Oh Pet,” said Wave. “You are special. Listen, I’ll … I’ll come back soon … okay?”

“All right,” she said, showing her disappointment. “I love you.”

Wave nodded but didn’t say anything.

Lance was all smiles as he beamed Wave back on board the Firefly. He materialized a fraction of a fraction of a micron later than when he’d left. He was right back in the workshop exactly where he’d been. Wow, he thought to himself, that technology is really something. Those Kultaki are so advanced … I’d like to learn some of this.

Wave checked Violet over once again. She was all ready to go. All he needed to do was turn her on. No, I’m not going to light her up just yet. I need time to think. I’ll just stay out of sight for awhile. I need to think. This is so damn strange.

Fabby was in the med pod observing Nahvar and Biltar who were still recovering. Nahvar was just about ready to come out and Biltar’s intensive care was almost over. Fabby was searching his computer to find the best way to gently update them. He would be cheerful and positive and would then ask them to download the discs concerning the mission.

Nelyani was not too far away on the control deck playing with Inky and Ginger who were delighted and far more active than usual.

Meanwhile, Pheledra, Ana and Cobi continued their conference up on the observation deck. The two Kultaki women had finished the download and were astonished. They were burning with enthusiasm. Pheledra allowed them to settle down before she spoke.

“What do you wish to do?”

“I want a new life,” said Ana.

“Yes, I do too,” Cobi agreed.

“All right,” said Pheledra, “I’ll help you. I’m offering you sanctuary until this mission is completed and you are safe. What is happening to you is unusual and rare. You are fourth density beings in the middle of discovering the high frequencies and amplitudes of positive spiritual polarity. Unconditional love, peace, joy, personal responsibility and a desire to serve your fellow beings overrides hate, resentment, jealousy, control and selfishness, all of which are much lower frequencies.”

“Can we live where you live?” asked Ana.

“You are not able to do that yet because I normally live in fifth density. Beings of negative spiritual polarity, such as your people, the Kultaki, can evolve no higher than fourth density. Their belief system does not allow for anything beyond that.”

“In fact,” said Ana, “we’ve been told that there is nothing beyond fourth density. We’ve all been taught that we are the pinnacle of evolution.”

“We know better now,” said Cobi.

Pheledra nodded. “In the higher densities, positive beings downstep to give assistance to those struggling upwards. You are proving your change of heart by helping us. This mission, for the transformation of Miraba, cannot be accomplished now … without you.”

“I’m deeply touched by this,” said Ana, “and thankful.”

“It’s strange,” said Cobi, “although this is so dangerous I feel peaceful and strong.”

“Are we the only ones of our kind?” Ana looked puzzled.

“No,” replied Pheledra, “there are reptilians of positive polarity like you, but well on their way to ascension. I know some in the galaxy from which I originated. You are not yet quite ready for fifth density – but you will be over time.”

“What should we do about this?” asked Cobi.

“When we have completed our mission here, I will return to my galaxy and eventually go back into fifth density. I propose that when this is over, you travel with me and I will introduce you to some reptilians residing in fourth density, much like yourselves. They are of positive polarity but not very different from you – physically or mentally – just positive beings just as you are now becoming. You can remain with them or make some other decision, if you wish.”

“Would we ever see you again?” asked Ana.

“Oh yes, I promise. I can visit you in fourth density or downstep further into third density but I cannot live there. Sometimes recently … I wish I could.”

While she continued talking, she secretly thought of the wonderful and courageous beings that had kindled her love. She thought of Biltar and her undeniable feelings for him. Perhaps it was because she missed Helaah so much. In one reckless moment, she had even thought of giving up her evolutionary status in fifth density to be with Biltar, if he wanted it too … but she knew it never could be. It was just a fantasy due to incompleteness and loneliness. Time would take care of that too. She knew it intellectually … but her feelings … the longing of her desire …

“Fourth density is only a temporary pilgrimage – like this mission,” she said, “there will be other times, other missions, and I’ll visit you then.”

“Thank you so much, Pheledra,” said Cobi, “I’m feeling much better knowing I’ll be with Ana in this new adventure. Even though it’s so scary.”

“Sure it’s scary,” said Ana, “but we can’t deny what we’ve seen and experienced. I know we’ve only touched the surface of what’s there and I intend to embrace more of it all of it.”

“Me too,” Cobi agreed.

“When you two leave the Firefly on this mission, you’ll take Biltar with you. It would be a good idea for you to head to Tarsenay or Avengarone rather than go directly to Miraba. It would look bad if you left the Firefly and went directly down to the planet. The Council might intervene and stop you. But you are doing this strictly on your own. I am not persuading you nor ordering you to go. Do you agree with that?”

“Absolutely,” said Ana, “we’re doing this because we want to. After learning the details of the plan and the purpose behind it, I’m very motivated and I’m sure Cobi is too.”

Cobi nodded. “This is the wild sort of thing we always wanted to do, but never got the chance.”

“That’s an understatement,” said Ana.

“Good,” Pheledra nodded. “Distributing the devices to these five places will be instrumental in bringing a happy future to all Mirabans and it will forever connect you to them because you will somewhat make up for the millenia of tyrannical control your people held over Miraba.”

“Maybe, in the future, the Mirabans won’t hate us so much,” said Cobi.

Pheledra smiled. “When they become informed that the Kultaki have been behind their manipulation, not only will they remember how brutal and uncaring their masters were, but they’ll also remember that two beautiful Kultaki women risked everything to heal the wounds and give them hope. They will tell their children.”

“What kind of effect will our discovery of these higher vibrations have on Miraba?” asked Ana.

“Your intervention will, in the long run, soften the feelings of the Mirabans and aid in their recovery from resentment. As I said, there are many reptilian races in the universe that are not of negative polarity and, as the Mirabans transcend into fifth density and expand space travel, they will come into contact with them. They need to know from the beginning that not all reptilians desire control and exploitation. After all, the control exerted by your people was only possible in the first place due to the Mirabans’ own abdication of their own personal responsibility. The learning of this lesson will be a big step. As they begin this ascension they will learn that resentment is never justified. They will learn to always be diligent and never allow others to decide their destiny – and they will learn to be discerning of others – and themselves.”

Cobi was amazed. “So our changing over will aid in their evolution?”

“Oh yes,” said Pheledra, “more than you realize. So how will you proceed?”

“We’ll head out for Tarsenay,” said Ana, “we’ll hole up for a short while, then sneak down to Miraba with Biltar, get the devices and go distribute them.”

“How much contact should we have with the Mirabans during the distribution?” asked Cobi.

“As much as possible,” replied Pheledra, “I think it would be good to develop a trust and camaraderie with Biltar so the three of you can work as a team and show the Mirabans the coordination possible between folks of diverse genetics. That in itself will demonstrate the evolutionary attitude they must develop as they come into contact with other celestial peoples that are so different from themselves. It will lessen their fear and pave the way for future alliances.”

“The impact of this will go far beyond the mere distribution of the new technology,” said Ana, “it is great beyond anything I ever imagined and I want to give myself to it completely.”

“I also,” said Cobi.

“Okay,” said Pheledra, “in the meantime, I will rescue Boots and Orange and take Nelyani and Nahvar home to Miraba in a way that insures their safety.”

“Will Boots and Orange be okay?” asked Ana.

“I don’t know,” replied Pheledra, “they’ve been stuck down there a long time. I’m in sporadic telepathic contact. They’re still alive but Boots is very sick. He needs treatment quickly.”

“Is there anything else we need to know?” asked Ana.

“Yes,” replied Pheledra. “I have some additional discs for you to interface … just a moment … Fabby tells me Ambassador Lance wants to speak with Cobi and Ana over the communicator!”

“Oh no!” said Cobi, “I wonder … oh … I think I probably know.”

Pheledra turned on the monitor. After a moment, Ambassador Lance appeared. He looked very relaxed and wore a new tan cap on his head. “Cobi! Cobi and Ana! I’m so glad you two are alive and well. You got out just in time, didn’t you. In fact, you left ahead of time. Of course, I know why. You were running out on me! You thought I might … hurt you.” Ambassador Lance shook his head. “Why would I ever want to hurt you? After all the laughs and good times we had? Of course … whenever someone betrays their own people … turns their back on their heritage … steals expensive equipment! You know girls, I could overlook all that now, if you’d just bring the scout craft on back and we could just sit down and have a little talk, just like old times. Ana! I have some technology downloaded to regrow your arm. I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson. We could go back to the way things were. How about it?”

Ana looked intently at the monitor. “There’s something you don’t understand, Lance. Since I opened to natural telepathy, I’m a new person. I see things a different way. Lance … I touched the soul of other beings. I found out that there is no need for secrecy. There is no need for deception. There is no need for fear. I’ve found love. Real love.”

“Ana, Cobi, you know I love both of you. Why, I’ll get rid of those other two girls right away. They were only temporary. I want you back. We had great sex together, didn’t we?”

“Oh sure, Lance,” said Cobi, “but we were young and naive. Since then, Ana and I have learned a lot more about how the universe works. We have each other and a new life. We don’t need you. And we have new friends and a new perspective that excites us beyond anything you have to offer.”

“What?” Lance was livid. “You get back here right now and bring back my scout craft! If you don’t, I’ll inform the Council of your theft and they’ll force you to give it back!”

Ana and Cobi looked at each other for a moment. Then Ana turned back to face Lance. “Give us a few moments and we’ll get back with you, okay?”

“Sure Ana,” Lance replied, “I’ll end the communication and call you back in, shall we say, five zerons?”

““That’ll be fine,” said Ana.

The screen went blank. Cobi was agitated. “Pheledra, what shall we do!?”

Pheledra thought for a moment. “At some point, you’ll have to give the scout craft back. If Lance brings the Council in on it, they’ll demand it. There’s something else that you should consider – Lance may still try to kill you.”

“That’s right,” said Cobi.

Cobi hadn’t wanted to consider it but knew it was true. She looked at Ana who was already looking at her. A slight ripple of deep purple and dark blue passed across their faces.

Pheledra continued. “He now considers you to be a traitor and a security risk since you and Ana know proprietary secrets. He may not want them to fall into the hands of others. He probably doesn’t understand that we really don’t care.”

“You’re right,” said Ana. She closed her eyes for a moment. “How long would it take him to put in another formal complaint with the Council?”

“Not very long,” said Pheledra, “but I don’t think he’ll do that. He doesn’t want the scrutiny of the Council upon his deeds.”

“We’ll give it back to him when we’re finished with it,” said Ana.

“If you keep that intention,” said Pheledra, “the Council will know and not be too concerned if Lance happens to complain. But I don’t think he will.”

“How do we get out of here without Lance following our every move?” asked Cobi.

“Hologram technology,” replied Ana, “we’ll create a diversion to give us time to escape to Tarsenay and go on to complete the mission.”

“How good are those holograms?” asked Pheledra.

“Very realistic,” said Cobi, “of course, when he checks with his instruments he’ll know immediately we’re trying to fool him – but it might give us enough time to disguise where we’re actually going.”

Ana nodded in agreement. “May we receive the rest of those downloads now?”

“Absolutely,” replied Pheledra. She handed them the head pieces and inserted new discs into the psychotronic adjuvant. “I’m going to set up a bit of a delay for Lance so I’ll have time to talk with everyone about what’s happening.”

Pheledra typed a message.

Pheledra and crew are in an important meeting and unavailable.

A few moments later, Fabby’s voice came over the communicator. “Ambassador Lance is trying to reach us.”

“I’m giving him a delay message,” said Pheledra, “what’s going on down there?”

“Biltar and Nahvar have finished Protoron treatment and I’ve updated them. Biltar has just received the download and is very excited to get going.”

“Good. What I want to do now, Fabby, is assemble everyone up here in five zerons. There are new developments and we all need to talk.”

CONTINUE: 43) Connectedness


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