40) New Tensions

A brilliant light swallowed them. When it subsided, Pheledra was back on the observation deck of the Firefly along with Fabby, Wave, Ana and Cobi. They all just stared at one another for a moment.Pheledra broke the tension. “Fabby, check on our Miraban guests and bring up a nice meal of fruit and protein bars. Meanwhile, we’ll stand around and chat. Wave, could you get us all something to drink?”

“All right,” said Wave as Fabby nodded and went down the hatch.

“I had a terrible flashback when I saw Lance again,” said Ana, “not only did I momentarily relive the horror and pain but remembered everything, even a few positive moments during those ages of bondage. Now, I have tasted freedom and could never go back, even though the future is so uncertain.”

“Lance is isolated and doesn’t even know it,” said Cobi. “What a lonely place to be – never opening up to another soul.”

“He’s just playing a game,” said Wave, as he poured the cold geyser water. “He has his own inner satisfaction, I’m sure.”

“Power and control over others is what he lives for,” said Pheledra, “he will always find someone to dominate. That is the essence of negative spiritual polarity.”

“He’s already replaced us,” said Ana, “we, like all his relationships, were nothing but meat to him.”

“Well,” said Wave as he set the water pitcher down, “isn’t self-interest a part of every relationship?”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “a part of every relationship – but when it is out of balance it hurts and damages others.”

Thoughts of her love for Helaah came into her mind but she dared not entertain them.

“I can testify to that.” Ana said, holding up her bandaged stub.

“Well…” added Wave, “apparently he seeks balance by using his own set of scales – ha ha. No pun intended.”

Pheledra smiled a little. “Yes, Wave, that’s the problem. The certainty of Universal Law is well beyond his reach because he chose to stop short. He continually swims in the low vibrations of instant self-gratification and believes he has reached the pinnacle of all life.”

“I don’t understand any of this,” said Cobishandra, “all I know is that I want to love and be loved in return.”

“That is a very open and genuine thing to say, Cobi,” Ana said softly.

“Yes,” replied Pheledra, “that is the deep inner longing of every entity regardless of genetics or polarity. In this regard, we’re all in the same.”

Cobishandra looked at Anadia. “I don’t know what I’m becoming but I love Ana. She is the best part of everything I want to be. My love for her is becoming a new life. There is no denying that it is a scary new life that I don’t understand – but this love is stronger than fear, Pheledra. Now that I’ve met you and your crew, I am much more at ease. Ana touched your soul and it changed her life. For the first time, after ages of being together but apart, she and I touched souls also. Please tell us what you need and we will do it.”

“Yes,” said Ana, “that’s why we’re here.”

Pheledra was deeply moved as she looked upon the two Kultaki women and slowly nodded twice.

“What are you thinking, Pheledra!?” Wave was adamant. “You cannot allow them to complete your mission. They’re not even lightworkers and they come from negative polarity!”

“I’m thinking,” said Pheledra, “that the most important thing is for Miraba to have those energy devices and the Council won’t allow me to do it.”

“Pheledra!” Wave insisted, “these two will betray you as soon as a better deal comes along! What are you thinking? Have you gone mad?”

She looked intently at the two women and said softly, “No Wave … you are wrong … this is what Aramanda spoke of. Yes, it is peculiar. It is strange. But my spirit confirms it. There’s a big yes inside me, Wave. The judgement of the Council was correct. I do not deserve to finish this mission because my self-interest has indeed disqualified me. My pride overshadowed my reason – and I did not listen to you nor to Fabby. That was wrong and foolish – and I apologize. But … I cannot ignore this synchronicity. I have no idea how it will turn out … but I’m going with it, Wave. What you do is your own decision. I need you, if you can still work with me. But … if you can’t … I understand. It’s not your fault but mine.”

Wave didn’t respond. He sat down at the big conference table and held his head.

“Pheledra, Pheledra, I’m all better!” Nelyani’s voice resounded even before she bounded up through the hatch.

“Oh Nel, I’m so glad to see you,” said Pheledra, as she gave Nel a big hug. “I want you to meet some friends.”

“Hello,” said Nelyani. She was a more than a little surprised when she saw Ana and Cobi and gasped.

Ana extended her good hand with a warm greeting. “Hello Nel, my name is Anadia, this is Cobishandra.”

Nelyani shook hands a little reluctantly. She glanced at Ana’s bandaged stub and then turned to Pheledra. “Who are they?”

“These are two very special Kultaki women, Nel. They have decided to help with the mission. A lot has been happening while you were healing in the Protoron. Our plans have changed – but everything’s okay – oh, and that’s our good friend and companion Nestingwave.”

“Hello, Nel,” said Wave rising from the table. “It’s wonderful to finally see you healed.” Wave came over and shook her hand.

“I feel like I already know you,” said Nelyani, “Pheledra talked so much about you and Fabby – he’s on his way up with some food!”

Just then, Fabby came through the hatch with a large tray of fruit and protein bars.

“Let’s all sit at the large table to eat,” said Pheledra.

She sat at the head of the big conference table. Nel sat on her right, Cobi and Ana on her left. Fabby sat next to Nel and Wave beside Ana. Fabby passed the tray and everyone ate.

Inky sensed tension as he hopped down to use the cat box. Ginger licked the fur on her belly and stared at the hatchway, hoping Boots would come bounding through. He didn’t, so she went back to her bath. Inky rejoined her and they curled up together.

Nel got up from the table and went over to the two cats. “This must be Inky and Ginger! They’re beautiful!” She gently stroked them as they purred.

“That’s them, Nel.” said Pheledra, “they miss Boots. He’s still down on Miraba and we’ll have to go find him – and Orange.”

“We’ll go get them,” said Cobi.

“No, Cobi,” said Pheledra, “there is another task for you. The Council is allowing me to recover Boots and Orange and return the Mirabans – but there is something of very great importance for you to do.”

Wave quickly got up from the table. “If you will all excuse me, I need to put the finishing touches on a disabled droid.”

“Nice to meet you, Wave,” said Cobi, as Wave went down through the hatch.

“He seems upset,” said Ana, “he appears to be undergoing an inner conflict. I’m sorry if we’re the cause of it.”

“No, Ana,” said Pheledra, “Wave must learn to accept things and stay flexible. He’s confused at the moment.”

“I’m going to check on Biltar and Nahvar,” said Fabby, “I need to talk to them and break things to them gently when they come around. Please excuse me.”

Everyone bid him farewell as he slipped down the hatch.

“What do you want us to do, Pheledra?” asked Ana.

Pheledra went over to the central console and pulled out a disc. “I want you and Cobi to download this information and become familiar with it. It is the mission that must be completed. It will insure the evolution of Miraba as it awakens from bondage. Your people have had an ongoing relationship with Miraba for a long time – but – have you ever thought about what the Mirabans have gone through?”

Cobi spoke up. “We always looked upon the Mirabans as … playthings. We were taught that they were inferior and barely conscious. Our people looked upon Miraba as nothing more than a big hunting preserve and an opportunity to experiment with living beings to find their potentials and limitations. I never met any Mirabans until now. Ana and I were somewhat isolated. All our duties revolved around the person of Lance. We were his concubines, spokespersons and hostesses for his social life. We’re pretty good at that but we’ve never done anything adventurous. I’m pretty scared of dangerous activities.”

“I’m the same,” said Ana, “but our scout ship is loaded with technology way beyond your own – and we know how to use it. It will be far less dangerous for us than for you. Let’s download that information.”

Pheledra gave them each a headpiece and slipped the disc into the psychotronic adjuvant.

Nel looked up from petting the cats. “These last few days seem like a dream. I can hardly wait to see what happens next!”

Down in the workshop, Wave tightened up the last bolt on Violet with a torque wrench. All he needed to do now was turn her on. He hesitated. This has gone too far. I’m going to take care of my own interests for a change.

He shut both eyes and visualized a black flag with a solid red circle in the center.

CONTINUE: 41) Boots and Orange


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