4) The Kultaki

Far away on the Firefly, Nestingwave was seated at his console. Pheledra saw him concentrating intently on the monitor.”What’s up?” she asked.

“There’s a ship out ahead of us. They want to communicate.”

“Who is it?”

“I’m getting it … just a micron … Kultaki … asking who we are. They wish to meet with us and exchange gifts according to the custom.”

“Okay, but the three of us need to discuss some things first. How long before we’re close enough for them to come aboard?”

“About ninety five zerons.”

“Fine. We’ll greet them on the observation deck. Fabby, are the lower decks completely sealed off?”

“Yes, and the droids are on guard. They’ll alert us to any activity down there.”

Pheledra unstrapped her weapons and secured them while Nestingwave sent an invitation to the Kultaki. Fabby made one last check and the three ascended to the observation deck.

The three cats huddled together in expectation. No one was purring or licking. Boots was still nervous from his encounter with the roach slime and clung tightly onto Inky’s neck.

Pheledra, Nestingwave and Fabby sat around the conference table. Pheledra took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes for meditation. The others followed. After ten zerons, they returned to normal consciousness.

“The time has come for us to discuss this mission,” she said, as she held up two discs.

“Download this information from the Psychotronic Adjuvant and we’ll confer. This is the exterior data only. The additional information I have retrieved from the Akashic record is far from complete and I’ll have to glean more over time. Also, there is information from Aramanda which I must share with you.”

Wave and Fabby put on their headpieces and had the download in twelve zerons.

“Wow,” said Wave, “That’s a whole lot of material and I’m not sure I understand it.”

Fabby nodded. “It will certainly require sorting and analysis to determine what’s useful for the mission and what isn’t. That’s why we must contemplate, discuss and share among ourselves as the mission unfolds.”

“Right,” Pheledra agreed. “It’ll take constant coordination in order to determine the best focus.”

“Well,” said Wave, “I now speak three Miraban languages fluently. Fabby, how many did you get?”

“All 237.”

Wave’s jaw dropped in surprise and he said under his breath. “Well … that’s what them built in cyberchips will do for ya.”

“There will be more information for you to download later,” said Pheledra, “but this is a good start. The Kultaki who are about to visit us have carried on a relationship with Miraba for quite some time. Their activities of exploitation and control have been exceedingly reckless and have stretched the limits of the Council’s allowance. We must be aware of all the implications before we meet with them. Let’s review and talk.”

Pheledra looked at Fabby and said, “Help us recall Miraba’s history from the exterior perspective.”

Fabby closed his eyes for a moment while he accessed his new download.

“The indigenous peoples of Miraba advanced normally in tribal diversity until the exiles came. In a far off star system, those exiles had been genetically altered into aggressive warriors to protect their master overlords. The overlords had unwisely tinkered with their own genetics, removing their ability to fight and defend themselves against predators.”

“Probably a blissful way to live,” said Wave, “but with a terrible price.”

“Exactly.” said Fabby. “The genetically altered warriors rose up against their masters and killed them. Afterward, they began to fight among themselves and eventually destroyed their own planet. The survivors escaped in spaceships and became wandering pirates for millenia. Finally, a balanced and wise race subdued and captured them. Rather than exterminate them, the wise race had compassion. They exiled the genetically altered warriors out on the edge of the Anadine galaxy … on planet Miraba. All memory of their past was erased. They were placed on Miraba with no technology. This was done so that they would learn survival and harmony with the laws of Creation by direct experience and through contact with the indigenous peoples who had already achieved a remarkable harmony and balance with their environment. Unfortunately, many of the aggressive exiles attacked the indigenous peoples and almost wiped them out. Others interbred.”

Wave interrupted. “To what extent are today’s human inhabitants on Miraba genetically effected?”

“Everyone,” answered Fabby. “However, it is a matter of degree depending upon the self-realization of each individual. Genetics affect consciousness and consciousness affects genetics, a difficult binary to neutralize.”

“But well worth the effort,” said Wave.

Pheledra nodded in agreement. “Such balance assures spiritual growth. Fabby, give us your interpretation of the Kultaki involvement with Miraba.”

“Okay. The Kultaki originated in another galaxy and time configuration. Of all the reptilian races, they have the most mammalian genetics. The majority of their reptilian genes are those which influence their higher mental functionings. They originally traveled through a worm hole into the Anadine Galaxy, like we did, and soon found resonance with the exiles. They desired the resources of Miraba, an unclaimed planet due to the cosmic immaturity of the inhabitants. The Kultaki created a strong control paradigm to influence the mental processes of the planet. They invented totalitarian religions and political systems, introducing their own genes into the leadership at the top of the hierarchies. Today, in addition to plundering the resources of the planet, they entertain themselves by experimenting with the dissolution and creation of reality itself through social engineering, cultural programming, propaganda and mind control on a massive scale. They are highly intelligent and technologically advanced fourth density beings who normally remain invisible to the third density inhabitants of Miraba. Occasionally, however, they downstep into third density as various types of phenomena. The most advanced among them are shapeshifters. They sometimes appear in person to Mirabans at the top of the political, religious, and socio-economic structures. They rule by secrecy, lies and deception.”

“In fact,” said Pheledra, “according to the Akashic record, the Mirabans are often looked upon as nothing more than an astral food supply. These Kultaki put on a very elegant act but in reality they are parasitic vampires who feast upon the intense emotional energies generated by fear, terror, hatred, pain, and despair. They find it easy to use the warrior exiles to generate these ‘tasty meals’ and many of the exiles themselves have developed a similar appetite, especially those who have allowed themselves to be deceived by believing and accepting the lies.”

Fabby nodded in agreement. “Evidently, their lawlessness and separation from reality brought a blindness upon the various Miraban political leaderships which renders them unwilling to see the ecological damage they are inflicting upon the planet and all her species, including themselves. Of course there’s much more.”

“Yep,” Wave replied, “we all got some reptilian genes. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any defense mechanism at all. Fight or flight is the name of the game when it comes to physical survival. Aggression is sometimes called for … but damn, there’s gotta be balance.”

“That’s right,” said Pheledra, “I’ll tell you something I found in the Akashic Record of Miraba. The Kultaki have been reprimanded many times by the Anadine Galactic Council but were not stopped from their activities for two reasons. First, the genetically altered people, awed by the brilliant technology of the Kultaki, willfully asked them for contact and second, the Council knows that both the genetically altered people and the Kultaki could learn many positive lessons from one another for the sake of mutual evolution. Of course, most of the Kultaki laugh at the idea that they could learn anything from such primitive beings. But not all of them laugh. The reptilian races are the oldest in the known universe. The old races have survived because there have always been some who learned the lessons. If the lessons are not learned, and learned soon on Miraba … it will be no more.”

“That’s serious,” said Wave. “Pheledra, what are we supposed to do?”

“Our specific mission, as imparted to me by Aramanda, is to help maintain the balance of power by offering a slight nudge to those who are overcoming self destructive attitudes and now stand on the brink of discovering hyperdimensional physics. Such knowledge will aid in the next step of Miraba’s evolution: ascension into fifth density. This is a very unusual evolutionary leap. From third to fifth density in a short period of time. It is happening due to cosmic circumstances that are opening a window of opportunity for self-awakening. Our contact is a pioneering physicist named Biltar ap Dyn. He has invented a simple device that draws energy directly from the Universal Matrix. The application of this technology has been hindered by the control paradigm on Miraba.”

“How far are we allowed to go?” asked Wave.

“Our goal is to intervene as little as possible and never under any circumstances violate the free will of another. If Miraba is to be saved, the inhabitants will do it themselves. Likewise, if she is destroyed it will be the natural consequences of their own actions. We’re not here to save Miraba, only to serve and bless in accordance with the openness of the inhabitants … and always demonstrate the Universal Laws through our actions.”

“When did celestial contact begin on Miraba?” asked Fabby.

“Limited contact began ages ago,” replied Pheledra. “Over the millenia it has sometimes been more, sometimes less. In the last 200 annoms, Miraba has undergone technological progress which far outstrips her spiritual progress. This increases the danger of self annihilation. However, the stress itself caused many to open up their consciousness rather than fall into despair. Gradually, the trickle became a stream, the stream became a river and it has now reached the point where the river may well become a torrent. The progress can be measured by those becoming telepathic, a sure indicator of fourth density unfolding – growing numbers longing for a new paradigm – coming to the realization that true freedom requires personal responsibility – calling out for understanding and direction. Among those, our contact, Biltar ap Dyn.”

Nestingwave got up to stretch his legs and walk around a bit. “What more can you tell us about this Biltar fellow?”

“I am already in telepathic contact with him in his dreams. Some very advanced spiritual entities are there also and have been for some time. Biltar is a physicist, an electromagnetic engineer with vision and pure intention. His soul suffers because he does not yet fully understand what is happening to him. He experienced personal loss and a strong feeling of not belonging upon the planet of forgetfulness but he learned his truth and chose to act unselfishly for the highest good of all. It is hoped that his unique gift and understanding of hyperdimensional physics will spread like many seeds … seeds of healing … seeds of reparation for Miraba.”

Wave sat back down and began to stretch his arms. “What happens if the knowledge of hyperdimensional physics is improperly applied? How do we insure that it won’t get into the wrong hands?”

Fabby answered. “Of course, improperly applied hyperdimensional physics would mean the quick end of Miraba and all its inhabitants. There’s always great danger and risk on the frontiers of knowledge. However, I believe that the very discipline and focus of learning hyperdimensional physics carries with it an epiphany which changes the seeker. In order to learn the geometry of reality, one must first know the geometry of one’s self. Self knowledge is the prerequisite for any knowledge whatsoever. Expanded consciousness of such a vast and overwhelming intimacy then precludes willful hurt of any kind.”

“In theory that’s correct,” said Pheledra, “but in practice it’s still possible for a toddler to stick his head into the barrel of a cannon and pull the trigger … and that’s why we must proceed with the utmost caution.”

She looked intently at each of them in turn. “Even though we check it three ways we could still make a disasterous mistake. It would be a terrible and sorrowful price to pay but with teamwork the risk is minimal and well worth it, considering the great benefits for all concerned.”

“I agree completely” said Wave.

Fabby nodded. “Likewise.”

They sat in sober silence for a while contemplating the immense weight of the mission. Finally, Pheledra spoke up. “Well, now we need to decide what gift to bestow upon our Kultaki guests when they arrive.”

“Here’s one suggestion,” Wave said. “Why don’t I grow a large Galvernian crystal in the replicator, perhaps a pale blue one to help calm the psyche of our guests. Such an item of natural art … ah, … priceless in this end of the universe … would be very impressive to them.”

“Great idea, Wave!” said Fabby. Pheledra nodded in agreement. “I think you hit on just the right thing, Wave. That ought to thrill their consumer minds! We’ll present it to them on a velvet pillow. I’ll quickly clean and refurbish the one Boots used to sleep on. Lately, he prefers the comfort of a regular pillow to the stiff royalty of velvet.”

As they got up to attend to their preparations, Fabby remarked, “We should remember that the Kultaki enjoy a lot of pomp and circumstance, formality, and ego stroking, so be prepared to endure it, so as not to be unnecessarily offensive to them.”

“Oh, and another thing,” said Pheledra, “although our purpose is no secret and they’ll know about it anyway, let’s keep our conversation concerning the mission to a minimum and do more listening than talking.”

“Right,” said Wave.

Fabby nodded and everyone went to prepare for the guests.

CONTINUE: 5) His Pestilency


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