39) Galactic Judgement

Wave materialized back on the Firefly. He was amazed at himself for not feeling guilty about his encounter with Petuva. To be honest with himself, he liked her. He even felt a little calmer about his role in the destruction of the Kultaki starship. He really had no idea that his actions would cause such a catastrophe. Lance had really been very generous in his attitude.  He must realize that I really had no murderous intentions nor hatred toward the Kultaki, Wave reasoned with himself, it was a mistake … a mistake that had unforseen results.

Still, he couldn’t shake off the gnawing within.

He slid down to the control deck to check on the Droids and had just started back up to the observation dome when he heard the voice booming in his head.

We, the Anadine Galactic Council, now summon Nestingwave.

He found himself in the waiting room with the others and managed a slight smile as he saw Fabby give him a thumbs up.

A few moments later, a young lady came to escort him before the Council. As the door closed behind, Pheledra closed her eyes and yearned for communication, seeking him desperately with her consciousness. He was no where to be found. She ached with sadness.

After awhile, Lance materialized across from them having been summoned. He was in full Ambassadorial attire and sat in the chair opposite Fabby, lightly tapping his staff twice upon the floor.

“Hello there,” he said softly as his red eyes moved across them. Fabby smiled, Pheledra was occupied, Cobishandra quickly looked away and Anadia boldly looked him straight in the eye, challenging him to a staring contest.

No one spoke.

After some time, the voice of the Council resounded within them.

We have heard individual testimony and will now bring all parties together for final arguments and the revelation of the judgement imposed by the wisdom of the Anadine Galactic Council.

Five young women entered from side doors and escorted them into the Hall of Judgement. Wave was already there and looked sad and conflicted. They sat around a huge table while the Council looked on from the gallery and the voice spoke in their minds.

There was kindness in the voice. Each word and sentence was delivered in crystal clarity, giving pause for thought, emotional feeling and contemplation.

We have heard each individual perspective in this case. Everyone has voiced their opinions. Truth and untruth are found in all. To strike a meaningful balance, we must synthesize. All are now free to speak at any time. Restraint will be up to each individual. Questions may be asked. Your prompt responses appreciated.

Ambassador Felance, what was your motivation in sending the astral roach to the Firefly?

The Ambassador cleared his throat. “The ‘astral roach’, as you refer to it, was a gift to celebrate our historic encounter.”

“That is a lie!” shouted Cobishandra, mustering all her courage. “The Ambassador wanted to hinder Pheledra’s mission. Anadia and I personally heard Ambassador Felance talk of this many times.”

Pheledra spoke up. “There is no doubt in my mind. Ambassador Felance wanted to stop my mission at all costs.”

The Ambassador shook his head. “That is ridiculous. We already knew of the coming cataclysm. Our power base was doomed anyway. Exchanging gifts is a common practice between alien cultures. I gave her a priceless gift, accomplishment in overcoming. I was sure she would have no real problem with it. She is not only smart but wise – well able to handle that little bug. It was a gift of love … and great sport too.”

“It scared us plenty,” said Wave, “and I wanted to get rid of it quick. It put me under – wiped out my memory. The damn thing was dangerous. Sure, I got rid of it … but … I did it in the wrong way. It caused the Kultaki starship to explode and kill so many beings. I feel guilt for this. I know I’m somewhat responsible. I certainly never intended for such a thing to happen. I … I’ve gotten to know some of the Kultaki … and I am so sorry.”

“Look,” said Fabby pointing to himself. “I am a friend of this man Wave. He is not solely responsible for this. Pheledra and I are equally guilty because we assented. We did not object to Wave’s idea. We bear equal responsibility with him. But none of us should be called into account for it because the Ambassador’s distorted gift was well beyond our capability to handle and he knew it. Through a supreme effort of cooperation, teamwork and sheer luck, we were able to return it, believing he knew how to destroy it. I personally feel no guilt at all. We were trying to save our lives.”

Anadia blazed out of her seat. “And now you shall hear from me!” She pointed directly at Lance with the stub of her left arm, still oozing through the bandage. “This Ambassador Felance enslaved and sexually abused Cobi and myself for hundreds of annoms. Then he stuck my arm into a meat grinder and tried to torture me to death. Cobi, my friend, objected and saved me by taking one of our scout ships so that we could escape with our lives. He is a twisted fiend who betrays his own kind. He should be sanctioned!”

Order! Order! We are not here to review personality disputes. We remind you that the purpose of this hearing is the destruction of the Kultaki starship. This is our sole purpose. If you have other problems, work them out. We are the Anadine Galactic Council – we only respond to formal complaints of merit.

Everyone fell silent. A few moments passed and when no one else spoke, the voice of the Council resounded.

And here is our judgement: All rise.

Everyone got to their feet silently.

Ambassador Felance, we are very sorry for the destruction of your starship and the thousands of deaths it caused. Had everyone been a bit more prudent, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

Ambassador Felance, why would you bring such a reckless gift? But it was not a gift at all but a weapon. A weapon with which you intended to do harm. You are hereby prohibited from extending your influence to planet Miraba. We suggest that you move elsewhere. Your intentions were untruthful. Therefore, Pheledra has a measure of power over you.

Pheledra, you were not being careful. You played games with the negative polarity and thereby violated the Cosmic edicts. You play-acted to get your own way and encouraged others to do the same. You used deception to gain an advantage, exactly like Ambassador Felance. This demonstrates a lack of trust in your inner light. Perhaps what is happening at this most present moment is the consequence of that lack of faith and trust. Your decisions were flawed because there was a far better way for you had you resorted to logic instead of emotional expediency. A way which would have prevented this whole tragedy.

You should have simply told Ambassador Felance the truth. He would have gladly helped you dispose of the roach. You should have reminded him of his lawful obligation to never initiate conflict with positive polarities. Such a reprimand would have been sufficient to bring Ambassador Felance to his senses. He would have helped you and the roach would have been dissolved before it grew out of control because of feasting on the Firefly’s tachyon energy.

In addition, Pheledra, you are irresponsible for coming into the Anadine Galaxy with a method of propulsion that is a mystery to you. This is dangerous for you and for other beings.

Pheledra, in view of all this, Ambassador Felance has a measure of power over you. You are hereby prohibited from completing your mission on Miraba as a lightworker. You may go to Miraba for the sake of picking up the members of your crew who are stranded there. Also, the Mirabans now on board your ship must be returned to Miraba when it is safe to do so. After you have done that, you may never again fly to Miraba and you may not order any one else to go there, including your machines. We advise you to leave. Understand that you and Ambassador Felance have opened to each other’s influence and created karma with which we will not interfere. You, Pheledra and you, Ambassador Felance, brought it on yourselves. You are responsible for your own actions and must own up to the consequences, whatever they may be. So, the Council will let it stand where it is.

This concludes the wise judgements of the Anadine Galactic Council.

CONTINUE: 40) New Tensions


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