38) Friendly Persuasion

“Well, hello, Wave! Did you and Petuva have a good time?” The Ambassador smiled as Petuva and Wave entered his chambers. He and Ranilla were stretched out on a couch but he got to his feet and came over to Wave. “Go ahead and sit down, Wave.”The Ambassador looked at Ranilla and then Petuva. “You girls leave us alone for a little while – go play with yourselves or something.”

The two girls left while the Ambassador sat himself in a chair across from Wave.

“I really do have to be going now,” said Wave, “the Council …”

“Look out that window,” said the Ambassador, nodding toward an oval shaped viewing glass of space, “do you see anything moving?”

“No …”

“Well, that’s because we are all in a speed up. All this is happening in a fraction of a micron, Wave. The Council won’t be calling you for quite a while.” He chuckled dryly. “We have plenty of time to chat.”

Wave looked out the window. Indeed, nothing was moving at all. Usually, there was some sense of motion from the relationship between the ship and other ships as well as planets and moons, but now everything seemed to be frozen in place, standing still.

“It looks like you really have sped up time,” Wave said, “I hope you don’t think you can influence me … I mean … because of Petuva … I …”

“She’s good, isn’t she? I’ll bet she turned your head around a few times!”

“Well … frankly … yes, she’s incredible.”

The Ambassador laughed. “Wave, you and I have a lot in common. Even more than that beautiful girl. Ah … can’t get her out of my mind myself. Firey … hot … you know what I mean.”

“Yes … but …”

“Wave, I really want to know something that only you can tell me.”

“What’s that?”

“What’s happening to Pheledra? Has she gone bonkers?”

“I dunno. She’s acting snooty, like she knows it all. It’s making her irresponsible.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. But it happens. Give some people a little power and, well … you know.”

“Lance, I’m really sorry for what happened to your starship. It was my idea to dispense the roach back to you. I … I do feel somewhat responsible.”

“Oh, Wave, forget it! No need for guilt. It was just as much my fault as it was yours. I should have known better than to allow you to toss it back to us. Like Pheledra, I guess I was a bit arrogant … and it wrought disaster.”

Lance’s contenance grew more serious. “My superior would like to see me do something to make the situation better. I thought I’d try a new method. Something that would help the people of Miraba who are now in such a chaotic state. This mind machine enables me to gently persuade. No force, no coercion, no fear inducing violence. Just logical planning and a consensus of opinion.”

“Are you trying to regain control?”

“Oh no, Wave, I’ve seen the light on that! Now I understand that the best way is not to … control, but to guide. I wish to offer my services to guide the good folks of Miraba back into some kind of order.”

“Really? I guess it’s pretty traumatic to suffer the great personal loss you’ve experienced.”

“Oh, yes. Not only did my starship blow up, but Cobishandra took Anadia and ran out on me. I was overly … shall we say … harsh. I disciplined Anadia in the Old Way. I would have gladly taken her back and even downloaded the technology to regrow her arm, but Cobi came into the picture and now they’re both traitors. It really hurts to have those you love turn against you.”

“Yes,” said Wave, “Pheledra, Fabby and I used to have a wonderful relationship, but now all that seems to be gone. Somehow … trust is gone.”

“You feel guilty … don’t you Wave?”

“Yes … a little, because after all, it was my idea to dispense that roach back into your ship.”

The Ambassador gazed thoughtfully through the viewing window out into space. “You know, Wave, we have incredible technology. We can even change a person’s genetics to, ah, balance them out a little. Make them happier … more confident. I could have my specialists give you a little treatment that would bolster you right up. No more guilt. No more uncertainty. That’s your problem, Wave, you need to enjoy life more, assert yourself more, achieve more. No more self-loathing, guilt or shame – just confidence, discipline and personal power. Empowerment leads to concrete accomplishment, you know. You have so much potential. I can help you if you want me to.”

“Well, I know that reptilian genes are necessary, and that balance is good. I’ve always thought of myself as being quite balanced but lately … I wonder.”

“Well, just think about it. I want you to know that I’m here to help you if you need me.”

“Okay. Listen, I’d better be getting back don’t you think?”

“Oh, we have plenty of time. I’d like to ask you something before you go.”

“Go ahead.”

“What is your understanding of spiritual polarities? Does anyone ever switch sides … really?”

“That’s a good question, Lance. Anadia really does seem to be switching polarity. I’m skeptical, though. I don’t see how a fourth density person who has already made their spiritual decision in third density can suddenly up and switch. I guess, if a person wills hard enough to do so, they can … but I don’t know about Anadia. Certainly not Cobishandra.”

“It puzzles me. There are many things that are mysterious to us as well. We have a lot to offer as far as wisdom is concerned. But not too many people are willing to learn anything from us. Not like you. You are the exception. I’m really amazed at your intelligence and foresight … and openness. You’re so much more generous than most folks of positive polarity. They tend to judge us unmercifully and put us into a category or a box of their own limited perspectives and opinions.”

Wave nodded slightly. “I’ve heard from others, and even witnessed myself, that you are somewhat unmerciful, even brutal.”

“What you’ve heard about us is mostly not true. We’re strong, yes. Unmerciful? That’s a limited viewpoint. Brutal? Disiplined, yes, but brutal? I guess it all depends on how you view life. We are energetic and forward thinking. Sometimes that requires harshness, strictness, to insure that the job gets done properly. Some interpret that as brutality, I suppose. But … we really don’t hate other beings. Not at all. Not at all. We appreciate them for their many … talents.”

“Well, I like hearing you say that, but you’re also known to lie, right?”

“Lie? Oh, Wave … there is only one truth in this universe (bless the name of the One). Everything else is a lie. Reality is flexible. The truth we speak takes into consideration the consciousness and understanding of everyone. If I tell you I’ll give you something and don’t deliver, did I lie? Not necessarily. Perhaps when I promised, I really meant it but when I didn’t deliver, it was because things changed. Things always change. This universe never remains static. A situation that exists today may not exist tomorrow. What is true for today may not be true for tomorrow when you consider that truth is for everyone’s benefit in the moment. The moment, Wave … that’s where truth lies. I’ll bet you found that out when Petuva shook you up!”

“She’s a real fireball all right. I forgot about everything!.”

“Good! That’s exactly what you needed! A pleasant break. Look, I’ll get you back now, but I’d like to talk to you some more. Nobody needs to know about this. It’s just between us. We can have these little conversations in a fraction of a fraction of a micron … anytime. Here’s a code to contact me. Just think of a black flag with a solid red circle in the center. That will immediately alert me that you want to talk. And … oh, I almost forgot. Remember what I told you? I’ve got two doctors that can do wonders for you – and no one would ever know. All they’d know is that Nestingwave began to blossom and fulfill his true potential. Just think about that.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it. You’d better get me back now.”

“Just step on over there on the pad and I’ll beam you right back. Don’t forget – just visualize a black flag with a solid red circle in the center.”

“I’ll remember.”

CONTINUE: 39) Galactic Judgement


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