37) Her Testimony

Pheledra found herself seated at a large round table. The atmosphere was peaceful, relaxed. The Council up in the gallery were fully materialized as ordinary men and women and appeared to be kind and concerned. Both polarities were represented on the Council but it was impossible to tell which was which. Pheledra, a soothing voice said in her head, just tell us what happened.

“Well, I was given a mission to Miraba – by the council of higher wisdom – to help out in the transformation and ascension of the planet. On the way, we were invaded by an astral roach. We found out that it was sent to us as a gift by Ambassador Felance. He had some notion about testing our wits. To him, it appeared to be great sport. But, the astral roach almost destroyed our ship. After we blasted the roach with our disrupters, it morphed into three cockroach looking creatures which then shrunk to microscopic size. When they appeared again, they merged into one huge creature, ate one of our tachyon tubes and severely damaged another. One of my crew, Nestingwave, came up with a plan to disperse the astral roach back into the Kultaki Star Ship from whence it came. It was all a big … game with Lance. He was confident that he could deal with it through his superior technology and we had no reason to doubt it. We were desperate. Wave’s plan worked and the roach went back into the Kultaki starship. Later, we were horrified to see the huge ship explode. We had no intention of harming them in any way and I’m very sorry that it caused the death of so many. I do believe that it was Ambassador Felance’s fault in the first place for ever sending it to us. We were only defending ourselves and thought Lance would have no problem handling the astral roach which came from him.”

How do you personally feel about what’s happened?

“Indeed … I have been negligent. I would not listen to my crew when they tried to tell me that perhaps we were somewhat responsible for what happened. We … argued. I think, in part, the controversy was due to mind-control being directed against us by Ambassador Felance.”

In fourth density, mind control only works with willing subjects.

“Yes, I am aware of that. However, we … have issues within us … that only came out when they were amplified.”

Why did you not see that you might have some responsibility?

Pheledra hesitated. “Well … I guess … I was focusing on my mission … and … really didn’t want to hear distractions. It all seemed like something initiated by Ambassador Felance to keep the mission from happening. They were losing their power base of deception and control. The Ambassador was trying everything to prevent that from happening.”

Doesn’t he have a right to do that, since the people of Mirada invited such control?

“Yes, I suppose it’s his right to do that … but he almost killed us … and we responded. We defended ourselves which is also our right.”

Every being in the universe has a right to self-defense, but … how much real danger were you in?

“Considerable danger, I would say. The roach ate one tube and damaged another. Four tachyon tubes can’t deliver enough power to get us back through the worm hole through which we entered into the Adadine Galaxy.”

How much do you know about tachyon propulsion?

“Frankly, very little. We know it works but we don’t know exactly how. It is still somewhat of a mystery to us.”

Thank you, Pheledra. You will now be escorted to a waiting room while Fabby and Nestingwave are interviewed. We have already heard testimony from Ambassador Felance as well as Anadia and Cobishandra. At the end, we will all come together to hear the judgements of the Council and then you will be sent on your way according to the judgments rendered. Understand that this Council is only interested in issues being raised about the destruction of the Kultaki starship. No other issues interest us at this time. We enforce the equanimity of positive and negative polarities and see to it that boundaries are maintained. The question in your mind concerning entities switching polarities cannot be answered by us. Hear the wisdom of the Anadine Galactic Council!

A young lady escorted Pheledra out of the judgement hall to a waiting room.

They went passed Fabby who was just being brought in. She wondered what he would say. She knew what Wave would say. Inwardly she felt very disturbed but tried to shake it off. She couldn’t.

CONTINUE: 38) Friendly Persuasion


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