35) Some Decisions

The shadows grew long between the mountains of Avengarone. Cobishandra trembled as she rubbed ointment upon Anadia’s blistered face. The burns themselves were not bad, only superficial. It was the way they happened that frightened Cobi. Ana was upset by it too. The new found gift clearly had its dangerous side.”Oh Ana,” said Cobi, “you’ve been through so much physical torment. The cat scratches on your face, then your arm and now this. Do you need another pain shot?”

“No, love. This little pain is nothing. No worse than a sun bake. It’ll be gone tomorrow … but the vision won’t be gone. Lance has complained to the Anadine Galactic Council concerning the loss of our starship.”

“What does it mean?”

“There’s a lot to it, Cobi, and Pheledra needs to know as soon as possible. She and her crew are already being manipulated and don’t know it.”

A bell sounded indicating an anomoly. They quickly looked through the videoscopes and watched the Firefly as it was being drawn backwards.

“The Anadine Galactic Council is preventing them from getting Nahvar,” said Ana.

“The Council wants them to stay put until the issue is resolved. Pheledra tried to get to him anyway.”

“Now, there is one determined do-gooder,” said Cobi with a strong nod.

They continued to watch as the Firefly was being drawn back to its original location. It was as if an invisible hand had gently picked up a toy and said “no no.”

“I must try again to telepath,” said Ana.

“Okay, my love.”

This time Ana didn’t go to the back of the scout craft. She simply closed her eyes and searched for Pheledra’s frequencies. She found them but was still unable to communicate.

As she tapped upon the door of Pheledra’s consciousness, Ana perceived a war raging inside that soul. She felt a longing affinity. At that moment she knew beyond any doubt that Pheledra would be victorious regardless of the Council’s judgement – and knew the same was true of herself and Cobi, because an eternal bond was being born.

“We’re going to get Nahvar,” she suddenly said, opening her eyes.

“But Ana, Nahvar has never even seen a Kultaki. We’d probably scare him to death.”

“Well,” said Ana, “we’ll do it the old way.”

“Abduct him?”

“Sudden captivity. No questions. No resistance.”

“Okay … then we’ll take him to the Firefly.”

As they lifted off Avengarone, Cobi smiled at Ana. “I know why I’m doing this. Although I love you more than life … I need … we need … friends.”

Ana’s gaze was fixed far away upon the blackness of space, as she slowly nodded twice.

CONTINUE: 36) Abduction


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