34) The Indictment

Pheledra knew she wouldn’t die. She sensed the glass bubble of the photoron around her and welcomed the shower of healing rays that gently mended the damaged cells of her body. Energy … all … is energy … reorganize … cells … remember who you were … before. Her mind sank deeper. She was twelve again … absorbed in sheer liberating fun.

“Catch me if you can, Sevret!” she cried, as she plowed her go-sphere into a huge wave trying to keep up with the dolphins in their joyous frolic. Sevret followed close behind in her go-sphere plowing through one wave and then another. Both girls zoomed up into the sky dripping and shrieking with laughter, infused with the smell of the ocean and the happiness of dolphin wisdom.

“Where’d they go?” Sevret shouted.

“Over there,” Pheledra cried, as they headed down once again to play in the joy of life’s ocean.

And as the times roll by, awareness grows … responsibilities emerge.

Oh, Sevret, dear one, don’t cry. You do measure up to your intention. The mistakes you made are balanced by the wisdom you gained … and we soar together, into the sea and into space and into time. So many tears. I love you. Payra and Noctera love you too .. and Helaah … oh Helaah … Helaah … that stupid argument … you went without me …

“Fabby, how long has it been?” Wave’s voice broke the long silence. “Too long. 2500 zerons. What are we going to do about this hearing?”

Wave looked over at the Protoron where Pheledra, Biltar and Nelyani were being bathed in healing rays. “I sure don’t understand all the reasoning behind the decisions that come down from the higher wisdom. In fact, I don’t understand anything any more. I had no idea that negative polarities could put in a complaint. But, I guess anyone can. The beings of higher wisdom are … inscrutible.”

Fabby tried to be diplomatic. “I believe those beings see things we don’t see and foresee outcomes that are hidden from us.”

“Oh really?” asked Wave. “I wonder. All I can do is use the equipment available to me now and make decisions based on that.”

“Well,” said Fabby, “when Pheledra comes around we’ll need to tell her everything. Do you want to do it?”

“No I don’t.”

“Okay … okay, Wave, I’ll tell her … I’ll have my computers come up with the gentlest way of communicating it.”

“I wouldn’t be very gentle myself. She’s acted like a idiot … and, frankly, I’m angry and disappointed. There was no need for this and it’s beginning to cost me more than I’m willing to pay.”

“Okay, Wave. We need to think about the Mirabans and how to tell them about what’s happened.”

“You tell ‘em!”

“All right. I’ll explain it to them too.”

“I’m going to the workshop and finish putting Violet back together. You talk to ‘em. Do whatever you want.”

“All right, Wave,” said Fabby, “don’t be too disappointed. Things have a way of working out …”

“Yeah,” Wave said abruptly as he went out of the med pod.

Fabby looked again at Pheledra and began to whistle a beautiful melody. She was stirring a little. Nel and Biltar had more serious injuries and were still unconscious – bones mending – organs regenerating – burnt flesh peeling away as skin regrew.

“Where … where?” Pheledra was starting to come around. Her voice was filled with anxiety.

Fabby swung open the bubble. “You are back on the Firefly and emerging from Protoron treatment. How do you feel?”

“What happened?”

“A satellite with particle beam weapons survived. It destroyed the recon saucer and you were almost killed. You were thrown clear but received a bad head injury and a severe case of poisoing from the toxic environment. Biltar and Nelyani are worse off than you. They were badly mangled and burned. Their hearts stopped beating. We had to quickly revive them. I put in an appeal for a specialist to construct a biological archetype disc for the two of them. An emergency lightship was sent in and he beamed on board the Firefly. With his special equipment we were able to save their lives but just barely. It will take them a while to repair.”

Pheledra slowly got out of the Protoron. “Where’s Orange and Boots?”

“Boots and Orange are still down there. Boots is very shaken up and barely escaped from the flames when the recon saucer crashed, but he is alive and able to move about. He is very lost and scared. The two of them are separated at the moment but not far from each other. Orange is safe for the time being. He’s found an underwater cave and has shut down all communications to prevent detection. They are both very vulnerable because Miraban military units are searching the area.”

Pheledra stumbled to her commander’s chair and sat. She closed her eyes, sighed and slowly ran her hands up and down the arms. “How could everything go so wrong?”

Aramanda did not appear – but her voice warbled clearly inside Pheledra’s head. You will not listen to me.

Pheledra barely heard Fabby as he told her about the complaint Lance had filed with the Anadine Galactic Council and the hearing that would now be scheduled as soon as she was well enough.

Fabby held up an official document and handed it to her. She read it carefully.

(1) Pheledra: Light Worker: We the Anadine Galactic Council have scheduled a hearing concerning the destruction of a Kultaki starship.

(2) Treprestas Blasthadus Shaleedas Felance does file grieviance against the entire crew of the Firefly. He will be heard.

(3) Likewise, Pheledra , Nestingwave and the Frequency Adjusting Bioborg B — known as “Fabby” — will be heard.

(4) Judgement has already been made through the foresight of the Council. However; beings of space and time are allowed to witness the process and at the same time experience the process for the sake of the beneficial lessons learned.

Our record in the past is 100% satisfaction — even those who are severly reprimanded say that justice was done and the hearing was fair for all. Like all that have gone before you, perspective is allowed and respected.

(5) Pheledra and her entire crew are prohibited from any further involvement with Miraba until the hearing is complete. Pheledra must respond at the earliest possible moment.

“Where is Wave?” Pheledra spoke slowly. She sounded far away.

“He’s awfully upset – over in the shop reassembling Violet. He’s … really … going through something, Pheledra.”

“Me too, Fabby. I didn’t believe this could happen.” Her eyes suddenly darted around. “What about Nahvar? Where’s Nahvar?”

“Still down at Vuldecep where you left him … waiting for you I suppose.”

“Fabby, we’re going to get him. I’m headed for the observation dome. I must contact him right now.”

“We’ll talk later,” said Fabby. “peace, my dear friend.”

Pheledra didn’t say anything as she headed up to the observation deck. She already had the picture firmly in mind – Nel biting a blue apple. She sat down putting her hand into the slot on the armrest and headed the Firefly down to Vuldecep. She turned on the psychotronic adjuvant and put on the head piece.

Oh Pheledra? Pheledra! is that finally you? Whats going on? Nahvar’s thought was frantic.

Sorry, Nahvar. We’re all okay. We had a problem – the Mirabans shot us down. We’re up on the Firefly. Nel and Biltar are receiving healing treatment. They will be good as new – with a few stories to tell. We’re on our way. Look for us.

“We can’t do this Pheledra!” Wave’s voice resounded. “You are disobeying the Council. Do you know what that means?”

Pheledra disengaged from the psychotronic adjuvant. “You’re full of fear, Wave, the Council is just and I’m doing the right thing.”

Fabby’s voice was in their minds. The Firefly is slowing down for no apparent reason … we have stopped, Pheledra. The Council is pulling us back.

Wave glared at Pheledra but said nothing.

“No need to worry, Wave,” she said, getting into a relaxed position, “they’ll just gently take us back in. We’re safe in their hands. My worry is about Nahvar.”

“You got him into this mess,” said Wave. “Just like you got us into this mess through your arrogance and stupidity. All this is your fault, you know. Everything was going fine until you started playing miss captain!”

“We’ll talk about it Wave – and see if we can retune our perspectives – so we can resume our teamwork. Right now, I’m going to check on Nel and Biltar.”

Pheledra slid down to the control deck. Inky and Ginger followed.

Nestingwave closed his eyes and nodded. “Yeah … well … it’s your perspective that’s out of tune.”

CONTINUE: 35) Some Decisions


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