31) Blue Apple Key

A while later, Biltar stared through the transparency. “I’m astounded at the amount of life still remaining after the cataclysm. I saw plants and animals and a fast moving river in the mountains that, believe it or not, didn’t look polluted.””You will be amazed,” said Pheledra, “at how rapidly Miraba will repair herself. And, we will find quite a few human survivors. Especially those who were somewhat prepared both physically and psychologically and especially those who were outside the big cities.”Pheledra took the craft above the mountains and increased speed toward Urbantia 7. She wanted to give plenty of time for their conference, so she set the craft to arrive in 80 zerons.”Okay,” said Nahvar, “here’s the big question, Pheledra. Why didn’t your people just divert the planetoid and prevent all this destruction and death?””It has been done many times in the past,” she said, “but this time, for some reason unknown to us, a cataclysm was allowed. We do not do things on our own. Nor are we ordered to do things. Every major action and mission we undertake is allowed to us by higher wisdom. In this case, we fully trust that the higher wisdom foresees this cataclysm, as horrible as it now appears, to be for the highest good for all concerned.”

Red turned to Nahvar and added. “I am sure it has to do with the unique transformation of your planet. Some of the Mirabans who died will reincarnate into your new age of fourth and fifth density. Others will be required to reincarnate upon other worlds to complete their third density experience of choosing their future spiritual polarity. This in itself is highly unusual because the normal laws of reincarnation require a soul to return to its planet of origin. Not so in this case because the entire planet is undergoing an unusually fast density shift. Those who have already chosen a spiritual orientation of negative polarity in their final third density existence will reincarnate in fourth density on others worlds suited for those experiences. Miraba no longer qualifies because she is becoming a home for beings of positive polarity to experience fourth and eventually fifth density life and even higher frequencies.”

“Why a separation between third and fourth densities?” asked Biltar.

Red swung over to adjust a monitor while Orange answered the question. “Third and fourth density evolutionary experience has two different goals. Therefore, those two groups are separated. The goal of third is to choose spiritual polarity, positive or negative. Once a definite decision has been made, usually over the space of many incarnations, an entity enters into fourth density evolutionary experience. The goal is then to develop cooperation. In the case of negative polarity, such cooperation is brought about by heirarchy, control and coercion, fear based. In the case of positive polarity, it is brought about by natural telepathy and egalitarian teamwork, love based. In third density, while souls of these two perspectives are living together, you constantly grapple with this polarity and call it ‘good’ and ‘evil’; however, higher wisdom recognizes the necessity and validity of both but they cannot reside in the same place after third density.”

“Well,” said Nahvar under his breath, “glad to meet some other heretics.”

Biltar chuckled and Pheledra smiled and nodded. “The higher wisdom recognizes the sanctity of individual willful intent. For willful intent to operate, choice must be present. Every choice has its consequence.”

“Can I come sit with you?” asked Nelyani.

“Of course,” Pheledra replied, “you are an important part of our discussion too. Sit in that chair next to Biltar. Here, I’ll raise it up a little for you.”

Nelyani put Boots on the fold out bed and he curled up to take a nap. She walked over to the chair and sat staring intently at Pheledra as if waiting for something profound.

“I wonder if anything will be left of my former home,” said Biltar. “I just finished an important paper and I have copies of the old ones. They’re kept in a steel safe. If they survived, we need to get them.”

“We’ll soon know,” said Pheledra. “We’ll go there first and take a look.”

Nahvar looked around as if trying to get his bearings. “Pheledra, when we run across survivors … what will you do?”

“This is going to be hard for you, Nahvar. This mission is highly specialized. Apart from my specific intentions, I am not allowed to directly help nor interfer with anyone. All I am allowed to do is be on the lookout for Mirabans who are willing to help and point them in the right direction.”

“I’m a practical man,” said Nahvar, “and pretty good with medical matters. If I need to stay behind and help someone I will.”

“That’s your call, Nahvar. All I can promise you is, I’ll do what I can.”

“Thank you,” said Nahvar.

“Biltar,” said Pheledra, “after searching through the wreckage of your dome, can you guide us to find the PSG machines?”

“Fryd has them stored in a vault outside a small village called Penyat. If he’s still alive, he may be guarding them or trying to find some way to contact me. Penyat is between Urbantia 7 and Mediaenge Complex. We just need to travel south and follow the maglev line out of Urbantia 7, if any of it is still there. I … I really don’t know if it will be possible for me to recognize anything after all the destruction.”

“That won’t be a problem,” said Pheledra, “I have ways of pinpointing objects. All you’ll have to do is visualize a mental image of the device. I will make a mental copy and use it to attract, for lack of a better word, the location of the devices. I can zero us in.”

“Wow,” said Nelyani, “could you find my kitty that ran away?”

“Perhaps I could, Nel, but I’m prohibited from taking anyone else on board.”

“Oh yeah, I remember. That’s okay. It was a long time ago anyway and who knows if that kitty is even alive after this.”

“I tell you what Nel, visualize your kitty and I’ll see if it’s still alive, or maybe even find out where it is.”

“Really!? Okay!”

Nelyani closed her eyes and Pheledra accessed her thoughts.

“My, Nel, that was a long time ago. Your kitty, whom you called Rhuada, ran away because a dog chased her and she became lost. She showed up on someone’s doorstep. They fed her and gave her a home. She lived there happily and died a natural death after having five litters of kittens.”

“Where are the kitties?”

“Scattered everywhere, Nel. A few survived the cataclysm, most didn’t.”

“Pheledra … will I ever be able to do that?”

“Oh yes, Nel … and sooner than you think. You are the best natural talent among us for telepathy and all things psychic. It just needs to be developed. The geological changes on Miraba have permanently weakened the magnetic field of the planet and your entire solar system is now entering a highly energetic area of space. These things combine to accelerate fourth density experiences, such as telepathy and all things you refer to as ‘psychic.'”

“You mean extra sensory perception?” Nahvar asked.

“Actually, Nahvar, it’s not extra sensory at all. We all have a primary universal sense out of which all other senses arise. It is our very first sense. Can you guess what it is?”

“Hearing,” said Nahvar.


“Smell?” ventured Biltar. “No, that can’t be right.”

“Touch!” exclaimed Nelyani.

“That’s right, Nel. The sense of touch is our primary sense. What you Mirabans refer to as ‘extra sensory’ is actually a refinement of that Universal sense of touch. It is the first physical self-awareness of a fetus in the womb and the last sensory awareness when you die. It’s what makes you know that you are you and it survives physical death because the soul energy has touch. It is primal because through it … the individual awareness touches the rest of the universe. Sight, hearing, smell and taste are simply … specialized touch. As consciousness expands, touch specializes into many other senses as yet unrecognized.”

“When I was a little baby,” Nelyani exclaimed, “I was playing in the woods and ate some mushrooms. My mama thought I’d been poisoned and rushed me to the doctor. I didn’t get sick or anything, but I could … hear color … and taste sound … is that anything like what you’re saying?”

Pheledra smiled. “Yes, Nel, there are chemicals that produce changes in consciousness. They heighten awareness of the senses but by far, the best way to permanently expand consciousness is with knowledge through meditation. In that way, you will soon find that it is utterly impossible for you to expand your awareness. Conscious awareness expands entirely on its own once you cease and disist from the things that hinder it. Let go and let be. The value is not so much in the meditation itself as in the powerful effect it produces upon the rest of your life as you fulfill the purpose of your incarnation.”

“We have a lot to learn,” said Biltar.

Nahvar nodded. “Pheledra, how do your people view reincarnation?”

“The question is what reincarnates. Nothing whatsoever of the physical ego/personality reincarnates.”

“What does that leave?” Biltar asked.

“All that the soul matrix has ever learned concerning Universal Values throughout its timeless individual journeys into countless ego/personalities which are all illusory and therefore impermanent.”

“I’ll have to think about that,” said Biltar.

“Likewise,” said Nahvar.

As the recon saucer proceeded, they continued to watch through the transparency. Pheledra lowered their altitude and remained in third density so the ship could be seen. It was important that Mirabans become aware of the celestial presence.

The wasted natural landscape below gave way to industrial wreckage and ruined roads. The monorail maglev system was completely mangled. They could see movement below.

“What is this place?” asked Nahvar. “We are on the outskirts of an industrial city named Vuldecep,” Biltar replied. “It looks pretty bad down there.”

“Mostly rubble,” said Nel. “No wait! There are a few buildings standing over there.”

Nahvar shook his head and sighed. “There’s a lot of activity down in that one area. Pheledra, could you fly us in a little closer so we can get a better look?”

“Sure,” said Pheledra, “but I’ve got a better way. I can bring up magnification in the transparency so you can see what’s happening.”

The scene below zoomed in and they could see details.

“Oh my,” said Nahvar, “that looks like a huge rescue operation. Look at all those stretchers laid out in front of that building. They’re bringing out casualties and treating them right there. The hospital is probably gone.”

“Those poor people.” Nelyani was concerned. “I suppose there are thousands of places like this with no real medical help.”

“I know, Nel,” said Pheledra, “It’s horrible and the casualties are far too many to take care of. The limitations of my mission are so painful. It’s hard to look upon such human suffering and be unable to help.”

“I just can’t stand it,” said Nahvar. “Pheledra, I’ve got to do something.”

Pheledra thought for a moment and shook her head. “Nahvar, I know your heart. You are a man who loves your fellow man more than your own life. But anything you could do down there would just be a drop in the bucket and very frustrating.”

“I know how Nahvar feels too,” said Biltar. “I’d like to go down there and do what I could.”

“Of course you would,” said Pheledra, “but we must triage priorities according to the maximum benefit for all the people of Miraba. Right now, that maximum benefit is the distribution of the PSGs. It will not only save lives, but improve the entire quality of life for the whole planet.”

Biltar was distressed. “But when people are lying in front of you crushed and horribly injured …”

“I want to go down there,” said Nahvar getting out of his seat. “That’s why I brought my med bag. Those people need my assistance and they need it now.”

“I can’t say no to you Nahvar because it does not concern the mission. As I said before, it is your choice but I want to warn you. I am picking up very bad feelings from that place down there, Vuldecep. If you go down, you’re likely to find an impossible situation. Many of those people have snapped and some of them are dangerous. It’s likely to be chaotic.”

Nahvar was already going through his med bag. “Get me down there.”

“Okay, here’s how we’ll do it. I’m going to set you down and come back before sunset after we’ve checked out Biltar’s dome. At that time you can decide whether to go on with us or remain.”

“How will I be able to contact you?”

“Well,” answered Pheledra, “I’m going to give you one of those keys I told you about.” Nel was excited. “Oh goody, now I get to find out!”

“Tell me.” Nahvar was checking his field surgery instruments.

“When you want to contact me,” said Pheledra, “visualize Nelyani taking a big bite out of a blue apple. This will tune us in together.”

“Wow,” said Nelyani, “is it that simple?”

“Yes, because I have lots of experience,” said Pheledra.

“Is that all I have to do?” asked Nahvar.

“Yes. That key will tell me to turn on the Psychotronic Adjuvant and communicate with you further. If you get into trouble, we’ll get here fast to pick you up. Regardless, I’ll come check on you just before sunset.”

“Let’s go,” said Nahvar.

Pheledra boosted the recon saucer into fourth density so she could get down without being seen. She circled and located a well hidden spot behind a piled up stack of maglev cars and materialize back into third density in order to beam Nahvar down. It was not too far away from the rescue operation. Nahvar wouldn’t have far to walk. They hovered near the ground. Nahvar strapped his med bag around his shoulder and stood on the transfer pad. Pheledra beamed Nahvar down to the surface of Miraba. She then upstepped into fourth density and flew straight up to continue their previous course for Urbantia 7.

“Bye Nahvar,” said Nelyani, “bless you.”

Pheledra gave Nelyani a look of admiration. “Yes, bless you Nahvar.”

“Bless you, brother.” Biltar sighed, wishing he could have gone too.

CONTINUE: 32) On Avengarone


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