30) Go Within

The conference ended. Pheledra downstepped to third density and buried her head in her arms. She felt tired and very insecure. The weight was crushing. It was hard for her to walk as she struggled back up the ladder. She paused in the hatchway before going all the way up. Biltar was energetically questioning Red. Nahvar was moaning in pleasure while getting a foot massage from Orange. Nelyani had awakened and was happily playing with Boots who was bouncing and jumping in delight. Pheledra smiled.”Hi Pheledra,” said Nelyani, “what do space people eat for breakfast?”

Pheledra felt her strength returning as she greeted the three Mirabans. Biltar and Nahvar were also interested in how she and others from her plane of existence nourished themselves.

She took them over to the replicator and explained. “This device is what we call a replicator. It is capable of accessing energy from the Universal Matrix, the very thing you, Biltar, are now discovering. Since all matter, in all planes of existence, is nothing more than energy spinning in various configurations, the replicator simply spins up material objects, such as food. It does so according to a chosen program. In the case of food, the program is the most nourishing and healthful known.”

“Yeah, but how does it taste?” asked Nahvar.

“See for yourself. What would you like?”

“Uh, how about … an apple.”

“Red, green, yellow or blue?”

“Uh … red.”

“I’d like a blue one,” said Nelyani, “I’ve never seen a blue apple!”

Pheledra smiled.”How about you, Biltar?”

“No … uh no, I’ve never seen a blue apple either. I’ll try one.”

“Wait,” said Nahvar, “instead of red, I’ll try one of them blue apples too.”

Pheledra entered the code and a bright light went on inside the compartment. She opened the transparent cabinet and removed three beautiful blue apples. As the three Mirabans hungrily munched on the delicious apples, Pheledra explained, “don’t get the wrong idea about this technology. There are definite limitations imposed by Cosmic Directive. For example, we cannot replicate something we don’t need and we cannot replicate life beyond the plant kingdom.”

“Why is that?” asked Biltar.

“Because animal life and human life have a soul matrix and are at the heart of Creation in its evolutionary intention. Soul is a seminal manifestation of frequency/value, generating individual consciousness and will. We make choices. The self-awareness of an apple or a crystal or a piece of wood is electromagnetic, chemical and environmental in nature, having a species consiousness, but no individual consciousness and will. As sentient human beings, we may freely manipulate those factors, but not soul and spirit.”

Orange turned to them. “But when you eat an apple, it is rendered up into a higher service of Creation and the purpose of the apple is fulfilled. This stimulates all apples everywhere to be the best they can and, to put it in human terms, it makes them happy and joyful.”

“Whow!” exhaled Biltar. “I’d like to spend a few hours just listening.”

“Really,” said Nahvar.

“This is the best apple I’ve ever tasted,” said Nelyani, “do you have any … peanut butter?”

Everyone laughed. Orange and Red picked up the resonance and chucked. Their lights gleamed and cycled up and down in hue.

“Sure,” said Pheledra, “would you like it on whole wheat bread?”

Everyone, including Pheledra, had a peanut butter sandwich and then she spun up four hot cups of aromatic herbal tea.

“What do you do with the cups afterwards,” asked Nelyani, “do you have a dishwasher?”

“No,” said Pheledra, “when we’re through, I’ll just put the cups back into the replicator and unspin them back into the energy matrix. But I won’t forget to say thank you.

Boots meowed letting Pheledra know it was time for him to eat too so she spun up some dry cat food in a bowl and some fresh water. Nelyani giggled a little at how Boots laid back his ears and dug in.

“What a way to live!” said Biltar, “how long before Mirabans are there?”

“A little while,” said Pheledra, “What you see here is a prerogative of fifth density existence. You Mirabans are just entering the cusp of fourth density existence. The unusual thing about what your planet is experiencing is the speed, in your linear timeline, with which you are ascending into fifth density. It usually takes millenia upon millenia. In this unique case, it will only be a few hundered annoms.”

Pheledra went back over to the central console to sit down. Biltar and Nahvar followed but Nelyani began to examined everything around the periphery of the saucer.

“Nel,” said Nahvar, “you’d better not touch anything.”

“It’s perfectly all right, Nahvar,” said Pheledra. “All devices and controls on this ship are directly linked into my consciousness and to the droids. It is much like a key inside our heads. When and if the right time comes, I’ll lend a few keys to you also.”

Nahvar shook his head in amazement. “I have a whole lot to learn, Pheledra.”

“I do too, Nahvar,” said Pheledra.

Nahvar shook his head, still overwhelmed in amazement. “I sure would like to know how you are able to use your mind so effectively and with such creativity.”

Pheledra just smiled and nodded.

Boots finished his morning dry food and Nelyani picked him up to cuddle. Boots purred and allowed her to cradle him in her arms. All this attention kept him from being too bored. It was nice to meet a new friend who appreciated him so much.

“Nelyani,” said Pheledra, “come over here and sit down next to Biltar. Boots will be glad to sit on your lap. I have something very important to share with the three of you. This is the most important thing I will ever tell you.”

Nelyani eagerly came over and sat next to Biltar. She was all ears.

Pheledra felt that this may be the last opportunity to give something of extraordinary benefit to the Mirabans, something that would stay with them for the rest of their lives and bless them forever. Her main purpose on this mission was not to teach, but to demonstrate truth. However, in this one case, she deemed what she was about to do essential because it was the one thing that brought balance to her and all the celestial peoples she had ever known and loved. She was somewhat ashamed of the conflicts still residing within her, in spite of this precious gift, and was constantly reminded of how fragile and fleeting such a gift could be. But, nevertheless, she knew that, despite her failures, it would bless the Mirabans forever.

Seeing my faults, she thought, perhaps they will more readily forgive their own.

“I want to give you some help on properly using meditation to access different levels of awareness. These things are already within the planetary consciousness of Miraba, so my mission allows such instruction.”

Nahvar perked up. “My old religious order, the Renunciates, practices what they call, meditation. We repeat prayers and contemplate spiritual thoughts. Sometimes I use beads to keep track of the prayer repititions and guide the contemplation.”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “and the most enjoyable and healing meditation is not praying nor thinking about something. It is consciously transcending thought and becoming aware of the very source of thought.”

Nel was puzzled. “Transcending thought?”

“It means temporarily getting beyond your thoughts and encountering their Source which is the ocean of infinite energy and intelligence from which everything springs. The regular practice of dipping into that ocean is the most beneficial thing anyone can do, but often it is easy to become distracted, so one must grow into this practice. In your normal waking consciousness, thoughts are constantly going through your mind like a stream. These thoughts seem to arise spontaneously as a monologue in your mind, sometimes an inner dialogue. Mostly, they are disconnected thought waves, a constant barrage of concerns, worries, calculations, plans, imaginations, intentions and so on.”

“Yeah,” said Biltar, “there’s a lot of stuff that goes through my mind.”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “and every worrisome thought produces a degree of wear and tear on your body. Worry makes your heart beat faster and your blood pressure rise which produces unnecessary stress on your entire bioform. What is worry? How would you define it?”

“Usually … worry is simply thoughts which are unreal,” answered Biltar.

“Manufactured hallucinations,” said Nahvar. “My brother literally killed himself by worrying about his health. The more he worried, the more he became afraid. The more he became afraid, the more he worried. The longer this cycle continued, the sicker he became. His condition wasn’t even specific. Finally, his worst fears were realized and he died.”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “that’s an example of the power of uncontrolled negative thoughts, the devouring monsters of one’s own blind creation.”

“How true,” said Biltar. “Worries are just future scenarios that might come to pass. They usually don’t.”

Pheledra nodded. “Unless you give them enough energy through constant focus to materialize them.”

“Worrys produce all kinds of stress and depression,” said Nahvar.

“Yes,” added Biltar. “It’s even worse if your body is already stressed because of some kind of organic disease or poisoning. Believe me, I know about that.”

“True,” said Pheledra. “Thought and matter are just different frequencies of the same energy. It is an ideomaterial Universe. All arises out of the Prime Thought. When we realize this, we can see how important it is to consciously control our thoughts so we can bring positive, uplifting and life giving effects to ourselves and to others.”

“You know, Pheledra,” said Nelyani, “thought comes before everything I do. I have to think about something in order to do it.”

“That’s right, Nel. In fact, your thoughts produce everything in your life, don’t they? Look around you. Everything you see, everything good or bad, came from thought. Let me give you a very good example.”

“Yeah,” replied Nelyani.

Pheledra got up and went over to the periphery of the ship and searched through a couple of sliding drawers which opened at her touch. She found what she was looking for and brought it back over to the others. It was a small red oblong object. “Do you see this?” Pheledra unfolded a knife blade from the object. “This is a very useful invention from the previous age of my home planet.

“It’s a knife,” said Nelyani. “What’s so special about a knife?”

“Oh, but it’s not only a knife.” Pheledra began unfolding other tools from the object. A screwdriver, pair of sissors, can opener, pry bar, tooth pick, pliers and even a small magnifying glass.

“I’ll bet I could start a fire from the Sun’s rays with that there magnifying glass,” Nahvar blurted out.

“Wow,” exclaimed Nelyani, “what don’t you have there!”

“Well, there’s no jackhammer. That’s another thought materialized.”

Nelyani giggled.

“What’s the point, Pheledra?” asked Biltar.

“The point is, this useful and ingenious object is a materialization of thought. Long ago, a human being with a vision to serve his fellow beings had this thought. He imagined a survival tool kit contained in a compact case. A tool that would actually be many tools made out of the finest and hardest steel and could be carried in your pocket anywhere, always ready for action. His thought became a vision of what this little tool kit could be. He drew his thoughts on paper and began to engineer the design. He searched the world for the finest steel and worked and worked until he had the most practical design. He then manufactured it and offered it to his world. Everyone that used it loved it because it was so compact and practical and worked so well.”

Pheledra held up the tool. “Here is one human thought which has blessed and continues to bless countless souls through the long corridors of time.”

“Wow,” said Nelyani.

“I suppose all thoughts produce something,” said Nahvar.

“Everything,” said Biltar. “Thoughts produce everything … good and bad.”

“Well,” said Pheledra, “if your thoughts produce everything in your life, good and bad, we should learn how to control our thoughts, right?”

“If we don’t someone else will,” said Biltar.

“That’s certainly right,” said Nahvar.

“Control over your own thoughts is precisely what meditation produces,” Pheledra continued. “Meditation is the process of dipping into the infinite ocean and bringing the energy and peace residing there outward into your daily life.”

“Oh, I see,” said Nelyani, “well … how do you learn to do that?”

“By understanding the process of meditation and learning how to concentrate the thoughts you truly want in order to manifest things in your life.”

“That makes sense,” said Biltar. “How can a person learn to do that? It seems like I have a lot of trouble keeping out the thoughts I don’t want.”

“Trying to suppress thoughts will bring you a lot of trouble,” said Pheledra, “not to mention stress – because when you suppress thoughts, you focus on them, concentrate on them, and give energy to them, making them even stronger. Attempted suppression of thoughts has been a major problem for all your religions leading to excesses and distortions.”

“So … what’s the answer?” Nahvar was pondering.

“Meditation,” said Pheledra.

“Tell me how,” asked Nelyani.

“It’s real easy. Relax and observe your breath. Just pay attention to it coming in and going out and out don’t do anything to try and adjust it. When a thought arises in your mind do not try to stop it. Just turn your attention back to your breath as soon as you notice its presence.”

“Wow, is that all there is to it?” Nelyani was amazed.

“Yes, but much more can be discovered.”

“What else?”

Pheledra closed her eyes for a moment before she spoke.

“We have found that a good way to meditate is to start out by observing your breath and then go to a sound. Now, a sound is a vibration. It is a vibration that continues far past what your ear can hear. A thought can be a sound vibration in you mind. Are you with me?”

The three Mirabans nodded.

“When you hear a sound, such as a gong, it grows dimmer and dimmer to your ear. The vibrations become finer and finer until you finally do not actually hear it with your ears, but you can still hear it in your mind, right?”

“Right,” said Nahvar.

“A mental sound is a vibration. Like a gong, its waves become finer and finer. So fine, in fact, that it merges with the ocean of Creation itself, like all vibrations do in actuality. Creation gives rise to all vibrations. The celestial peoples of my race sometimes use a personalized mental sound as their object of meditation. It is a sound which matches and coordinates with one’s personal soul, brain, nervous system, biology and genetics. We focus and mentally follow the waves of a certain sound down and down into our awareness. There comes a point where it reaches the Source. Creation itself. The Universal Matrix. The Creator. The one Source which resides at the root of all. The thinker and the thought are one and the same.”

“Unless we went to sleep somewhere along the way,” said Nahvar.

Everyone laughed a little.

“That’s right,” said Pheledra. “If you go to sleep … it’s because you weren’t paying attention. But, the energy and bliss you experience along the way … will certainly keep you awake and attentive when you are trained properly, take it step by step and do not become discouraged.”

“Well, what sound are you talking about?” asked Biltar.

“People have used all sorts of mental sounds for meditation, but ideally that sound should not itself give rise to any other thoughts. In other words, ideally, the sound which you meditate on should not have any intellectual meaning or symbolism to you. This is because, a sound which is a symbol, such as a known word, gives rise to other thoughts about that subject. Ideally, it should be a sound which is just that, a sound, not a meaningful symbol or word. This is ideally, however, all forms of meditation have proven useful. I’m just sharing with you the benefit of eons of experience.”

Pheledra opened a small cabinet in her console and took out a disc. “This disc contains a meditation program. When I use it in conjuction with a machine called a Psychotronic Adjuvant, it explores you. That is, it probes your biology and even your emotions and mentality – the full algorithms of your signature, including your genetics. It then recommends a personal sound. Each sound it recommends is for a specific individual according to their unique, one of a kind, signature. Therefore none of us meditates on the same sound. It can be a syllabic sound of one or two vocalizations capable of being spoken out loud. When you first use it, you will, indeed speak it out loud. Then, you will take it within your mind and keep it there for your own personal use. From then on keep it in that subtle place of the heart because you want to keep it pristine without any meanings or symbolism attached to it – just the sound itself. You entone it vocally at first because that is the best way for you to learn it. The pitch of it will start out at a certain frequency. The frequency of your voice. The speed at which you repeat it will start out at a certain speed. But, the pitch and speed and timbre of it will vary and vary greatly within your mind as you meditate. You must understand this and completely allow it to be. Never force it or constrict it. Allow it just to be whatever it is. It changes and varies because your conscious awareness travels through many levels and frequencies which affect it. You simply repeat the sound mentally and never force it into any pitch, speed, configuration, duration or anything else. You simply allow the sound itself to be whatever it wants to be according to your focus upon the original recommended sound. Such focus carries your consciousness to finer and finer frequencies which naturaly occilate faster and faster. The finer and faster the level of vibration becomes, the more energy, power, bliss and peace is interfaced.”

“Wow,” said Nelyani, “I’d just want to stay there!”

“No, Nel. The point is to dip the ladle into the water, then drink, dip the ladle, then drink. That itself is a balanced vibration. You go into that altered state of consciousness through meditation and transcend beyond individual thought to the very source of thought itself, that’s dipping the ladle into the cosmic ocean, then you come back out into your normal waking state of consciousness and drink the water, which means, live and work and create and express and fulfill the destiny and purpose of your incarnation and … you do it with growing awareness, focus, willful intention, allowance, balance, cheerfulness, love and joy. You are becoming an outlet for Creation’s infinite supply of energy and intelligence. Then you will find yourself growing thirsty for another drink so you take a refreshing dip once more. That is the practice of meditation.”

“If that disc will do that, I sure want to try it,” said Nelyani.

“It’s not the disc, Nel, but it is your desire for expanded awareness. It is your desire to know who and what you are. It is your desire to touch the Source of all that is within. It is your longing to truly be one with the Creator and all creatures. I’m sharing this with you because it means so much to me. I want you all to clearly understand that this is strictly voluntary. If any of you do not feel ready or have any hesitation at all, it is perfectly all right. I have merely presented to you something I know. All the other celestial beings of positive polarity know it too. But, to enter into this is strictly your choice. It is a matter of your free-will and will always remain so.”

“Now is the time for me to learn this,” said Biltar.

None of the three Mirabans had any hesitation. Pheledra knew they wouldn’t. She led them one at a time to a small private alcove to play the disc into their minds so they could receive their personal sounds. She also remained with each one to give further instruction and see to it that they were starting properly and having a good experience. She showed them how to breathe and sit in a way to facilitate meditation. She assured them that as they developed their telepathy, she would teach them more and answer their questions no matter where they were. Then they all sat together and meditated for ten zerons.

It was her greatest gift of love.

CONTINUE: 31) Blue Apple Key


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