29) Much Confusion

It was a dark morning. Occasionally, black rain obscured the view but most often, the panning lights could pierce the gloom. Here and there, an area of green or a running wild animal announced that life on Miraba would go on. There was hope here in the northern mountains of Havay.Pheledra sat in an observation chair at the central console of the recon saucer. Beside her, on either side, Orange and Red flew the ship and monitored everything. A transparency was open to reveal the landscape as they slowly progressed. They were flying at low speed and low altitude in ever widening circles to view the damage. An indicator light in front of her had been on for a while. If it was urgent, Wave would telepath. This is a request for a face to face conference, Pheledra heard both Wave and Fabby telepathing at the same time. She had no privacy at the moment and telepathed an explanation back to the Firefly.

Only Nelyani was asleep. She rested on a little fold down bed behind Pheledra. Boots was curled up next to her snoring softly. Pheledra had covered them with a beautiful blanket.

Biltar and Nahvar were trying to rest in the reclining chairs on the periphery of the circular room but they were so excited it was all they could do to stay seated.

“Would you both like to come over here with me so you can get a better view?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Biltar.

“Only a child could sleep through this,” exclaimed Nahvar, trying to keep his voice down.

Pheledra moved her hand over some controls. The men’s chairs configured into an upright position and slid over to the central console across from her. “Here, I’ll open up some additional transparency to increase the view field.”

“Oh!” gasped Biltar as the entire side of the ship became transparent, “how do you do that?”

“Frequency adjustment,” said Pheledra. “It’s one of the simpler things we do. Soon, your people will be able to do it too.”

“Will you show us how?” asked Nahvar.

“No, but you’ll find out for yourself. It’s a small part of what you will learn in the days to come.”

“Whow!” Biltar exhaled, “I guess I have about a billion questions.”

Pheledra smiled. “That’s a few too many for me to answer right now. I suggest you both try to calm your intellects for the moment and just enjoy the new things. Trying to figure them all out will only give you a headache.”

“Good advice, probably,” said Nahvar, “my head is already about to blow a gasket.”

Biltar shook his head as he looked out over the landscape. “This is like … some kind of dream. I know it’s real… but … somehow it doesn’t compute.”

“That’s completely normal,” she said. “You need time for adjustment. I need to contact Fabby and Wave for a conference. Red and Orange are flying the ship and if you have any questions, or need anything, just ask. I’m going to slip down to the belly deck and into a small alcove while you two keep watch.”

“Sure,” said Biltar.

“Adjustment … yes … I certainly do need time for adjustment, said Nahvar.

“Oh,” said Pheldra pointing to something, “if anyone needs to use the retiring room, it’s right through that hatch. Okay, I won’t be too long and when I come back, we’ll have a little conference of our own to decide the best way to proceed. Until then … be at peace. Better days are ahead, my friends.”

“Th… thanks,” said Nahvar.

Biltar was speechless.

Pheledra went down through a hatch and quickly entered the alcove on the belly deck. She boosted the entire alcove area up to fourth density and lit up the monitors. Soon, Wave and Fabby appeared.

“Let’s take ten,” said Pheledra, and they entered meditation.

This time, Pheledra had no problem with her meditation, but from the moment Wave spoke, tensions began to build.

“How are things going?”

“Fine, Wave. Why did you need to talk with me now?”

“Fabby and I have some … concerns … and wanted to do as we always do and bring them out on the table for discussion.”

“That’s right,” said Fabby, “we’re in combat mode here. Like I told you, the Kultaki Ambassador is very much alive and his cluster of ships is just sitting out there monitoring you and keeping an eye on us as well. We have no idea what he plans to do but we don’t feel good about it.”

“What do you think, Pheledra?” Wave asked.

“Oh Wave, this is really getting old. Lance wouldn’t dare do anything. What’s he going to do? Attack the Firefly? Attack me? The Anadine Galactic Council would stop him instantly if he tried such a thing. You know the rules of engagement. Our interaction with beings of negative polarity is formal and very rare. It can only happen while passing through one anothers domain. Above third density, spiritual polarities live separately and normally do not have interaction.”

“That astral roach was an attack,” said Wave.

“It was sent under the guise of a gift exchange – part of our formal contact – even though his motives were distorted.”

“I know, Pheledra,” said Fabby, “but what about Anadia? What about the special interaction between polarities that Aramanda spoke of?”

“Fabby, that was a unique case. A choice made by Anadia due to that terrible trauma. It was a matter of her survival.”

“It was more than that,” said Wave.

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “she had curiosity, she was inwardly seeking consciousness expansion, a new destiny, but she didn’t make it. She’s gone. The unique situation that Aramanda spoke of was only a temporary anomaly and now things have come back into balance, back to the way they’ve always been.”

“I disagree,” said Wave. “First of all, you have no way of knowing for sure what happened to Anadia and …”

“You saw what happened!” Pheledra interrupted, “the ship blew up! She probably fainted before she got onto the transfer pad! She’s dead, Wave!”

“That may be,” said Wave, “but, as I started to say, somehow this whole situation is a unique case because of the transformation of Miraba.”

“Look,” said Fabby, “as evolutionary lightworkers we often downstep from fifth density for the sake of lending a helping hand to emerging worlds. In fourth density, we are still capable of doing exactly what we are doing now – arguing – because we are divided over our opinions, which are nothing more than our individual limited perspectives … our egos. I suggest we stop everything and return to fifth density for awhile to recall who we really are and balance ourselves out. Perhaps we have lingered too long here and have forgotten our true status. Perhaps … we have become planets of forgetfulness.”

“There’s truth in that, Pheledra,” said Wave.

“Yes, Wave, there’s truth in it. But we were just in fifth density, remember? We originally agreed to downstep not only to help ascending planets but to learn lessons ourselves in order to gain knowledge and experience it into wisdom and thereby solidify, coalesce, further materialize, if you will, our ongoing fifth density experience, which is relatively new to us due to our own recent transformation.”

“I could sure enjoy serenity like that more often,” said Wave.

“True,” said Pheledra, “and the time will come for that. It’s wonderful to float around and play a harp, as they say in 3D, but that is only the outer edge of what fifth density life truly is. There is a profundity that can only be gained through experience in service to lower densities.”

“That’s right,” said Fabby, “fifth density usually provides no stress, no problems … and … very slow evolutionary growth. If we wish to continue to evolve rapidly, we must allow ourselves to undergo the pressures of lower densities, even though there is distress and some forgetfulness involved. Inwardly, we know who we are. That’s why we meditate.”

“To center ourselves,” Pheledra continued, “Because … yes … we forget. We forget because we become distracted from our own inner being. We don’t need to raise our vibrations up to fifth density in order to balance ourselves out. We simply need to go within. Where do you think Aramanda resides? Why is she so frightening to us when she downsteps to communicate? It gets our attention, does it not. Why does she communicate at all? Isn’t she happy to just float on a cloud? No! She is compelled to evolve just as Creation itself is compelled to evolve by its far flung continum into the densest matter.”

“But Pheledra,” Wave said, “that’s not the point.”

“Well,” Pheledra asked, “what is the point then?”

“The point is,” replied Wave, “you … have become distracted and are endangering all of us due to your denial.”


“Yes,” said Wave, “denial of the fact that we overstepped our bounds and have opened ourselves up to interference from the negative polarity.”

“I can’t believe you’re saying that again! Utter nonsense!”

“Well,” said Fabby, “we believe its true, Pheledra … and that itself causes a big problem.”

“Fabby … Lance infected us with that astral roach. Right there he violated the Cosmic Directive. It almost destroyed the Firefly. It could have easily killed all of us. Had it done so, Lance and the entire Kultaki starship would have been instantly annihilated by the Anadine Galactic Council. We would be dead and have to reincarnate in fifth density bodies and start again from scratch. That would be okay except that this particular responsibility that has been taken on by us would not be fulfilled and Miraba would suffer the loss, small though it may be, since we are only a tiny part of the unfolding cosmic plan. The point is, we have already experienced interference from the negative polarity. We overcame it, survived, and if need be, we’ll do it again. We now stand an excellent chance of fulfilling our responsibility if … if … we can drop this nonsense, accept things the way they are and continue on.”

“But,” said Wave, “we are responsible for killing thousands of beings. We didn’t intend to do it, but our actions caused it to happen. Therefore we … we … especially me, are somewhat responsible for that atrocity. The Kultaki are not our enemies. They are fourth density sentient beings of negative polarity. Necessary for a balanced universe in which all things are created by means of duality – negative and positive – both proceeding out from the one source of all. Negative polarity, service to self, self-ish-ness and all its inherent negative consequences, is a legitimate choice, a choice made by evolving beings during their final third density incarnation, a choice allowed by Creation itself … blessed be the name of the One.”

“Oh Wave,” said Pheledra, “we’re getting nowhere. Can’t you see that this guilt you’re feeling is totally unfounded? We, including you, are not responsible for this. Lance is responsible. We were only defending ourselves which is the absolute right of every being in the universe.”

“Okay,” said Fabby, “we’ve reached an impasse on this matter. We have a strong difference of opinion. A part of it, Wave, may indeed be your own feelings of guilt because you came up with the idea of tossing the roach back to the Kultaki. However, we all assented without objection or even a second thought really. We are in this together. I think we were influenced by the Ambassador’s arrogance and actually believed, like he said, that he had the capability to pop that bug easily. In fact, he believed it. But, our tachyon power system caused unexpected changes in the roach. Again, it was our tachyon power. Perhaps we are negligent in not exploring the mysteries of the tachyon energy more thoroughly.”

“Oh my,” said Pheledra, “this has gotten completely out of hand. Are we going insane? This is wearing me out! What is going on here? This is not like us at all. We seem to be stuck in some kind of double bind. We’re all speaking truth but we’re not … connecting somehow. And the worst thing is that this impasse is such a downer. It can do nothing but hinder, if not totally destroy the mission.”

Spontaneously, they all fell silent, gazing into each others eyes for a long time. They were frustrated and confused. It was the first time such a lack of mutual understanding had ever happened to them and it was heart breaking to each of them.

Finally, Wave broke the silence. “I suggest, dear friends, that we drop this right now and just go on. Go on with the mission and take it as it comes. If we’ve erred, we will surely find out. If there is some other cause, we’ll find that out too. Regardless, we need to remember Biltar ap Dyn, Nahvar and little Nelyani. We need to love ‘em and serve ‘em as best we know how. In the end only love prevails. Let’s resolve right now to put them first and to do our very best from here on out. The past is the past. It cannot be undone. One thing for sure, we will all learn something … come what may.”

“Thanks Wave,” said Pheledra, “that’s what I intend to do.”

“And I also,” said Fabby.

CONTINUE: 30) Go Within


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