28) Internal Conflict

Far above, in the upper atmosphere, Nestingwave and Fabby sat at the main console. All monitors and scanners were alive with activity. The two went from one piece of equipment to the next communicating with the nerve center of the Firefly. Sometimes, Fabby would pass his fingers over an interactive screen. More often, he would switch channels on the monitors and type commands. Nestingwave wore a headpiece to interact periodically through the Psychotronic Adjuvant. He wanted to stay updated on activities occuring on the mental plane.Fabby rolled his chair over to a separate pedestal and slipped his hand down into a groove that fit like a glove. “Do you feel that slight vibration?”

“Sure do,” said Wave.

“That’s not the damaged tube. I overhauled it completely. But the tachyon system is not too happy running on five. Although the reduction in power is minimal, the balance is disturbed. I’m going to see if retuning will help.”

Fabby rolled back over to the main console to enter in the commands. “Did you inform Pheledra that the Ambassador is still alive?”

“I sure did Fabby, but she brushed it off. Still in denial.”

“We need to do something before this situation deteriorates any further.”

“I agree … but what?” Wave removed his headpiece and turned to face Fabby who flipped an indicator light and said, “retuning complete. There, that seems to have helped considerably. We’ve got to stay up on this and not take anything for granted. All the shields and force fields are up and all weapons are on standby. Every channel is being scanned for activity. The Ambassador and his cluster of ships is still just sitting out there, waiting apparently … or preparing.”

“What are they planning, Fabby?”

“I can’t say for sure, but His Pestilency is monitoring every move Pheledra makes and he seems to be very interested in something that’s happening on Avengarone. Later on, when it swings back around, I’m going to zero in.”

“Okay, we’re doing what we can as far as the external situation is concerned. What about the internal situation between us?”

“Well, that’s where the greatest danger lies. I’ve got all my computers working on it and there seems to be no definite solution. Possible solutions are only low percentage points of probability. It all depends upon Pheledra and the choices she makes.”

“Fabby, the three of us have been through so much together. We always coordinated as an efficient team. But, more than that, we love and respect each other as friends. Fabby, I’ve never told you this before … but … I want to tell you now. I was one of those naysayers who was adamantly opposed to the whole … Bioborg idea. Minglin’ human beings with machines seemed monstrous to me at the time.”

“You and a lot of others, Wave, and it’s entirely understandable. I never volunteered to be half man, half machine, you know. I was synthesized in a laboratory. Whether it’s a good idea or not only time will tell. As for me … I accept who and what I am. I’m very thankful not to be 100% machine. It is the human things … the things of the spirit that make my life worthwhile … even though I can never marry and have children.”

“Ah … when you’re my age, your wife is long dead, your children are all scattered across the universe – off on exciting adventures – you seldom hear from ‘em … and … you don’t care much about sex anymore … of course, you can always take aphro’s and risk having a heart attack or a stroke. I love Pheledra like a daughter but I do admit that, at times, my old heart does a few flip-flops. She’s so damn beautiful and graceful … but lately, she’s been a real fool. A hard headed fool but I still love her … and love is all that matters. But, I still can’t understand why this important mission was given to such a novice. What can we do, Fabby?”

“Let’s do what we always do. Let’s talk. Reason together. Work it out. She’s in a state of heavenly bliss right now having made contact with Biltar and the others. It’s obvious that she is … shall we say … personally involved.”

“Yeah, although she’s trying hard to play spiritual and detached.”

“But there’s more to it than that. She’s confronting herself.”


“Yes, that’s certainly part of it.”

Nestingwave stroked his white beard, thought for a few microns, then said, “Okay, let’s contact her and arrange for a meeting.”

“It’s likely to anger her, Wave. She’s right in the middle of beginning the search for the energy devices and not only that, she’s fully materialized into third density. She’s in the heavenlies now because of the spiritual fellowship of the contact but when she gets under a little stress, she’s going to begin to feel the full weight and heaviness of third density life. Who knows how she’s going to react.”

“But,” said Wave, “this is far too important to wait.”

“Well, let’s take ten to center and then get her on the horn.”


CONTINUE: 29) Confusion


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