27) Healing and Peace

Biltar, Nahvar and Nelyani heard the voice in their heads. They stood up. The time has come for us to meet. Do not be afraid. I am flesh and blood like you. We are the same. You are now entering a new era where you will communicate telepathically. It is a natural part of your planetary evolution; however, for now, we will speak vocally in your language. At this moment, my craft hovers above your cave. I shall beam myself into your midst. Do not be alarmed. We will simply sit down together and talk. I’m sure you have many questions. In time, all of them will be answered. I am Pheledra.

A bright light illuminated every corner of the cave. When it went out, Pheledra stood before them.

“Hello … I’m Pheledra.”

They were speechless. Their eyes were wide. Before them stood the most beautiful woman they’d ever seen. She was smiling softly and her lovely brown hair flowed over her shoulders. She wore a one piece violet flight suit.

Nahvar was the first to speak. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“What’s a ‘new arrow’?” asked Nelyani.

They all laughed as the tension was broken. Pheledra smiled and said, “a new era … not ‘arrow’ as in ‘bow and arrow’. It is a new age for you and your world.”

“Oh … thank you.” said Nelyani.

Some experiences are beyond words. The three just stared in awe for a little while.

Pheledra was not at all uncomfortable. She fully understood and just waited. She wanted to give them a chance to assimilate what was happening. Finally, Biltar spoke.

“Well, shall we sit by the fire?”

“Sounds like a very good idea,” said Pheledra.

They all sat down together.

“Are you … hungry?” asked Nahvar, “do you … eat?”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “but for now, a cup of herb tea will be fine.”

Nelyani poured the tea.

“Where are you from?” asked Biltar.

“The name of my planet of origin is unimportant. Suffice it to say that it is a world very much like Miraba. Ages ago, it went through what you are now experiencing and I am here to encourage all of you. And … I am here to help you, Biltar, get your energy devices distributed. You do not yet fully understand what you have discovered. You have found the way to tap into the very Matrix of Creation. It will lead to revolutionary technologies that will repair this world quickly and turn it into a garden beyond anything you have ever dreamed. Your world is in the process of ascending into a higher physical and spiritual density. The planet Miraba will no longer be controlled by outside forces. You will meet celestial peoples and travel to the stars.”

Biltar shut his eyes. Tears streamed down his face. He could not speak.

“I know … I know,” said Pheledra, “I know what’s in the fullness of your heart … the joy and fulfillment these words bring. That’s why I’m here.”

Everyone was so moved they could only sit in silence for a few moments.

“Can you help Nelyani find her mother?” Nahvar asked.

Nelyani spoke up before Pheledra could answer. “She’s already gone Nahvar, I saw her in a dream. She’s okay. I’m very sad … but I know I’ll meet her again, even though it will be a very long time from now.”

“Precious Nel,” said Pheledra, “like Biltar and Nahvar, you are a very advanced soul who incarnated here for this time of transformation. You already function in telepathy, even more than Biltar and Nahvar. In the days to come, you will perfect that skill and become a teacher of others. Yes, Nel, your mother is no longer in her physical body and you will meet her again. That is certain.”

For a long time Biltar, Nahvar and Nelyani questioned Pheledra about everything from the variety of life in the universe to whether or not celestial peoples needed to pee. Pheledra answered every question as best she could and they were facinated by her answers. In the course of the conversation, she told them about Nestingwave and Fabby and Boots and their recent encounter with the Kultaki. They sat in wonderment, then made comments and asked more questions. Pheledra was learning from them also. Their perspective was deepening her understanding and appreciation for the dignity and creativity of all beings. The flame of her love was fanned by each question and each description of their fears, hopes and dreams. She found it difficult not to look too much at Biltar who simply could not take his eyes off her. Finally, it seemed as if they were full to the brim and the talk wound down.

“It is always wonderful to meet new friends with whom we form a bond,” Pheledra said, “none of us will ever be the same after today. This is truly a life-changing experience for me as well as for you. I don’t know how long we will all be together but from this moment, all of you will be in my heart forevermore.”

“And in my heart too,” said Biltar.

Nahvar nodded. “This moment is the greatest moment of our lives.”

Nelyani could hardly contain herself. “I’m so exicited. I feel like I’m meeting an older sister, or cousin for the first time.”

Pheledra smiled, “in fact, you are, Nel. Indeed, we are relatives. Our ancient ancestors from the constellation of Lyra in the Milky Way galaxy traveled out into the far reaches of space and spread the seeds of life whereever they went. It is called ‘panspermia’ and there are Universal Laws which govern it. Often, those brave pioneers enhanced life through genetic combinations. Human life, even through its many variations, is pretty much the same throughout the universe. Basically, the same blood flows in my veins and yours.”

“I knew it. I just … knew it,” said Biltar.

Nahvar closed his eyes tightly and nodded.

“When do I get to see Boots again?” asked Nelyani.

“Very soon, Nel. Perhaps before all this is over, you’ll get to meet all the members of my crew.”

“I sure hope so,” said Nelyani.

“Okay, friends, what is the next step? I’m going to telepathically contact Wave and Fabby aboard the Firefly and see if they have anything for me. It will only take a few moments, but I must move my consciousness away from you briefly, okay?”

“Sure,” said Biltar.

“Okay,” said Nahvar and Nel.

Pheledra closed her eyes and sought the mental frequencies of her crew.

When she opened her eyes again, the Mirabans were still looking at her with awed expressions.

“Well … shall we all go together to distribute the energy devices?”

“Oh yes, yes!” Nelyani clapped her hands.

“You want me too?” Nahvar asked.

“Yes, Nahvar, I want you. Besides, no one can stay here in the cave for awhile. The black rain is highly toxic and it’s already beginning to seep in. Also, Wave informs me that a cloud of radiation is coming. One of the fission power plants nearby experienced a meltdown. We all have to leave. We have plenty of time, but I suggest we beam aboard my recon saucer now. There are comfortable fold-back seats, so I want you all to get some sleep if you can. It’ll be alright. My droids, Red and Orange, are monitoring the radiation cloud and everything else. I’d like to get a little rest myself, then we’ll all talk about what to do next. This is the method we use, an egalitarian fellowship rather than a militaristic chain of command. Everyone’s input is considered valuable. Are you ready?”

Everyone was already on their feet.

“I need to get something first,” said Nahvar, “It’ll be just a moment while I grab my med bag out of the other room. Something tells me I’ll be needin’ it.”

“Okay, Nahvar,” said Pheledra, “we’ll wait for you.”

Nahvar went into the back room of the cave and returned with a large bag slung over his shoulder. “I’ve been preparin’ for something. Didn’t know what it was ‘til now.”

“We will hold hands in a circle for comfort and support,” said Pheledra. “Then, I will telepathically ask Orange to beam us up, okay?”

They formed a tight circle and held hands. Nelyani squeezed Pheledra’s left hand, Biltar held her right and Nahvar completed the circle. Pheledra closed her eyes and everyone else did too, in nervous anticipation. A light came.

When they opened their eyes, they were standing on the transfer pad inside the recon saucer looking down through the transparent floor at the ruined world beneath their feet.

Nahvar let out a great sob. “Healing and peace be upon you … Mother Miraba.”

CONTINUE: 28) Internal Conflict


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