24) New Plans

Wave refused to eat anything but fixed a large pitcher of fruit nectar, poured three glasses and sat down at the small round table while Pheledra and Fabby picked at the lentils and rice Green had spun up in the replicator. No one felt like eating. Finally they just pushed the food aside.”No one hungry, I guess,” Green said, taking away the plates and disappearing down through the hatch.

“Before we discuss anything, let’s take thirty zerons,” said Pheledra.

Wave and Fabby felt very uneasy but were soon able to relax and enter the trancendental field of consciousness. Pheledra fround it difficult to go very deep. She couldn’t release the torrent of thoughts. Biltar … I am coming … we will meet face to face. For you it will be an incredible life changing experience … for me … the first really important mission … on my own.

She touched Biltar’s soul and allowed herself to bask in its warmth. Her thoughts were disturbing. She began to imagine herself married to him on some far away world, living in perfect bliss with many children, then caught herself. I must not empathize so much! This mission is not for my fantasies! It is for Miraba and its evolution. It is for Miraba and its transformation. It is for Miraba and its ascension. I would gladly die before losing that focus.

She thought she heard the far off warble of Mandhi’s voice saying “See to it!” but then realized it was only a trick of her own mind.

Wave and Fabby returned to normal consciousness and saw that Pheledra was struggling. They said nothing and just waited. Finally, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

“Okay, let’s talk.”

The two men briefly glanced at each other.

“Pheledra, how do you wish to proceed?” Fabby asked.

“Here’s what I have in mind”, she replied. “We will take the Firefly further down into the atmosphere of Miraba. I will take Orange and Red and go down to the surface in the recon saucer. On the way, we will fully materialize into third density. This is going to be especially difficult because we were recently floating around in fifth. At times, third density on Miraba may be analogous to swimming in a sewer wearing a suit of armour. The contact with Biltar and some others will be wonderful, but the work will be stressful … and dangerous.”

“Why do you have to fully materialize into third density?” asked Fabby.

“We are under directive to let Mirabans see our ships, whenever safe to do so. Also, we will physically pick up Biltar in order to get the energy devices and distribute them. We owe it to him. He invented the PSG The time has come for all of them to know beyond a doubt they are not alone in the universe. The contacts, and even the sightings, will inspire those who wish to evolve and give them hope.”

“I know you’re right,” said Fabby, “but I’ll bet some of them will still be afraid.”

Pheledra nodded. “The process of enlightenment takes time … and work.”

Wave refilled his glass. “Has it been decided where to take the devices? There are only fifty PSGs to be distributed, as I understand it.”

“Yes,” replied Pheledra, “Biltar’s plan before the cataclysm was to deliver more PSGs to the Native Preserves and to his trusted colleagues across Shaluma where secret research and development could take place.”

“I know those plans have changed now,” said Wave.

Pheledra nodded. “The high celestial intelligences from the sub-plane of Athersata, represented to me by Aramanda, have carefully discerned the best places for the devices to be distributed. Now, they will be placed throughout the entire planet. There are five locations on Miraba from which the PSGs can be eventually proliferated: Shanveh, Mavira, Quepar, Tacu and Bectalyne. We will deliver ten per place. This is only a tiny start, a seed planted. However, it is part of a plan that has been scrutinized from every angle. The high celestial intelligences have been in limited telepathic contact with key people in those areas for some time.”

“So now, the PSGs will be all across the planet.” said Fabby.

“Thanks to Biltar, other countries have already built a few simple devices from his plans sent out over the old computer network. And, Shaluma has thirty PSGs already being put to use secretly on four Native Preserves. The present usage there is limited to running old fashioned battery driven equipment. They have no way to do reasearch and development upon the PSG. However, the electical energy from those thirty devices will make the difference between those indigenous people staying alive and perishing in the sudden deprivation of the aftertime. Their ancient wisdom concerning oneness with the flow of nature is remembered by many of their elders and will now become a very important part of reparation for the whole planet. Biltar, in his good foresight, gave his devices to them first.”

“And the fifty which remain?” Wave asked.

Pheledra pulled out a disc from under the console and held it up. “I have an updated program that will supply you with the exact details about the full plan of which this mission is only a tiny part … but a very important part. You two put on the head pieces and I’ll download it through the Psychotronic Adjuvant.”

“All right,” said Wave.

He and Fabby put on headpieces as Pheledra slipped in the disc and began the download. The information provided details about the five centers where the PSGs were to be delivered. They were locations well dispersed across planet Miraba and were now the seeds for the new world.

Nestingwave found it difficult to be objective. The potential for what could happen in Miraba’s new age intrigued him. He imagined what it would be like to be a personal part of this wonderful unfolding. Of course, he said nothing and kept these thoughts to himself.

When the download finished, they removed the headpieces.

Fabby smiled a little. “This is really something. I can’t say that I’m completely objective. I do feel some human excitement. It is wonderful and well planned. It makes me so happy to be part of this mission and it once again demonstrates the great value of cooperation and teamwork.”

“Very true,” said Pheledra. “As we know, one mind plus another mind equals considerably more than two minds. In the coordination itself, the Universal Matrix is tapped and lends a boosting element to evolutionary thought.”

“This information is amazing and well thought out,” said Wave. “Miraba will now become a global village. This has to be the beginning of cosmic citizenship.”

“Yes,” said Pheledra, “the nations of Miraba are no longer considered to exist.”

“That’s right,” said Fabby, “the rest of the universe now considers them to be political entities which were destroyed by the cataclysm for ever.”

“Of course,” said Pheledra, “there are always holdouts who cling to the past and try to reestablish the old way. They are in their death throes but they can still present a big hindrance to the mission.”

“However,” said Fabby, “it’s good to know that more capabilities still exist on Miraba than anyone would suspect.”

Wave got up to stretch his back. “Pheledra, this download mentioned the Frazha but didn’t go into much detail. Can you tell us a little more?”

“Yes,” said Pheledra. “Our brothers, the Frahza, are aiding the lightworkers as well as introducing the new genetic hybrids throughout the planet. This genetic engineering program has been going on for at least three hundred annoms. It is fully approved by the Anadine Galactic Council. The hybrids will greatly boolster the overall intelligence of Miraba and at the same time give the souls of the Frahza a home world upon which to incarnate after millenia of being confined to their space ships. Although they have now evolved into a less individuated hive mentality, they relate strongly to the Mirabans because their early evolution carried them on a smiliar path. However, they foolishly destroyed their home worlds and have spent ages contemplating, considering and mourning their foolish loss.”

“I guess the time has come for them to set foot on solid ground,” said Fabby.

“Yes, they see in Miraba an opportunity to share their experience and the wisdom they have learned from it. The new hybrid bodies will also provide upgraded physical vehicles for Mirabans as their souls reincarnate. Pure blooded Mirabans will still be born on Miraba and pure blooded Frahza will still incarnate on their space ships but the two races are blending. Traits which tend toward less individuation and more collectivism, such as the hive mentality, will be eradicated in the hybrids. Strong traits of the Frazha, such as their incredible intellects, will be continued. The Miraban emotions and creativity will be enhanced. The hybrids will look, act and think more like we do. This genetic engineering program was approved by the Anadine Galactic Council who foresaw a positive evolutionary outcome for the planet during its ascension and beyond. Of course, they also foresaw the cataclysm. They considered it to be just another natural event. Also, the Frahza are experts at weather modification and are willing to help us by cleaning out areas that may be toxic. Their special mission is to clean up Miraba’s atmosphere.”

“Thanks for the information,” said Wave.”If the Council and the other high intelligences knew of the coming cataclysm, why didn’t they inform us?”

“I don’t know,” said Pheledra, “perhaps it was more advantageous for the sake of this mission for us to discover it for ourselves, much like the Mirabans. Perhaps that helps us to empathize.”

“Yes,” said Fabby, “like most of the Mirabans, the knowledge of it impacted us suddenly. We experienced a little bit of the shock. Although it was nothing like what they experienced, it definitely affected our whole approach. Probably for the better.”

“To my way of thinking,” Wave said, “we should have been informed from the outset. The Ambassador knew, the Frahza knew, many of the locals knew … apparently, Biltar knew or suspected. I really don’t see why we were kept in the dark. Pheledra, why didn’t you pick it up from Biltar in your telepathy with him?”

“Biltar is pretty skeptical. Although his friends kept talking about it, apparently he didn’t fully believe it was an approaching planetoid until the last moment. Although, like all contactees, he sensed geological changes approaching, the cause for those changes was officially kept from the public and other long term causes such as activity in the sun, global warming, air pollution and ocean currents were constantly propagandized by the government of Shaluma to hide the facts from the public.”

“It’s just a little disturbing to me that we were left out until the last moment,” said Wave.

“It comes back to a matter of trust in the high celestial intelligences,” said Fabby.

“That’s right,” Pheledra agreed, “although their decisions are not always understood by us, they have proven to produce the best outcome,”

“Okay,” said Wave. “I guess we are considered outsiders.”

“Outsiders who need to experience the inside story for themselves,” said Pheledra.

While this conversation was going on, Inky and Ginger were curled up together on their pillows, as usual, and were very content. They felt considerable relief now that Boots was back and things seemed to have returned to normal. Boots, however, was already bored. He flicked his tail and twitched an ear as he watched over these human proceedings. He sensed great and wonderful things ahead. He would not be left out. He just couldn’t bear the thought of separation, having just found Pheledra again after such a life-threatening trauma. He hopped down and went right over to rub her leg and get her attention.

Pheledra picked him up and looked him right in the face. “Oh Boots, I know what you want. The answer is no… no, no, no.”

Boots laid back his ears, hissed and let out several loud mournful meows.

“Uhh …,” sighed Pheledra as she cuddled him on her shoulder. “Okay Boots … you can come along in the recon saucer but you’d better stay out of trouble .. and I mean …”

She held him up again and looked him in the face. “Just be extra cute and cuddlesome for the little girl, okay?”

Boots meowed happily as she set him down. He proceeded to groom himself for what lay ahead.

“Wave, it will be up to you and Fabby to monitor me and back me up if I need it. You are not under any circumstances to materialize into third density. The Firefly must remain in fourth density at all times. Is that understood?”

“Why?” asked Wave.

“Because the National Security State of Shaluma, and a few other countries on Miraba, have particle beam weapons that could destroy the Firefly in 3D. They are full of fear and try to shoot down anything unusual coming in or out of the atmosphere. Some of those weapons may still be functional, even after the cataclysm. They could destroy the Firefly in 4D also but the advantage is that in 4D you will be virtually impossible to detect.”

Wave shook his head. “Pheledra, why do you have to go and do this personally? Why not send the droids? They are perfectly capable of handling it. In fact, they can probably do it better than any of us.”

“Wave, you just don’t understand. Biltar has fears. He is mystified and somewhat confused by the experiences he’s already had. He has spent his whole life trying to put it all together. If we send machines to do this job, it may frighten him. It might confuse him. He might very well think we don’t care enough about Miraba to get personally involved. This is not just about distributing energy devices. It’s about contact … contact, Wave. Contact with other beings, just like himself, who travel to the stars. It is the greatest revelation and fellowship any Miraban could experience. It is their dream of the ages. Wave, don’t you see? I must do this. I must.”

“Let me come with you, Pheledra,” said Wave. “Fabby can monitor us and protect the Firefly.”

“No, Wave, this is my passion. I live only for this and would gladly die for it. Aramanda put it into my hands … I will do it.”

“Isn’t this too personal?” Doubt was written all over Wave’s face. “Is there self interest involved?”

“How dare you! How dare you!” Pheledra choked up and turned away.

Fabby looked at Wave.

Wave sighed.

CONTINUE: 25) Prepare For Contact


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