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Posted in Uncategorized on August 7, 2009 by nestingwave

Here for your reading enjoyment is my novel DOWNSTEP.

The chapters are in the right hand column but also at the bottom of each chapter for continuity.

I do hope you enjoy this story.  Maybe you will get a laugh (or a thrill) out of it.  Make a comment if you do.  I will answer your questions or comments.

While penning DOWNSTEP, I had continual help and input from my beloved wife SingingWolf  who is the best editor on planet earth and a very wise person when it comes to ideas that make the great and powerful archetypical stories of the dream-time.   I also had input from several wonderful Hobbits who took the time to read my original first draft, and write very constructive critiques.  I did use about 99% of their suggestions in my second draft.

I especially want to thank Michael, Allyson and all the Hobbits who each influenced this more than they know.   My deepest love and appreciation to them all.

And to Ruth my precious daughter, to whom this work is dedicated. Thanks for incarnating here amongst us in such a timely fashion. This work “Downstep,” is 61 chapters long.

It was completed in 2005, but has been undergoing refinement ever since.

Here’s something interesting:   I had already named Pheledra’s star-ship the  FIREFLY long before the excellent TV series by that name emerged.  It seems that  certain mental archetypes float around in the Information Field  and people intuitionally receive the same ideas without knowing anything at all about each other or ever hearing about one anothers work.  This has happened time and again throughout history.