15) Sudden Capture

Violet materialized right in front of Boots who was surprised but happy to see someone familiar.

Go with Violet, Boots, Pheledra spoke in his head.

Violet gently tucked Boots under her arm and headed for His Excellency’s trophy room. She was fully alert to the possibility of encountering the Kultaki and had her stun weapons ready just in case.

It was a simple matter to align the Galvernian crystal and she started back to the transfer station with Boots peering out from under her arm. Pheledra was just about to give a sigh of relief when all hell broke loose.

Violet screamed, “Shut down! Shut down! Shut do …”

A net dropped on top of them and Kultaki seem to come from everywhere. Boots tried to run, but the net had completely covered them. Violet’s power was shorted out and they were both caught and being dragged somewhere by gleeful Kultaki who seemed more than a little inebriated.

Pheledra was distraught. Less so was Boots, who, in spite of the situation, was rather enjoying being dragged along. Since Pheledra was near, it would be okay.

Pheledra began to cry, so she immediately disconnected herself from the psychotronic adjuvant in order not to upset Boots. She was sobbing and tears rolled down her cheeks but she could not, would not allow that to keep her from functioning.

“Wave, Wave, Violet and Boots have been captured.”

“Oh no,” said Wave, “I’ll go get ‘em.”

“No, Wave, no. Let’s think first and work out something reasonable.”

Pheledra rushed down to the control deck. When Wave saw how upset she was, he put his arms around her and let her cry for a few moments, then sat her down in her commander’s seat. She pulled herself together and rubbed her hands up and down the arms of the chair as if to determine what it was made of.

“Orange just returned from his mission,” said Fabby. “Shall we proceed?”

“We gotta proceed!” Wave said. “Look at this, Pheledra.”

He turned to a work table and picked up a three pronged copper instrument.

“What is that?” she asked.

“This will dissipate the roach back into the Kultaki ship.” He handed it to her and she began to examine it. On each of the three prongs a different symbol was inscribed: an infinity sign, a circle and an equilateral cross. She looked at it for a moment and gave it back to Wave who immediately gave it to Fabby. “I don’t understand this,” she said.

“Orange will go EV and be on his way to the Kultaki ship in a few microns,” Fabby said, as he slid back down to the power deck with the copper instrument.

Wave continued. “Those symbolic archetypes have precise meanings within the collective consciousness of Miraba. The infinity sign is the eternal, the circle is the limited field of manifestation and the cross is a negation of inverted thought forms. When I pierce the roach with that instrument, the energy conglomerate of thought forms will try to escape the ‘crossing out’ and travel up through the window of manifestation in the direction of the eternal. The prong with that infinity sign will be connected to the cable with our Galvernian crystal on the end. The energy will travel down the copper cable to our crystal and jump the gap over to the crystal on board the Kultaki starship. That’s why we hafta be close and align ‘em properly. Orange’s resonance sensor will facilitate that. After we’ve gotten rid of the roach, Fabby will repair the disabled tachyon tube and we’ll run on five. There will be little or no loss of power but we may have to do quite a bit of balancing to get everything running smoothly.”

“I don’t understand this but it better work. I’m really getting burned out from all this incompetence.”

“Relax, Pheledra, everything is  okay. It’ll work.”

CONTINUE: 16) Cat Torment


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