14) Vision Delivery

Nahvar huddled in a hole. “Damn! Caught out in the open!”

The hurricane force winds tried to rip away the piece of metal roof he clutched over his body. The liquor flask inside his pocket shattered and ran all over him. Reeking of alcohol, he shrank down inside his torn robe and prepared to die, fingering his beads.

“Mother Miraba!”

Continue: 15) Sudden Capture

The terrible wind quit for a moment. Branches and debris rained down upon the metal above his head. It was deafening. A log fell across the hole, barely missing him. The wind resumed but not as strong. At eventime, the roar subsided and Nahvar ventured a look. Devastation greeted his eyes. Nothing. Nothing. Garden, fishtanks, stable, animals all gone. The sky was ablaze with eerie fire. His head swam like a manatee across the moon.

Then, a vision. A glowing orange diamond floating out of the sky and hovering above him. He stood up trying to see around his hands. The brightness was unbearable. His pulse raced as the creature loomed before him. He grabbed the axe at his feet.

“Turn that goddamn light off or I’ll chop your ass into sparks!”

The light went down to low. Nahvar could now see two human figures in harnesses.

A voice spoke in his head. Nahvar, Nahvar, this is not a spiritual vision, nor a predator about to eat you. I am a machine, an extension of those who come from afar. These two humans need your help. I leave them in your care until we shortly return.

The light intensified and Nahvar flinched away, dropping the axe. When he looked up, the diamond shot away into the sky. Before him lay two motionless bodies in their harnesses.

“Mother Miraba!”

He hopped out of his hole and dragged them a short distance to his cave.

CONTINUE: 15) Sudden Capture


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