12) Orange Flies

Through the Psychotronic Adjuvant, Pheledra saw Biltar and the little girl lying unconscious in the shallow stream. To save the mission, she would fully materialize into third density and go get them. It was dangerous to suddenly leap into an environment where so many inverted values were constantly fed into astral space. The present chaos doubled the risk. Nonetheless, she ached to go immediately, but couldn’t because other problems needed to be solved first. The roach had to be dealt with and Boots returned. Then she would go. She adjusted the psychotronic adjuvant to allow her mind to examine Biltar’s condition. He was injured and unconscious, unable to receive telepathy. In addition, although the quakes were subsiding, there was a dam directly upstream from where Biltar and the child had fallen. It was leaking badly and ready to break at any moment.

I need some help quick.

“Orange, what are you doing right now?”

“I’m still latched onto this roach waiting for Fabby to finish with the crystals so we can dump it down the drain, or whatever.”

“Fabby, how long until you’re finished?”

“Twenty zerons or so.”

“Not enough time.”

Wave chimed in, “Wait, I’ve got another way to dispose of the roach. We’ll give it back to the Kultaki. No time to explain now. I’m over in the workshop fabricating something. What did you need, Pheledra?”

“I need one of the droids for a highly dangerous mission right now. It may take up to 60 or 80 zerons.”

“Go do it Orange,” Wave said quickly, “I won’t be needing you ‘til the Kultaki ship arrives.”

“Aye, aye,” Orange said as he received Pheledra’s telepathic instructions and zipped downward and out the evacuation hatch into the atmosphere of Miraba.

“Wave, what do you need?” Pheledra was curious but trusted Wave’s judgement.

“I need the Galvernian crystal on board the Kultaki ship aligned properly. It’s a long shot but that damn spookbug will not fit into the evacuation chamber and you saw what happened the last time we chopped it up.”

“Okay, I’ll do what I can. Stay in touch.”

CONTINUE: 13) A Boots Assist


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