10) Empathetic Agony

From the observation dome, Pheledra moved the Firefly into Miraba’s upper atmosphere. She donned the headpiece for the Psychotronic Adjuvant. She would be highly empathic. Also, she would be able to connect closely with the other lightworkers and beings of light who were also engaged during this turmoil of turmoils.She gazed out over the distress of Miraba – the quakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and fires. Many explosions and cries resounded as great chunks of land split and fell into the sea, cities collapsed, whole species of animals perished and millions of humans died suddenly, passing in confused horror into astral zones – many lingered and suffered. The emotions of fear, terror and uncontrolled panic, as well as bitterness, rage, murder and suicide pierced her soul like nails. It was as if all the pressure was being released at once.

Oh, the pain, the pain … the utter despair of those who are unenlightened – destined to repeat their life experiences of suffering, until they awaken and move on. She pulsed forth all the healing energy her being could muster and gradually became exhausted.

I pour out my life for you, Miraba … I pour myself ….

Suddenly, waves of photons filled the observation deck. Inky and Ginger ran away to hide. Pheledra quickly removed the headpiece.

“What’s happening?”

Aramanda’s voice warbled loudly in her head. The sound was frightening and terrible.

Pheledra covered her face with her arms, her hands over her head.


“Why Mandhi? Why?”

“Examine yourself!”

“But, Mandhi, my intentions are for the highest good!”

“Not true!”

“Yes, it is true!”

“Your self-sacrifice is useless abomination!”

“No! How can you say that, Mandhi?”

“You are deceived!”

“No, Mandhi! No!”

“Purify yourself, liar!”

“I only care for the people of Miraba and my mission!”

“Soul on fire with self-desire!”

Aramanda cracked like an egg and broke apart into a million fragments as she dissolved into a violet haze.

Pheledra was crushed and confused. “That’s not fair! I must not lose focus. I cannot weaken at this crucial moment. What’s going on? Perhaps she’s testing me … or … I don’t know. But I must not lose focus!”

Pheledra put the headpiece back on but her distress made the previous engagement impossible. “Examine and purify myself,” she repeated over and over again in a whisper.

“Why? What does it mean? Am I doing something wrong? I care about this! It is my life! It is who and what I am! Since when is self-sacrifice an abomination? Is it not the way of all truly spiritual beings?… Maybe it wasn’t Mandhi at all! Maybe it was a deception induced by the Kultaki! No … they can’t do that! Can they? Meditate … I must meditate now!”

Pheledra took the headpiece off again and closed her eyes. Thoughts raced in competition. A nagging within her wouldn’t go away.

“This is robbing me! I refuse to let it rob me! I will not cease!”

She redonned the headpiece and momentarily raised her consciousness to perceive the countless beings of light, radiating forth every concievable form of energetic grace.

Once more the photons danced around her.


“Yes … none but I! You are deceived!” The warbling voice made Pheledra cringe.

“No! I am not deceived! Whoever you are, you cannot be Mandhi! I will not cease!”

“Perception of spirit overridden by soul”

“What does that mean?”

“You are self deceived!”

“No! It is you who lies!”

“Soul on fire with self-desire!”

“Self-desire? Only the deepest desire and intention of the highest source!”

Once again, Aramanda shattered into a violet light and faded away.

“I trust in my inner intention. How can I do otherwise?” Pheledra continued on.

Her mind moved over Miraba but the disturbing incident had effected her perception. Now, less empathic with the horrors below, she kept reminding herself of the importance of the mission and found Biltar ap Dyn. He was in deep trouble. His dome had collapsed upon him. Fires burned all around him. She connected strongly with the receptivity of his mind. Biltar … Biltar … don’t give up … don’t give up … don’t give up …

He stirred beneath the beam that pinned him.

At that moment, all her senses throbbed for Biltar ap Dyn. It was strong and very disturbing. She shook it off realizing the danger of getting personally involved during this critical moment. Then, once again, she witnessed the shards of illumination issuing forth from the boiling darkness of Miraba. The beings of light were fully engaged. Her fellow lightworkers conveyed hope and spoke encouragement. Many souls on Miraba now faced their final exams.

Countless acts of bravery and self-sacrifice pierced the hellish blackness of despair. Old enemies suddenly dropped their differences.

Biltar ap Dyn came to and found the strength to lift the heavy beam off his chest. On his way to safety, he picked up a sobbing child and carried her on his back. Another quake knocked him off his feet and they rolled down an undulating ravine into the shallow creek below.

Pheledra fought the icicle that stabbed her solar plexus.

CONTINUE: 11) Oldtime Melodrama


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